Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1301: Barren Realm

Chapter 1301: Barren Realm

Chapter 1301: Barren Realm

Gary nodded.

"You have great taste!"

"Hahaha, you compliment me too much. I'm not as handsome and amazing as you are!" Lu Ze laughed it off.

Gary felt great hearing this.

The girls didn't want to talk anymore.

Lily and Louisa looked nervously at Gary.

This was their first time seeing a cosmic lord!

Ying Ying had already run to the couch to play games.

Gary quickly ran over and sat next to Ying Ying.

Ying Ying moved to the side.

Gary felt hurt, but he still asked, "Ying Ying, what is this?"

Ying Ying looked at Gary in shock.

"This is a fighting game."

Ying Ying was very interested in talking about games and said, "I'll teach you!"

Gary was a little curious and quickly nodded.

Therefore, Lu Ze saw a noob teach another newbie to play games.

"Oho! Dodge! Dodge! Ah, I'm dead!"


Gary was the type to scream while playing games. His two claws moved around the controller with shadows, but his character died again and again.

However, Ying Ying's face was glowing.

Even Lily and Louisa could battle three days and three nights with her!

They were evenly matched!

Sister Jing and the rest were stronger, but they let her win.

As for Lu Ze

This was her first time encountering an opponent weaker than her.

She immediately felt very satisfied.

Alice, Lu Li, and Lin Ling went to cook while the rest watched the two play.

It was not that they wanted to watch, but they were worried Gary would go out and around. It was too dangerous.

An hour later, Alice called them to eat.

Ying Ying smiled and got up excitedly. She patted Gary's furry arm.

"You still need more practice. Let's continue after the meal!"

This was the first time Ying Ying found such a strong sense of accomplishment!

Gary was dejected and doubting his life.

Lu Ze smiled. "Predecessor Gary, let's eat some food."

Gary looked at the spirit food and sniffed. "You guys have a spirit chef, not bad."

Lu Ze showed a proud smile. "Of course!"

"Then, I have to try it."

"You're welcome to do so!"

It was right to connect well with a cosmic lord boss.

But soon, Lu Ze regretted it.

He was dumbfounded watching Ying Ying and Gary fight over food.

These two beings from the Star Spirits race ate it all!

Did they starve to death in their past life or something?!

Lu Ze wanted this guy to leave now!

But Gary clearly didn't hear this.

After the meal, he was dragged by Ying Ying to play games.

Lu Ze and the girls let Ying Ying watch over him while they went back upstairs.

Gary was here, so they couldn't use spirit liquid to cultivate.

Lu Ze didn't even take them into the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

They just cultivated normally.

In the next few days, all that Gary and Ying Ying did was eat and play games.

A week later, Gary finally remembered what he needed to do. He taught star spirit knowledge to Ying Ying before leaving.

Outside the galaxy, Gary returned to his usual size and smiled. "Okay, I'm going back to the land of the stars."

Lu Ze waved goodbye to him.

This guy was finally leaving.

These few days, he could neither eat food nor cultivate.

Ying Ying felt a little reluctant.

After Gary left, she would be the worst at playing games.

Gary smiled. "Kid, if you ever change your mind and want to come to find the emperor, you can tell Ying Ying. She knows the location of the land of the stars."

Lu Ze nodded.

Gary nodded his head covered, then he was silent, the thought of a smile opening. "By the way, there's also another place that's good for you guys."

Lu Ze was too curious to ask, "Where are you speaking of?"

Gary grinned. "Barren Realm. It's the sealing ground for the Barren Emperor. It's filled with dense body law. Other emperor races aren't as strong in the Barren Realm. If you ever get caught by an emperor race, you can go there. It suits you well."

Lu Ze nodded. "Thank you, Predecessor."

Gary nodded and smiled at Ying Ying. "Okay little one, I'm going. Come visit the land of the stars when you're free. The emperor would want to see you."

Ying Ying nodded.

After they went back, Ying Ying, Lily, and Louisa immediately began to play games.

Meanwhile, Nangong Jing said slowly, "Ze, are we going to the Barren Realm?"