Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1296: Pocket Hunting Dimension Mutating Again

Chapter 1296: Pocket Hunting Dimension Mutating Again

Chapter 1296: Pocket Hunting Dimension Mutating Again

After breakfast, Lu Ze appeared at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. He used all his G.o.d art domains.

Like last time, he hid the Milky Way Galaxy before breaking through.

Under this terrifying power, the nearby cosmic realms felt his chi.

Everyone was used to this now.

Once a year.

He was too punctual.

Then, Lu Ze went back and told Ying Ying to add another layer.

When everything was ready, Lu Ze and the girls went to the dao enlightenment room to cultivate.

Lily and Louisa prepared themselves too.

Even Ying Ying laid on the bed ready.

She knew she would sleep every time, so she might as well crawl onto the bed herself.


A vibrant light instantly wrapped around the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Outside the barrier, the powerful races of the Elf Cosmic Realm and even Demon Realm came close to enjoying the benefits.

Originally, the races in the Demon Realm wouldn't dare to come over, but now that the Advanced Demon Race was annihilated, they surrendered to the Elf Cosmic Realm.

They were tearing up as they had long wanted to come before. Now they finally had a chance.

Meanwhile, those races close to the Human Race could enter the Milky Way Galaxy to learn from this phenomenon.

In the warp dimension outside the Eternal Song Gallery, a vast tide of insectoid hives neared the Eternal Song Gallery.

In the central hive, the Insectoid Lord was sitting on a stone block. His hand had recovered.

On his side were five more insectoids. They all had cosmic lord chi.

One with three pairs of wings said to another insectoid with sharp front limbs, "Haste, are we there?"

A hemisphere-shaped insectoid said, "I can't wait to slaughter."

Haste opened his mouth and said, "We'll be there soon, don't worry. This time, you guys will be able to satisfy your desire to slaughter."


A patch of white light flashed as wormholes appeared.

Large insectoid hives came out one after another.

Soon, the insectoids shrieked as they flashed in destruction and blood light.

The blood light painted the void s.p.a.ce red.

In the s.p.a.ce outside the Eternal Song Race's cosmic fortress, the race leader, Guman, Gary, another cosmic lord from the Eternal Song Race, two golden-skinned bulky cosmic lords, and two six-eyed cosmic lords appeared.

They looked at the endless sea of blood with tense faces.

A golden-skinned cosmic lord asked, "So many insectoids how many did they send?"

A six-eyed giant said, "The most important ones are those cosmic lords."

The other six-eyed giant said, "Lawson, you guys messed with someone powerful this time."

Eternal Song Race Leader Lawson frowned.

Gary felt quite awkward.

He was the one who started this?

Lawson said, "But, we're not weak either."

Gary nodded. "We have one more cosmic lord than them. I can fight two insectoid sc.u.ms at once. In that case, we have two extra cosmic lords."

Guman ignored what he said and said, "Get ready for the battle."


Guman and the other two cosmic lords roared. "Head off! Stop the insectoids!!"

Countless soldiers soared up into s.p.a.ce and flew out of wormholes.

The weakest of the soldiers were planetary states, and their number was enormous.

This was the power of a cosmic lord civilization.

The soldiers of the three races appeared at the border.

In the distant region, two groups of beams clashed.


s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+ps fired terrifying energy rays in s.p.a.ce. The planetary states of both sides clashed together.

The void s.p.a.ce turned into a hideous slaughter fest. Blood and fire splashed everywhere. Ligaments drifted around in s.p.a.ce.

Both sides were fearless.

The three races were prepared to die.

They had nowhere to retreat as their home was behind them.

As the two sides clashed, the cosmic lords had a face off.

Their chi crumbled s.p.a.ce inch by inch.

Haste snarled. "I said, I will be back!"

Gary shouted. "Insectoid sc.u.m. Come at me if you can!"

He hated it when people called for backup.

The winged insectoids smiled "Star spirit should be very tasty?"

"He's mine." The other insectoid lords didn't object.

Gary's face tensed up.

This insectoid lord was stronger than that sc.u.m.

His star armor already appeared.

The two charged at each other.


Cosmic lord chi erupted and swept in all directions.

Heaven Realm Border.

A silver s.p.a.ce fortress appeared. A handsome humanoid opened his eyes.

His eyes were gray, and there was a silver crystal on his forehead.

There was a knocking sound.

He didn't move at all, and the door opened.

Another being from the Heaven Race appeared. He said, "General Gong Qiao, powerful energy waves are coming from the Eternal Song Gallery. It seems to be a cosmic lord battle."

Gong Qiao nodded. "I see."

He got up and left the room.

The two walked and then Gong Qiao said, "Let Heng Bao, investigate the situation there. See if it's the elemental spirits."


Elemental Domain Border.

A huge red flaming planet was floating in s.p.a.ce. On it was a throne formed of lava. A beautiful bird of blue flames laid there.

A fire wolf came out of the fire waves and said, "General Yang Bird, there's a special situation."

The bird said lazily, "What happened?"

"There is a cosmic lord battle in the direction of Eternal Song Gallery."

The bird slowly got up.

"Is it the Heaven Race?"

"I'm not certain, but"

"But what?"

"There seem to be insectoids?"

"What are they doing here?"

"I don't know."

"Go investigate."


Lu Ze was sitting in a dao enlightenment room.

His body face-off and spirit force had fused.

His body was completely made of spirit force now.

This feeling was very miraculous.

He could feel he was better in every way.

When he was about to break through, he seeped his mental force essence into his skin.

immediately, there was a huge pain. The spirit force in his skin pushed away from the mental force essence.

Lu Ze was very used to this pain.

He persisted bit by bit, and he felt the white skin cells embrace an invisible power.

As his mental force essence fused in, the white light dimmed down.

A cosmic realm state needed to fuse his body and spirit force.

A cosmic monarch state needed to fuse his mental force essence into his body and spirit force.

Then, they are one.

Body, spirit force, and spirit.

This process was very painful. One mistake and there might be a backlash.

If it's serious, you might explode on the spot.

However, this was no problem for Lu Ze.

His foundation was too deep.

He was perfect in every aspect.

He could feel a terrifying force appear inside his body.

With this, his breaking through sped up.

It became easier, so he used the phenomena to learn his lightning dao rune.

This was the final part, and his lightning G.o.d art would reach dao rune level.

Then, his combat power would improve greatly.

At this moment, a golden light flashed in his mind.


This world-creating shatter sounded in his mind.

In the darkness, there was a golden dot.

He was very familiar with this.

He had seen it twice after all.

The last one was last year when he broke through to the cosmic realm state.

The light flashed and faded quickly, but Lu Ze had this magical feel.

There seems to be extra s.p.a.ce in his body.

It was parallel but related to the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

The two could fuse at any time but could be independent.

His mental force swept this dimension.

It was so big!

It was much larger than the Elf Cosmic Realm.