Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1298: Strange Power

Chapter 1298: Strange Power

Chapter 1298: Strange Power

A soft voice sounded in the minds of the insectoid cosmic lords.

"You guys are at the border of the Heaven Realm and Elemental Realm?"

"Yes, Mother Emperor, we're attacking an insolent gallery civilization."

"Come back now." The mother's voice sounded.

The cosmic lords were stunned. "Why, Your Majesty? They provoked us!"

"It's not time yet. Come back. Soon, you can unleash all your desires for carnage."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

The insectoids didn't dare to disobey the mother's command.

The insectoid cosmic lords hissed, and all the insectoids out there stopped. Then, they began to retreat.

"What's going on?"

"Why are they retreating? Didn't this attack just begin?"

"Yeah, are they scared?"

"How could the insectoids be scared? Are they preparing some other attacks?"

Guman and the others were bewildered.

"Stay vigilant!"

As the insectoids disappeared into the wormhole, the rest of the insectoid cosmic lords glared at Guman and the others.

The winged insectoid lord sneered. "Star spirit, consider yourself lucky this time. Next time, you won't be so lucky!"

Then, the insectoid lords disappeared from the spot.

Gary and the rest were stunned.

Gary frowned, and there was a powerful force in his body. Moving, coldly he said, "They left? They actually left?"

"Why? They had the advantage!"

"Did the Heaven or Elemental Race intervene?"

"How is that possible?"

The Elemental and Heaven Race watched this.

Gong Qiao frowned. "Why would the insectoids retreat?"

"Did the elemental spirits do it?"

"But we were watching. The elemental spirits didn't really do anything!"

"Then what is going on?"

On the elemental spirit side, the blue flames all over Yang Bird burned wildly, the surrounding temperature rose sharply, and the s.p.a.ce became distorted. "What's going on? Is it those Heaven Race guys? Investigate!"


Guman and the others breathed easy.

Guman sighed slightly and said, "Okay, it seems this disaster is over."

Gary said, "Let's go back to the base. Perhaps, they haven't gone far. They might attack again when we neglect our vigilance."

"You're right."

Guman ordered the soldiers to go back and rest. Then, everyone went back to the base."

After two days, they sent scouts to search the nearby regions thoroughly.

After making sure the insectoids were gone, only then did the three races relax.

The insectoids were really gone.

The Six-Eyed Race and Golden-Skinned Race went back to their own galleries.

This time, they suffered huge losses too and needed to recuperate.

Gary grinned. "Lawson, Guman, now that the insectoid tide is gone, can I go inside your gallery to search for my race member?"

The two looked at each other and hesitated, but they still nodded.

Lawson said, "We adhere to our words. In that case, go."

Gary's eyes lit up. He nodded to Guman and Lawson and said, "Thank you."

A week later, Planet Qiming.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes.

He finally brought Undying Battle Intent to experienced mastery, and it would probably soon be able to reach perfect mastery.

In the previous phenomena, Lu Ze focused on cultivating lightning dao rune and Undying Battle Intent.

His battle intent was at the border of forming dao rune. If he did that, his Undying Battle Intent would be able to reach perfect mastery.

However, experienced mastery of the Undying Battle Intent would give him two level increases, even in cosmic monarch state.

His mental force went into his mental force dimension. There were pieces of dao shards floating there.

There was metal, fire, earth, water, and so forth

This was their loot in the Pocket Hunting Dimension during this time.

When beasts reached the cosmic monarch state, the chances of them dropping dao runes were much higher.

He gave some of the dao rune shards to the girls. Lu Ze had too many and didn't even have time to cultivate them.

Seeing this many dao rune shards, his head fell aching.

The group went to Ying Ying's room.

Starlight flashed, and Lu Ze and the girls sat next to Ying Ying's bed.

Nangong Jing rubbed Ying Ying's face. "She's about to wake up, right?"

"Should be soon."

"Let's feed her some food."

They took out drops of spirit liquid for Ying Ying.

At this moment, an invisible wave spread from her body.


Starlight shot into the air. Lu Ze and the girls felt an invisible wave in the universe. It was very profound.

At the same time, they felt powerful pressure from Ying Ying.

" A cosmic lord?"

Lu Ze was shocked.

She was too lucky.

Every time she slept, her cultivation level rapidly rose. Now, she was almost reached the cosmic lord state!

"I also want to wake up to being a cosmic lord," Alice said.

Terrifying starlight penetrated the Milky Way galaxy barrier.

Even the nearby cosmic realm felt this power.

This was the chi of pinnacle power.

Other than emperors, cosmic lords were the strongest in the universe.

In a region extremely far from the Milky Way Galaxy in the Eternal Song Gallery, there was a cosmic realm filled with dark clouds.

"Hmm? A new cosmic lord is born? It's nearby? Interesting"

Not far from this region, starlight flashed and shot towards the direction of the chi.

In the starlight, Gary looked excited. "I finally found it. This little one already broke through to the cosmic lord state? Amazing?"

Gary wanted to cry. The gallery was so large. He had searched for a long while.

Outside the Milky Way Galaxy, the other races were gathered and looked at the starlight in shock.

"What is this power?"

"I can't even control my own body."

"Is this a cosmic monarch state?"

"Is it those masters?!"

"Didn't they just break through? Why did they break through again?"

"I feel this chi is much stronger when those masters broke through."

"Could it be a cosmic lord?"

At this moment, starlight appeared outside the Milky Way Galaxy.

It turned into a giant tiger. He seemed to be the center of the universe.

That powerful chi made everyone's faces pale.

Gary looked at the starlight s.h.i.+ning from the Milky Way, his eyes filled with surprise. "She really became a cosmic lord like that? Is she some super prodigy?"

She was born in such a place, and she was this amazing?

Gary looked at the people s.h.i.+vering on the side. "Sorry, I didn't notice you guys."

He concealed his chi, and they could finally talk and move.

Gary looked at the barrier. "This power is so strange"

He felt the G.o.d art domains and the familiar starlight barrier.

This power was very weak to him, but why did he feel that this power was strange?

It didn't feel real.

"What was going on?"

Lu Ze and the girls looked into the void. Cold sweat appeared on their heads.

Nangong Jing shuddered. "Such a powerful chi, is it a cosmic lord??"

"Why would there be cosmic lords here?"

They thought of something and looked at Ying Ying.

Lu Ze said, "I forgot that Ying Ying's breakthrough was so magnificent. The barrier definitely wouldn't be able to contain it. Some cosmic lord probably found out, right?"

"Little Brother Lu Ze, what do we do?"

Qiuyue Hesha looked at Lu Ze worriedly.

Lu Ze fell silent and said, "I can take the Milky Way and run. With Lin Ling and my near dao rune s.p.a.ce G.o.d art, we have hopes of running."

"And, we have nine lives."

Lin Ling used her eyes and frowned. "Perhaps, we don't need to run."


Lin Ling hesitated and said, "That cosmic lord gives me a feeling similar to Ying Ying? Their chi are similar."

Alice exclaimed, "Is it another star spirit?!"