Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1297: Take Away The Insectoid Queen

Chapter 1297: Take Away The Insectoid Queen

Chapter 1297: Take Away The Insectoid Queen

Lu Ze's mental force swept this dimension and found nothing.

There were no planets or life. It was just an ordinary s.p.a.ce. However, it was connected to him. He could open and close it at any time.

An inner world?

Lu Ze was dazed.

'Wasn't this something that would only be created when you break through to the cosmic lord state?'

Why did he have it now?

He didn't have much time to think now.

There wasn't much time left for the phenomena.

A day later, the phenomena disappeared.

Lu Ze opened his eyes and felt the power surging in his body. He was satisfied.

He finally broke through to the cosmic monarch state.

It was really strong.

His body and spirit force had completely fused, and his mental force had begun to do the same. This power made his skin crawl.

His Lightning G.o.d Art finally reached the dao rune level.

His combat power progressed even more. He didn't even know how strong he was now.

The girls opened their eyes. "We finally broke through. This was painful."

They came outside and saw the elders.

"How is it?" Elder Lin asked.

Lin Ling said, "Grandpa, we've broken through."

Lu Ze said, "Elders, you actually don't need to guard us. If people can come in from outside, we can't stop them either. You might as well go and cultivate."

Red Flame Saint glared at Lu Ze. "What do you know? Guarding you feels safer."

Lu Ze and the girls looked helpless. They had always tried persuading the elders to go cultivate during the phenomena, but they didn't listen.

"Okay, since you've all broken through, then hurry and go rest." Elder Xu waved his hand.

Lu Ze and the girls appeared back in Nangong Jing's mansion.

Qiuyue Hesha looked around the living room. "Where is Ying Ying?"

"Did she go upstairs?"

They went up and found Ying Ying lying on the bed. There was still drool coming out of her mouth. They smiled.

"She learned this time." Alice giggled.

Every time Ying Ying fell asleep, it was either on the ground or somewhere else.

Lu Li said, "Let's go cook something nice and celebrate."

Lin Ling raised a brow. "Let's go."

Having a big feast after breakthrough was their custom now.

After Alice, Lu Li, and Lin Ling left, Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing were arguing again about fighting.

However, one slight error and the galaxy would be destroyed.

Therefore, they decided to battle it out in a game.

Lu Ze just sat on the couch and entered that inner world.

Cosmic lords would have inner worlds, and as their cultivation level and G.o.d art mastery grew, they could fuse their world with their G.o.d art, forming their own world.

Inner worlds were like a domain but much stronger.

He could greatly suppress the opponents there.

Should he try it?

Lu Ze had a bold idea about this, but he had to do a test first.

Lu Ze appeared in s.p.a.ce. There was an earth-sized planet before him.

It was covered in rocks and had no life.

Lu Ze used his mental force, and this planet disappeared from the spot immediately.

Soon, Lu Ze could feel this planet in his inner world.

Lu Ze continued with the next one.

He encountered a beast in s.p.a.ce that was a few hundred kilometers long.

It was a planetary state beast, and it was sleeping.

Lu Ze approached it, and the beast woke up. It roared at Lu Ze.

However, Lu Ze just looked at it, and it quickly stopped and began to tremble.

Lu Ze smiled. "Behave, I found a new home for you. See if you like it."

Lu Ze waved his hand.

He closed his eyes and found this beast in his inner world.

Lu Ze grinned.

Not bad.

The beast realized that it appeared in a dark dimension. There wasn't even light around him.

It felt very confused.

Lu Ze was satisfied that his inner world could fit living things.

Lu Ze decided to try weaker creatures.

He arrived at a green planet.

This planet didn't even have intelligent life forms.

There were just beasts.

Lu Ze took the entire solar system of this planet into his inner world.

Because of the star, there was some light in this dark dimension.

Lu Ze observed. Those weak life forms still lived.

Seeing this, Lu Ze felt completely a.s.sured. He could put the Elf Cosmic Realm and Demon Realm into his inner world, then take them elsewhere.

That way, he didn't have to worry about cosmic lords coming to him.

Lu Ze panted. He planned to do this after the barrier outside was gone.

Lu Ze happily returned to Planet Qiming.

Lily and Louisa also joined them in playing games.

Qiuyue Hesha said, "Little Brother Lu Ze, where did you go?"

Lu Ze grinned. "Secret, I'll tell you in a few days. It's good."

Soon, they had dinner and went back to cultivation.

Lu Ze could tell that Ying Ying would wake up, in at most, two weeks.

Border of Eternal Song Gallery.

The war had lasted nearly a week.

The soldiers were still fighting, and the battle was very intense. Despite this, no one stopped.

The cosmic lords had fought for the fourth time.

However, Gary and the rest felt tired while the insectoid returned to their prime condition each time.

Gary cursed. "d.a.m.ned insect! One day, the emperor will squash your insectoid mother!"

The winged insectoid said, "You won't live to see that day. You will be devoured and become my power."

Gary exclaimed, "Keep dreaming!"

At this moment, Lawson said, "But the Heaven Race and Elemental Spirit Race contacted us, saying they are willing to help us defend against the insectoids."

Everyone revealed a complicated expression. The six-eyed giant asked, "What's the condition?"


"I knew it."

"Even if we do, which side should we choose?"

Extremely far away, General Yang Bird looked at the battlefield.

The fire wolf asked, "General, the victory is about to be decided."

Yang Bird nodded.

"Will they submit?"


The Heaven Race had the same conversation on the other side as well.

A soldier looked at Gong Qiao. "General, the elemental spirits are also hiring them. What if they choose the elemental spirit?"

Gong Qiao said, "Help the insectoids annihilate them."


At this moment, all the insectoid cosmic lords halted on the spot.

"Mother Emperor!"