Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1278: A Mere Cosmic Realm State!

Chapter 1278: A Mere Cosmic Realm State!

Chapter 1278: A Mere Cosmic Realm State!

Yorick wiped the blood from his mouth. His chaotic chi had stabilized. Clearly, he had healing means too.

He glanced deeply at Lu Ze. "Aurora, this guy is a bit strong."

Aurora nodded. "Let's attack together."

Yorick grinned. "I thought the same."

Seeing the two lock onto his chi, Lu Ze's eyes flashed with excitement.

He grinned. "I haven't fought with full power for a long time. Come, let me see how strong I am."

Upon hearing Lu Ze's words, Yorick's and Aurora's eyes flashed with cold light. The corners of Yorick's mouth curled downwards, and he said coldly, "Kid, you underestimate us too much."

He charged instantly towards Lu Ze.

He burned with black flames before eventually forming a dark figure. The figure roared.

Terrifying chi surged from s.p.a.ce. The s.p.a.ce and warp dimension barriers cracked under the black flames.

Aurora's face was ice cold. She held the huge hammer tightly as dark runes flashed on it. Each rune that fused into the hammer raised her chi by a level.

When all the runes fused into the hammer, her chi was stronger than Yorick.

Lu Ze tensed up.

He could feel these two were very strong, especially Aurora.

If he faced her alone, he wouldn't even have the confidence of victory, much less facing Yorick as well.

This feeling of danger made Lu Ze's blood boil.

He unleashed his spirit force.


An explosion reverberated. Purple lightning crackled around him as red flames burned.

The lightning and fire intertwined on the surface of his body.

His black hair was painted purple-red.

He took a step, and s.p.a.ce cracked along with the warp dimension.

Lu Ze appeared before Yorick.

He formed a lightning fireball with his hand. The chi was stronger than the lightning ball alone. Yorick's hair stood on ends, but he roared, "What can this sort of attack do to me?!"


The terrifying demonic flames burned to form a hideous skull. The skull's eye sockets glowed red.

It opened its mouth, and the power of darkness gathered quickly, forming a spinning black energy ball.

The energy ball clashed with the lightning fireball.


An extremely vibrant explosion occurred.

The three of them pa.s.sed through layers of warp dimension and kept falling deeper.

The fire lightning ball tore through the black energy ball, but Yorick easily dodged the remaining power.

Lu Ze was planning to get close when a dark light struck his side.

That force formed a barrier, calming the s.p.a.ce storms of the surrounding few hundred light-years.

All that was left in the world seemed to be that dark light.

Lu Ze could feel its terrifying power. White spirit flames burned on his right hand as it fused into the lightning and fire.

He punched the hammer.


s.p.a.ce shattered again.

The shockwave tore through countless warp dimension barriers until they came to a light gray warp dimension.

Lu Ze fell back.

Aurora was also sent flying.

Before Lu Ze could stop himself, a sharp sword strike came at him.

Lu Ze grinned. He flashed with silver light and pa.s.sed through the sword light coming to Yorick's side.


His leg swept at Yorick.

Yorick blocked his chest with the sword.

s.p.a.ce crackled again. The two appeared in another warp dimension.

Yorick's sword was bent at an exaggerated angle from the force on his leg.

Yorick fell back.

When Lu Ze wanted to chase, Aurora appeared behind him again. Lu Ze could feel a terrifying force above his head.

He pushed up with both hands, and a purple-red pillar smashed towards the hammer.


The two fell back at the same time.

However, they didn't stop at all and charged towards each other again.


The two fought incessantly in warp dimension and real s.p.a.ce. Yorick also flew back too.

Lu Ze fought alone against two opponents, using all sorts of G.o.d art domains and divine arts.

s.p.a.ce storms seemed to exist in every level of s.p.a.ce.

In the real s.p.a.ce, s.p.a.ce seemed to have been gone.

This region of the cosmos had completely disappeared. The distant s.p.a.ce was filled with storms.

The battle lasted half an hour or so.

Lu Ze's armor was covered in cracks, and his body was injured all over. His blood almost painted him red.

Yorick's right hand was gone. He held his sword with his left hand. His sword had broken into two pieces. The body below his left knee was gone too.

Aurora was slightly better, but her armor was cracked, and her beautiful body was covered in injuries. Blood gushed every time she moved.

After another clash, the three split off.

The two beings from the Abyssal Race looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

Yorick held a half-length sword tightly in his hand, his brows twitching constantly, from the sharp pain of the wound. "This guy"

He felt ridiculed.

"A mere cosmic realm state! Just a cosmic realm state forced us to this state!"

Aurora didn't look too good either.

"We must kill him! Our Lord will love this sacrifice!"

They both took out a black mist crystal. They used it, and their injuries instantly recovered. Even their spirit force recovered to a certain extent.

Yorick said, "With your cultivation level and age, you're considered a pinnacle prodigy in the universe. But, we have the dark source stone prepared for us by our Lord"

Lu Ze grinned. "It's not too plausible to kill me with just that."

He flashed with green, white, and gray lights once again. Then, his terrifying wounds rapidly healed.

He also inserted spirit force into the armor, and they connected again.

Lu Ze grinned. This level-6 cosmic realm state crystal gave him endless power. There was still half left.

Even if he fought with full force, he could fight for another hour!"

The two looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

"How is this possible?! We used the dark essence stone, but we didn't recover as fast as he did?!"

Aurora was shaking. "How is his spirit force so abundant?!"

Lu Ze grinned. "Look, I told you it's not too plausible for you two to kill me."

This wasn't the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

He still had countless red liquids that he didn't use.