Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1293: Sneak In

Chapter 1293: Sneak In

Chapter 1293: Sneak In

Lu Ze looked at the purple cat, and his expression fell. A lightning fire ball formed on his right hand while white spirit flames ignited on his left hand.

He sent the lightning fireball toward the purple cat with a wave of his hand.

The cat s.h.i.+fted its position nimbly and dodged the ball.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze had already appeared next to the purple cat and punched at it with spirit flames.


Spirit flames surged, and the s.p.a.ce began to crack. The shockwaves were spread across all directions.


The cat growled and swiped at Lu Ze's hand in the next moment.


The collision shocked the world. Both of them fell back at the same time.

Meanwhile, an ice blue beam shot at the cat.

It was Nangong Jing's ice sealing technique.



The blue light dissipated while the purple lightning weakened.

Simultaneously, a white mist rose up around the purple cat. The air grew cold.

When the ice blue spirit light was gone, the cat's lightning also vanished. However, its movement was clearly stiffer than before.

The purple cat's claws scratched across the ground as it stopped itself from falling.

At this moment, a silver light flashed and cut the burnt fur on its back.


Its fur was sliced apart, and blood seeped out afterward.

Lin Ling's body disappeared immediately.


The cat used lightning to remove the coldness while its muscles squirmed, and the wound soon recovered.

During this time, Lu Ze appeared behind it and aggressively threw a purple red pillar on its stomach.


The cat attempted to move away but was still caught in the end. Its body fell back while the fur on its belly also got burned.

While it fell back, the cat swiped at Lu Ze.

A lightning claw came charging at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze used Ice s.h.i.+eld Divine Art.


Layers of ice s.h.i.+elds shattered, but Lu Ze used this time to dodge the attacks.

He charged back at the purple cat again.

Meanwhile, Nangong Jing, Lin Ling, and Alice attacked the cat once more.

In the Pocket Hunting Dimension, Lu Ze and the girls collaborated quite well.

Even though the big cat was stronger than they were, it ended up struggling to defend itself under their coordinated attacks.

The wounds on its body increased.

Ten minutes later, the cat was riddled with wounds.

Its chi became much weaker.

Although Lu Ze and the girls had used a lot of spirit force, they were in a much better condition than the cat.


Alice bombarded the opponent with tens of fireb.a.l.l.s right then.

The big cat charged out of the sea of fire. At this time, Lu Ze appeared next to it.


The lightning fire ball struck the cat's belly. An extremely deep wound appeared. The lightning and fire made its flesh and blood spill out.

The cat howled pitifully as its chi was drastically weakened.

Then, Lin Ling appeared and launched a few s.p.a.ce blades. The blades pierced through the wound and exploded inside the body.


The cat's body dropped dead on the floor.

Soon, the cat turned to dust, leaving behind drops.

Two completely different runes, which were the usual liquids dropped, were present. However, there was no G.o.d art orb.

There was also a purple crystal.

Lu Ze said, "It seems that those beasts with dao runes don't drop divine art orbs but dao rune shards."

He recognized that the purple rune was a lightning dao rune shard.

Qiuyue Hesha said, "With our current power, we can't beat beasts with dao runes that are higher than level-2 cosmic monarch state."

"Hopefully, we can find more lower ones."

Alice said, "This will depend on Sister Lin Ling."

In the room, Lu Ze and the girls regained their consciousness.

"d.a.m.n, we're so unlucky. We were killed by lightning." Nangong Jing was speechless.

They didn't even go up in the air, but they were still struck by lightning nonetheless.

"However, we gathered quite a lot of resources."

The girls nodded.

Lu Ze said, "This is our first time killing a beast with a dao rune."

After the painful sensation pa.s.sed, they counted their loot.

Thirty drops of red and purple level-1 cosmic monarch state dew each. There were also five level-2 cosmic monarch state ones.

They got one lightning dao rune shard, one lightning claw divine art rune shard, one level-1 cosmic monarch state crystal, and one summoning crystal.

The summoning crystal came from that big cat.

Its combat power would be comparable to a level-6 or level-7 cosmic monarch state outside. If the enemy had Lightning G.o.d Art but no dao rune, then even a peak cosmic monarch state wouldn't be able to do anything to it.

After dividing the resources, Lu Ze began to learn the second dao rune shard.

A month later in the warp dimension, outside the Eternal Song Gallery, that ma.s.sive insectoid hive group was moving over.

In the main hive, a red humanoid spoke to a red and white humanoid insectoid. "Master, we're about to arrive at the Eternal Song Gallery. How should we enter it?"

The Great Monarch of the insectoids said, "Of course, we go straight in!"

The red humanoid remarked, "But the Eternal Song Race is a cosmic lord civilization after all. They'll probably stop us from entering their territory."

A white-sh.e.l.led insectoid said, "But we're the Insectoid Race!"

The Great Monarch said, "If they dare to stop us, then annihilate the Eternal Song Race!"


A black-sh.e.l.led insectoid said, "Then, the other cosmic lord races nearby wouldn't allow that right?"

The Great Monarch said, "Then, destroy all the races nearby!"

The black-sh.e.l.led insectoid said weakly, "Master, we might not be able to fight a few cosmic lord civilizations at the same time."

"Unless we contact others."

The Great Monarch said, "That would cause too much commotion. The Elemental Domain and Heaven Domain will notice us."

"What should we do?"

"How about we sneak in"

The black-sh.e.l.led insectoid was furious. "What?! You want the Great Monarch to sneak in?! What about the dignity of our master?!"

"Then, you tell me how we should enter?!"

An argument ensued.

After a while, the Great Monarch said, "Okay, stop arguing!"

"Bob is right, sneaking in is the best choice."

"If that's the case, we might as well contact the others and do something big!"

The Great Monarch waved it off. "Alright, it's settled."

"We'll leave the hive here. Otherwise, we'll get caught."

"Yes, Master!"

The hives stopped in this barren region.

Then, the insectoid's Great Monarch and five cosmic monarch state insectoids concealed their chi and flew

In another region of the void s.p.a.ce, a starlight was rapidly nearing the Eternal Song Gallery.

It was an ice-blue tiger with two enormous wings.

"I rarely see the Emperor Lord pay so much attention to a little one. Is there something special about her?"

"However, I didn't expect a fellow race to appear this far away. This is such a long trip I have to complain to that little one."

"This gallery doesn't seem to belong to the Elemental Domain or Heaven Domain?"

Gary looked at this region. "Elemental Spirit Heaven Race Ha."

He hesitated. "I wonder if there's a cosmic lord civilization here? If there is, then I, a cosmic lord star spirit, just stride across, it wouldn't be good, right?"

"I'll change my form!"

He concealed the starlight and chi around him before flying in.