Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1300: Poison

Chapter 1300: Poison

Chapter 1300: Poison

Lu Ze's heart skipped.

He was very special?

That was true.

After all, he knew how terrifying the Pocket Hunting Dimension was.

There were emperor-level beings inside!

All the resources inside would make countless races go crazy for them.

However, this world only belonged to him.

How could he not be special?


He transmigrated.

Lu Ze looked vigilantly at Gary and smiled. "Predecessor, you're joking. What's special about me?"

Gary took a deep look at Lu Ze and said, "I don't really know, but your power is very special and so are you."

He looked at the girls. "They are the same as you, even"

Gary looked at Ying Ying. "Even the little one is."

Lu Ze understood.

It was probably because of the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Whether it was him, the girls, or Ying Ying, they all used the special energy of the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

That's why they were special.

Lu Ze smiled. "We're just ordinary people."

Ying Ying stopped before Lu Ze and the girls, and she opened her arms. "You're not allowed to bully Lu Ze!"

Lu Ze felt touched.

Although she often fought over food with him, she was still nice!

Gary laughed and poked Ying Ying's stomach with his claw. "Who said I'm going to bully him?"

"I'm just curious about him. I'm a star spirit. I've fused as one with the universal essence. Even if there's something special with this kid, it's no use to me."

Lu Ze and the girls breathed easy.

They were really worried about this guy being greedy.

Gary smiled. "Although we, the star spirits, don't have any intentions, the other emperor races won't be the same."

"Because I'm a star spirit, I can feel how special you are. The cosmic lords of other races probably won't be able to feel it, but If other emperors saw you, guess what would happen?"

Lu Ze and the girls were dumbfounded.

Their skins crawled.

Lu Ze didn't want to think about this question.

Gary squinted his eyes, looked at the people with Lu Ze, and slowly said,"Your friends with this little one after all."

He looked at Ying Ying who was glaring at him and smiled. "It seems she's so special because of you guys too. Seeing that you were taking care of her, I can take you to the land of the stars. I believe the Emperor Lord would be interested in you guys."

Lu Ze smiled. "Thank you for your goodwill, we're fine like this."

They weren't completely sure that star spirits wouldn't be interested in them.

What if the Star Spirit Emperor had some intentions towards them?

They were confident they could run from Gary, but the s.p.a.ce dao rune was nothing to an emperor.

Gary had guessed what they had thought and smiled. "I know you have your concerns, but your special attribute is poison to the Emperor Lord. He wouldn't have any intentions towards you."


The energy from the Pocket Hunting Dimension was poison to the Star Spirit Emperor?

No way!

Didn't they feed Ying Ying that?

The Star Spirit Emperor was far stronger than Ying Ying. This level of power should be nothing to him. How could it be poison?

Gary didn't explain.

"Never mind, since you guys don't want to go, I won't force it."

He looked at Ying Ying. "Little one, do you want to come home with me?"

Lu Ze was shocked.

Gary looked like an old man, committing child trafficking.

Ying Ying jumped into Nangong Jing's arms and looked at Gary vigilantly. "No."

Gary felt hurt.

His own race was closer to a foreign race?

He smiled. "Then, in that case, it's fine if I stay here and play for a few days, right? Let me talk with her and teach her star spirit things."

Lu Ze and the girls nodded. "Of course, you can stay for a few days."

Even if they didn't want him to stay, they could not send a cosmic lord away.

Gary laughed and waved his hand to Ying Ying. "Little one, come to big brother. Big brother will teach you some nice stuff."

Lu Ze was speechless.

Ying Ying shook her head. "No, you're too ugly."

Gary felt embarra.s.sed.

Lu Ze held in his laughter. "Predecessor, how about we take you to our place?"

Gary nodded.

They came to Planet Qiming.

Gary could easily change into a normal human-sized.

"This is your hive?"

Gary walked around curiously.

Lu Ze nodded. "What's your name?"

Gary said, "Haha, good question! Remember, I'm Gary!"

Lu Ze nodded. "Your name is really good!"