Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1302: Take

Chapter 1302: Take

Chapter 1302: Take


Entering the battlefield, Lu Ze and them started to search for powerful injured beasts.

At the border of the battlefield, the beasts were ordinary in power. the strongest was only cosmic cloud state level 6 super beast.

They have found two of these on the way. The rest were below that.

As they went deeper, they found better loot. They found a cosmic cloud state level 7 golden lightning eagle in a sea of fire.

Lu Ze killed the eagle and found an oasis.

They got quite some golden dew and blue dew from there.

Three hours later, the beasts were getting stronger and stronger.

As they were flying, Lin Ling's eyes glowed and looked at a region surging with golden lightning.

She said "Ze, there's something there that' cosmic cloud state level 8!"

Lu Ze and them became excited immediately.

It was definitely not an ordinary cosmic cloud state level 8 beast to be able to survive in that region. It could only be a super beast!

Lu Ze "Let's go see!"

They flew to that region.

The region was a few light years wide and covered in golden lightning.

The thin sand was blasted into crystal by the lightning.

There were still remnant lightning arcs releasing terrifying chi. Ordinary cosmic cloud state level 2 or 3 would explode on the spot if they touched one of the arcs.

They avoided the intense regions and kept going deeper.

Soon, they found their target in a ditch. There was a lot of golden lightning circulating there.

A giant ruby scorpion laid at the bottom of the ditch.

It was covered in cracks and the lightning was entering through the cracks.

The scorpion was s.h.i.+vering and its chi was rapidly dissipating.

Lu Ze and them panted.

They came in time!

Any later and the scorpion would died itself.

Lu Ze "Wait for me here, I'll og down."

Lu Ze came to the bottom of the ditch.

Golden light flashed around him. The lightning in the ditch didn't strike him and instead circulated around him.

He looked like the lightning G.o.d.

Lu Ze pressed down a golden lightning ball into the cracks of the scorpion.


The scorpion died immediatelyleaving behind drops.

A cosmic cloud state level 8 super beast summoning crystal!

Lu Ze happily picked it up.

They finally had a trump card now.

Lu Ze came to the girls and said "Let's go."

In the next few hours, the strongest beast they found was only cosmic cloud state level 7 super beast.

They didn't even find one cosmic cloud state level 8.

That scorpion probably happened to get struck by a lightning from the golden lightning eagle overlord.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be in that pitiful state.

Six hours later, even they felt some pressure from the remnant forces.

There were more injured beasts and the weakest was cosmic cloud state level 6 super beast.

They found a few more level 7 super beasts and even one sealed level 8 lightning eagle.

They shattered the ice and the eagle died along with it.

They acquired another cosmic cloud state level 8 super beast summoning crystal.

They had two now!

Moments later, Lin Ling rejoiced again.

"There's another ebast! Cosmic cloud state peak!"

Lu Ze and them gasped.

Cosmic cloud state peak super beast!

"Let's go!"

They quickly moved to the location.

There was a hundred meter tall ice block.

Inside was a 50 meter tall red wolf.

It was a cosmic cloud state peak fire wolf!

The flames on the surface of its body was gone. Only dark red rays flashed on its body.

Its chi was very weak but was still stronger than Lu Ze.

Its fire power and the outside ice power seemed to have reached a balance. Its chi didn't grow weaker. Instead, it was about to recover.

Nangong Jing "Ze, what do we do?"

Lu Ze "We must fight straight up. the longer we wait, the more this beast will recover. Now, if we can't beat it we can still run. And"

"If we shatter this ice block, it might shatter with it too like that golden eagle."

Lu Li "Then let's begin."

Lu Ze and them formed fireb.a.l.l.s and soon, a few hundred of them floated in the air.

They blasted the fireb.a.l.l.s towards the ice.


Terrifying explosions sounded. Even Lu Ze and them retreated away.

Seeing the fire wave, their eyes flashed.

"I wonder if it worked?"

At this moment, a terrifying howl sounded.


A huge burning fire charged out at Lu Ze and them.

It was the fire wolf.

Its body was covered in wounds but it was very ferocious.

Lu Ze's eyes narrowed. He quickly took the girls and appeared a few thousand km away.

Lu Ze looked a the wolf in shock.

"So strong!"

It just broke free but it still had this much power.

It was stronger than cosmic cloud state level 6 super beast.

The wolf continued to charge at them.

Seeing this, Lu Ze's eyes flashed with ferocity "Support me!"

He charged towards the firewolf. Layers of flames spun around him.

The fire sea instantly covered the fire wolf until the flames around it disappeared.

The wolf dazed but fireb.a.l.l.s appeared around it.

The wolf shot towards Lu Ze and tried to claw him.

Lu Ze quickly gave up on the fire b.a.l.l.s and crossed his arms.


Lu Ze felt an immense force from the claws.

His body instantly fell back as his face went pale.

He fell back a few hundred km before stopping. He looked at the wolf in shock.

This was his first time fighting a cosmic cloud state peak super beast head on.

The super sand anaconda was bound by s.p.a.ce.

The wolf charged at him again. Lu Ze licked his lips.

Perfect, he could test his poison fire ball!