Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1295: Broken

Chapter 1295: Broken

Chapter 1295: Broken

"What?!" The insectoid glared at Guman.

"How dare you tell the Great Insectoid Lord to leave?!"

He shot a blood energy ball at Guman without hesitation.

Guman barely dodged the attack.

He looked coldly at the insectoid. "Since you don't want to talk nicely, the Eternal Song Race won't be scared either!"

Gary nodded. "Friend, let's attack together. Kill this insectoid sc.u.m and then we can talk."

Guman nodded.

The star spirit was a very friendly race.

The Insectoid Lord was speechless.

He looked vigilantly at the two while Gary and Guman closed in.

Planet Qiming.

Lu Ze and the girls were eating breakfast when Ying Ying suddenly looked into the void.

Lu Ze and the girls asked, "What's wrong, Ying Ying?"

Ying Ying blinked and shook her head vigilantly. "There seems to be something fighting in that direction, but it's too far away."

Lu Ze and the girls were dazed.

Very far away?

Lu Ze asked vigilantly, "Is it coming towards our Milky Way Galaxy again?"

Ying Ying shook her head. "They didn't come over, they're just fighting."

Lu Ze breathed easy.

Ying Ying finished the last spoon of soup and jumped up. "Lily, let's play!"

Lily said, "Let's do it!"

Lu Ze cleaned the dishes and watched them play.

Then, he dragged the girls to go cultivate.

He felt there would be some boss coming at any time. They had to work harder.

Eventually, only Lily, Louisa, and Ying Ying were left.

The two girls had given up. They had cultivated for a few months, and their cultivation level only grew a little, but Lu Ze and the girls broke through a few small states.

In two or three years, wouldn't they straight up reach the emperor?

When they become emperor, she will just rely on them.

In the room, Lu Ze used a level-2 cosmic monarch state red liquid.

Terrifying power surged. Even with the buffer of the golden dew, Lu Ze still felt a huge pain all over his body.

His cells were beginning to crack.

As his cultivation level grew, they were entering the sight of powerful races.

At this rate, he would reach a cosmic monarch state in just a month.

However, there didn't seem to be cosmic monarch state overlords. Otherwise, he would cultivate even faster with the milky white liquid.

A few days later, a few red beams flew outside the Eternal Song gallery.

The insectoid lord cursed as he flew off. His arm was broken, and there was starlight flas.h.i.+ng. His muscles were slowly repairing.

"d.a.m.ned star spirit! And that lowly race! I will get my revenge!"

The insectoids behind him weren't injured, but their chi was weak.

The black sh.e.l.led one said, "Master Evan and the rest only came to fight a weak civilization. Did that star spirit appear here due to that?"

The Insectoid Lord thought carefully and said, "No matter what, I must get my revenge for both times!"

"I've already notified the nearby brothers and sisters!"

The other insectoids screamed in excitement. So what if there were star spirits, Heaven Race, or elemental spirits here?

No one could stop the insectoid tide!

Gary, Guman, and another handsome-looking cosmic lord from the Eternal Song Race watched the red beam leave.

Gary cursed, "Luckily that insectoid ran quick! Otherwise, I'm going to slap it to death!"

The other two beings from the Eternal Song Race were distraught.

The insectoids were vengeful. They will be coming back again next time.

Gary smiled at the other two. "Friends, we fought together. We're good brothers now. Can I go in?"

The other handsome cosmic lord said, "Respected star spirit, the Eternal Song Gallery is our territory. May I ask why you want to enter?"

Gary smiled. "When I was pa.s.sing by, I sensed a fellow race member inside, so I'm here to have a look."

"There's a star spirit in our Eternal Song Gallery?"

Gary nodded. "It's a little one, so you probably haven't found him yet."

Guman said, "Indeed, we didn't expect there would be a star spirit here."

The other cosmic lord nodded. "We can let you in to find your own race."

Gary smiled. "We're brothers in arms indeed!"

The cosmic lord was expressionless "However, I believe you know the insectoids well. There might be an insectoid tide attacking us. I hope you can help us defend."

"As long as nothing happens to the Eternal Song Gallery, you can search wherever you want."

Gary was bewildered and frowned.

However, he still nodded. "Okay, this started because of my battle with that insectoid sc.u.m. In that case, I'll help."

The two beings from the Eternal Song Race breathed easy.

"In that case, why don't you take a rest at my ancestral planet."

"Sure." Gary nodded.

The cosmic lord said, "Guman, notify everyone and get ready. This is probably the most dangerous time of our race in a hundred million years."

Guman nodded. "I understand, race leader."

A month later, Lu Ze had panted.


He could break through to the cosmic monarch state at any time.

The girls were still cultivating so he went downstairs.

He saw Lily, Louisa, and Ying Ying playing games.

Lu Ze looked at them speechlessly. They didn't even cultivate during this time.

Lu Ze asked, "Lily, Louisa, have you two been playing with Ying Ying incessantly?"

Lily said, "Um we're planning to play for a while and then cultivate. Work hard, play hard. Jing Jing said that."

Lily and Louisa had been cultivating for a few thousand years. Taking a few month's breaks seemed alright.

Lily asked, "Why did you stop so early today?"

Lu Ze said, "I'm a peak cosmic realm state. I can break through."

He didn't even have a bottleneck.

At this moment, footsteps sounded.

Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing came down.

Nangong Jing jumped into his arms. "Ze, I'm going to break through."

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. "I can too."

Lily and Louisa were speechless.

Lu Ze said, "I can as well."

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were surprised. "Little Brother Lu Ze is faster than us this time?"

Lu Ze grinned.

He did waste all those white liquids.

At this moment, Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice all jumped down.

"We're going to break through too!"