Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1299: Ethereal Existence

Chapter 1299: Ethereal Existence

Chapter 1299: Ethereal Existence

Lu Ze and the girls relaxed upon hearing that there might be a star spirit here.

Regardless, it was Ying Ying's fellow race, and they were Ying Ying's friends.

The Star Spirit Race wasn't violent either.

Thinking about this, they felt a lot more secure.

"But we should still prepare. If there's an accident, we'll run," Lu Ze said.

The girls nodded.

Alice frowned slightly. "Why doesn't he come inside? The s.h.i.+eld outside shouldn't be able to stop him."

The group looked at each other. "Does he not want to interrupt Ying Ying's breaking through?" Qiuyue Hesha guessed.

"This might be possible. They're from the same race, after all."

This made them feel less pressured.

The time it took Ying Ying to break through this time was longer than usual.

A day later, the starlight around her dimmed down.

When the starlight completely receded into her body, Ying Ying slowly opened her eyes. A deep blue spirit light flashed in her eyes.

She said in surprise, "I broke through to the cosmic lord state?"

Lu Ze and the girls were speechless.

At this moment, Ying Ying suddenly looked in the air.

Lu Ze said, "Ying Ying, you felt it?"

Ying Ying nodded. "Yes, very strong."

" And it feels familiar, intimate."

Lu Ze and the girls rejoiced.

This was a star spirit, for sure.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and said, "It might be your fellow race, let's go out and have a look?"

Lu Ze glanced at Nangong Jing's people. "How about I go with Ying Ying? You guys stay here."

The girls shook their heads and looked firmly at Lu Ze.

"I want to go with you."

"Although we're not strong, we still hope to face it with you."

"Wherever you go, we go."

Seeing how firm they were, Lu Ze fell silent. Then, he smiled and nodded. "Okay."

At the Milky Way border, a silver light flashed. Lu Ze and the girls appeared.

They immediately noticed Gary.

Seeing that huge figure glowing with starlight, they were almost certain that this was a star spirit.

However, his form seemed different.

Ying Ying stared straight at Gary. Her eyes seemed a little lost.

This was her first time seeing a fellow race.

Outside the barrier, when Gary felt Ying Ying's breaking through had finished, he wanted to go in immediately.

However, he was afraid of breaking this barrier.

When Lu Ze and the girls appeared, Gary immediately locked his eyes onto Ying Ying.

He gasped. "This young?"

She was this young, and she was already a cosmic lord?!

Was she crazy?!

Gary almost instantly verified Ying Ying's crazy ident.i.ty.

In the history of star spirits, has there ever been a maniac like this?

Gary thought hard and realized that other than the Star Spirit Emperor, no cosmic lord grew as fast as Ying Ying.


She was already a cosmic lord, so why was she still in the child stage?!

What was going on?

There was the ethereal G.o.d art wave and this crazy fellow race.

He felt things weren't too simple?

He suppressed his shock and grinned. "Fellow race inside, open the s.h.i.+eld and let me in. I'm your long-lost fellow brother!"

Ying Ying looked at Gary and mumbled. "So ugly"

Gary was at a loss for words.

Lu Ze and the girls were speechless.

How could they not hear it?

The atmosphere became awkward.

Lu Ze was scared that Gary would get angry and quickly coughed. "Ying Ying, let him in."

He was already giving them respect by not breaking the s.h.i.+eld and coming in.

Yet, Ying Ying called him ugly.

Ying Ying nodded. She waved her hand, and the starlight in the barrier dissipated.

All that was left was Lu Ze's G.o.d art.

Lu Ze also removed it.

Gary saw this and was shocked.

This kid controlled this magical G.o.d art power?


This kid

Seemed very young?!

And he was a cosmic monarch state?!

What sort of genius was this??


Those on the side.

They were all cosmic monarch states?!

Gary felt he was dreaming.

What race was this? Even the Emperor Race didn't have such prodigies, right?

He went closer.

He felt that his fellow race, and those cosmic monarch states all seemed to have that magical yet ethereal power.

Soon, he came before Lu Ze and the girls, and he locked his eyes on Lu Ze.

He said, " You're special, very special."

This kid had the strongest strange power, and it was the most ethereal too.

If this kid wasn't standing here, Gary would've thought he didn't exist in this universe.

How was this possible?!

He existed and didn't exist in this universe?!

Even an emperor shouldn't be able to evoke this kind of sensation!!!