Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1294: I Just Want To Pay A Visit…

Chapter 1294: I Just Want To Pay A Visit…

Chapter 1294: I Just Want To Pay A Visit

Gary concealed his chi and rapidly closed in.

Soon, he reached the border of the gallery.

Compared to the barren void s.p.a.ce, there were astral bodies around.

He looked at the astral bodies at the border.

"The defenses here are quite strong? But it's just as it is, the void s.p.a.ce is indeed quite chaotic."

There were powerful s.p.a.ce pirates, evil organizations, and wretched wanderers. Most of them established their bases in the void s.p.a.ce.

Of course, the most dangerous were the insectoids.

He judged the weakness in their defenses and locked onto a place to enter.

At this moment, he saw a few red beams cut across s.p.a.ce. They also went there.

"Hmm?" Gary narrowed his eyes. Why does this chi seem familiar?

The Insectoid Great Monarch and five cosmic monarch state insectoids concealed their chi and carefully flew over.

"There's such a big flaw in their defenses? This civilization doesn't seem that strong?"

"If we enter from here, they definitely won't be able to find us."

A black-sh.e.l.led insectoid said, "How dare they make us act so cautiously! After some time, we must annihilate this gallery!"

The gray insectoid said, "Then, let's finish the proper business first."

The blood humanoid insectoid said, "Master, is there really a star spirit here?"

"Yes, Master, this small place doesn't seem like it would have a star spirit."

The Insectoid Master said, "No matter what, since one of ours died there, we have to know why."

At this moment, the Insectoid Master suddenly looked in another direction. "What's wrong, Master?"

"Something seems to be there?"

"Let's go over and see!"

Gary saw the red beams coming at him and frowned. "I'm found?"

The red beams stopped before him.

The insectoids also noticed Gary.

Gary was stunned.

'Insectoids? Why would they be here?'

The insectoids had discussions amongst themselves too. "Master, this being seemed to be planning to sneak in."

"This guy, I can't measure his power?"

"What a coincidence, he hid his power!"

"What do we do, Master? Should we kill him?"

The Insectoid Master looked at Gary with uncertainty.

He could sense a bit of threat coming from the being.

Impossible! The master was already an insectoid cosmic lord!

Was this guy also a cosmic lord?

Could it be

This guy was a high-level officer of this civilization?!

Were they this unlucky?


The voice of the blood humanoid brought the insectoid master back to his senses.

"Since we're discovered, kill him!"

Blood and silver spirit light flashed around the insectoid master.

The terrifying chi of the cosmic lord state was unleashed.

The entire void s.p.a.ce and the gallery border were quaking.

At the same time, the five cosmic monarch states behind it also released their power.

Gary cursed. "d.a.m.n it, this crazy s.h.i.+t! I knew nothing good would happen when there are insectoids around!"

He had to use his full power.

This cosmic lord insectoid's power wasn't ordinary.


He glowed with starlight as his body expanded.

The Insectoid Master was dumbfounded. "A star spirit?!"

It was a star spirit?

Was he the one who killed Evan and the rest?

No wonder they couldn't even run away!

"So that's it! You killed my insectoid cosmic monarch state!"

Gary was at a loss for words.

When did he do that? But he wasn't going to back down either. "That's right! Your insectoid cosmic monarch states can't even fit between my teeth! I have eaten too many!"


The Insectoid Master charged at Gary. His power was overwhelming. Even if he was just flying, the surrounding s.p.a.ce was shattered, revealing the warp dimension.

However, the five cosmic monarch states retreated a bit.

Through the special connection between insectoids, they could hand their power to the Insectoid Master.

This power wasn't strong, but it was better than nothing.

Gary roared, and the stars shone brightly near the Eternal Song Gallery. The starlight covered his body and formed armor.

He opened his mouth, and a huge energy ball was formed.


The Insectoid Master also formed a blood and silver spirit force orb.

He pushed his hand, and the two b.a.l.l.s sliced across the air, cras.h.i.+ng towards the starlight energy ball.


The surrounding tens of millions of light-years turned into a chaotic region of s.p.a.ce.

The shockwave reached the Eternal Song Gallery.

At the border, there was a huge black planet with a pale blue structure. Inside were pale blue humanoids who had half clear hair. They all looked up into the void and were shocked.

In the center of the base, Eternal Song beings who were wearing red armor charged out.

They saw the battle.

Two cosmic lords?!

Why were they fighting at the side of our race?!

Why couldn't they go somewhere else?!!

He roared. "Hurry and notify Marshal Guman!"

Immediately, a pale blue light landed next to him.

A handsome-looking Eternal Song Race wearing blue robes appeared. "No need, I'm here already."

"Stay here, I'll go have a look."

Then, he disappeared from the spot.

After the clash of the orbs, the two cosmic lords charged at each other with full force.

Gary waved his claw while the insectoid master used his fists.

There was another huge clash.

In a brief instant, they clashed countless times. Time even paused next to them.

Then, they fell back, and the power of the explosion was unleashed.

Different lights of warp dimension flashed out.

They created a dent in s.p.a.ce-time. It was so big that it was enough to bury half the Elf Cosmic Domain.

At the border of the ditch, there were extremely fierce s.p.a.ce winds.

Beings below the cosmic monarch state couldn't escape from here at all.

Gary grinned and said, "Didn't expect to encounter insectoid sc.u.m here."

The Insectoid Master heard this and a bit of killing intent flashed in his eyes. "Star spirit, I will kill you and devour you."

"Try it if you can!"

Just when they were about to clash again, a blue figure appeared between them.

Guman looked on both sides, and he cursed.

d.a.m.n it!

Why did it have to be insectoid and star spirit?!

If it was some other cosmic lord who dared to fight here, he would tell them to p.i.s.s off.

But these two all came from emperor races!

Even if their emperors didn't come out, they could still easily annihilate his race.

But if he didn't stop them here, the Eternal Song Gallery would be destroyed soon.

He asked, "Um, why are you two so angry?"

The cold and tyrannical blood flashed in the eyes of Insectoid Master, and he said, "p.i.s.s off, you have no business here! If you don't p.i.s.s off, I'll find back up to annihilate your race!"

Guman was speechless.

He couldn't even ask about a fight happening at his own front door?

Gary coughed. "Friend, this isn't my fault. I just wanted to come into your gallery Cough, for a visit. But this little insectoid sc.u.m brought his little minions to fight me. What can I do?"

He wanted to sneak in?!


Guman looked at the insectoids.

These guys wanted to sneak in too?!

The insectoid master saw his weird glance and glared back with murderous intent.

Guman coughed and smiled. "Could you two change the place where you'll fight?"