Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1305 - Watcher

Chapter 1305 - Watcher

Chapter 1305: Watcher

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The red skull being rejoiced while the others were horrified.

They opened their mouths and wanted to talk, but Nangong Jing already disappeared from the spot.


A series of explosions occurred, and the s.p.a.ce pirates turned to dust instantly.

The red skull shuddered and looked at Nangong Jing in terror.

Such terrifying power!

Nangong Jing patted her hand and smiled. Done!

Lu Ze nodded and looked at Qiuyue Hesha. Control him.

Qiuyue Hesha nodded.

Immediately, the red skull bent over like a sycophant. Master, Im your most loyal servant.

Lu Ze:

Qiuyue Hesha said, Little Brother Lu Ze, what do you want to ask?

Lu Ze said, Tell us about the situation in the Barren Realm.

The red skull replied, The Barren Realm is the sealing grounds of the Barren Emperor. The entire place is imbued with body law. There are many regions with cosmic beasts who have digested the body law and have become barren beasts. If you kill barren beasts, you can gain body law shards.

Law shards?

Lu Ze and the girls gasped.

That was a law. They didnt expect beasts would drop this.

And, why did this seem a little familiar?

Lin Ling said, This is similar to the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Lu Ze and the group nodded.

Of course, the Pocket Hunting Dimension was much stronger than the Barren Realm.

After all, even emperors existed inside.

The red skull said, There isnt much G.o.d art knowledge contained in the shards. It would be hard to even reach dao rune with them, much less law.

Lu Ze and the rest nodded.

If laws were so easy to learn, the body law inside the Barren Realm would have long been learnt.

Of course, Lu Ze guessed this was also related with the Barren Emperor still being alive.

After all, emperors were the masters of law.

The Barren Emperor mastered the body law. If he didnt die, who could learn the complete body law?

What else?

Other than barren beasts, there are some powerful beasts who have acquired the heritage of the Barren Emperor. They are called Barren Emperor Children. These beasts are very powerful. Ordinary cosmic lords cant even escape from them.

Lu Ze and the girls were shocked.

Alice shuddered.

They were still cosmic monarch states. Wouldnt they die on the spot?

Of course, these children are all in the depths of the Barren Realm.

Lu Ze nodded. Tell me about the powers in the Barren Realm.

The red skull said, The most powerful force is the Emperor Race, of course. There are Heaven, Divine, Mechanical, Elemental Spirit, Insectoids, and Star Spirit Race. Their cosmic lords are very strong.

Theres even a star spirit? Lu Ze and the rest were shocked.

The red skull nodded in reverence. The most famous star spirit is the watcher, Shuo Yuan.

Lu Ze raised his brow. Who is he?

The red skull explained, Hes the writer of the cosmic leaderboard. He knows all the powerful beings in the Barren Realm and records them on the cosmic leaderboard. Thats why hes called the watcher.

No one knows how strong he is. Perhaps the Emperor Race knows, but they never say anything. Even the Emperor Race is a target of his watching!

Theres such a powerful star spirit? Lu Li gasped.


What is that cosmic leaderboard? Lu Ze continued asking.

Its a ranking written by Shuo Yuan. It includes the rankings for cosmic monarch states and cosmic lords. Its split into the monarch ranking and overlord ranking. The people on the ranking are all extremely terrifying

He looked at Nangong Jing. This Master can probably enter the monarch ranking.

Nangong Jing said, I know that Im very strong!

Lu Ze and the group rolled their eyes.

Other than the Emperor Race, there are also some powerful forces and organizations in the Barren Realm. They wouldnt be much weaker than the emperor races.

Lu Ze and the rest frowned.

Lu Ze asked, How strong is your force?

Us? The red skull was dazed and smiled bitterly. Master, most of the powerful beings in the universe are gathered here. We cant even get a ranking Otherwise, we wouldnt need to rob people.

We originally only dared to operate at the border of the Barren Realm. We dont know anything else.

Lu Ze and the girls were disappointed. This wasnt much information.

Right! At this moment, the red skull thought of something. Theres a barren city at the border of the Barren Realm. Thats where the powerful people are gathered. If you want to know more, you can go there to check.

Lu Ze asked, Where is that?

The red skull said, I can take you there.

The group flew off.

In the Barren Realm, everyone would be suppressed unless you were an emperor.

It took them two days to get to their destination.

There was a golden city larger than a star floating there.

Lu Ze smiled.. Lets go in.