Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1277: Strong Like A Monster!

Chapter 1277: Strong Like A Monster!

Chapter 1277: Strong Like A Monster!

The girls were also worried.

Nangong Jing waved her hand. "Trust him, he's strong."

The rest of them nodded.

They couldn't believe Lu Ze was this strong after using the crystal.

That was a cosmic monarch state after all!

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. "Even if something goes wrong, there's still Ying Ying."

They looked at Ying Ying who was in Lu Li's arms. She was watching the Black Flame Sword Domain.

She shook her head. "Lu Ze is fine."

Hearing this, they breathed easy.

At this moment, Ying Ying couldn't help but say one more sentence. "Lu Ze is so strong now!"

Nangong Jing rubbed her head. "No matter how strong he is, he isn't as strong as you."

"Even if he's stronger than you in the future, if he dares to bully you, we'll help you punish him."


Purple lightning flashed and appeared in the Sword Domain.

The lightning gradually extinguished the demon flames.

Lu Ze's hand surged with lightning as he punched the black sword.

The s.p.a.ce, where Lu Ze and Yorick were, was completely chaotic. It wasn't s.p.a.ce nor warp dimension anymore.

All sorts of illusions flashed past.

After that strike, the two retreated from the backlash of power.

Yorick's hand was trembling. He forced out some lightning from his sword and hand.

Yorick looked at Lu Ze hideously in disbelief.

"How can your Lightning G.o.d Art be this strong?!"

Lu Ze looked at the fist gloves with a slight crack. He repaired the sword intent in his body, mended the gloves with spirit force, and grinned. "Guess."

Yorick was speechless.

At this moment, Lu Ze disappeared from the spot.


He used his terrifying Lightning Domain. Crackles of lightning from his armor made him look like the G.o.d of thunder.

His right arm turned elemental as lightning formed on his palm into a ball.

Lu Ze patted the ball towards Yorick.

The ball instantly shot at him.

Yorick's skin crawled upon sensing the terrifying chi of the lightning ball.

The powerful threat made him tense up.

He didn't have time to think and quickly dodged.


The purple light sliced past his chest. The shockwave struck his chest, making him feel that an extremely huge power hit him.

His face went pale.

Meanwhile, the ball disappeared into the endless warp dimension.

Before Yorick could breathe, he felt a powerful force appear behind him.

Lu Ze punched again.


His fist struck Yorick's armor. The destructive lightning power sent Yorick flying away, penetrating countless layers of warp dimension.

It was as though he was falling to the very depth of s.p.a.ce.

Lu Ze formed another lightning ball.

Just when he was about to attack, a powerful force appeared on his left. That beautiful woman from the Abyssal Race suddenly appeared.

She held a human-sized war hammer. It looked extremely hideous as it struck towards his head.

Lu Ze could barely sidestep as he countered with his left fist.


The most basic form pa.s.sed over. Lu Ze felt that huge power enter his arm.


His bone cracked and blood seeped out of the armor.

Lu Ze still dodged the most lethal strike and fell back.

Aurora surged with black light as runes appeared on her armor, an aura stronger than what Yorick surged.

She held her huge hammer as she charged above Lu Ze's head and smashed down.

The hammer glowed with dark light. The terrifying power tore through the layers of warp dimension.

Lu Ze's face changed.

He formed a lightning ball and urged it towards that hammer.

Seeing this, Aurora's face changed a little. She yelled and increased the power she used. Terrifying darkness chi surged from her body.

The ball and hammer clashed.


s.p.a.ce seemed to have condensed for an instant. Then, a terrifying rumble rang through the universe. The shockwave pulverized s.p.a.ce, and the layers of warp dimension shattered like gla.s.s.

This power wiped away all cosmic bodies within tens of thousands of light-years. The shockwave spread to over a few million light-years.

The girls and the rest of the opponents quickly fled.

Light flashed in Lin Ling's eyes. While looking at the battlefield, she was a little surprised. "Cosmic monarch state battle is too terrifying. We have no place to interfere at all."

Nangong Jing nodded. "Even the shockwave here is shocking."

And the beings from the Abyssal Race in the distance were looking foolishly at the aftermath of the chaos on the battlefield.

"How is that local this strong? Even Lord Aurora attacked."

"Is Lord Yorick no match for him?!"

Lu Ze and Aurora both fell back.

Lightning crackled on Lu Ze's hand.

Luckily, his right hand had turned elemental. Otherwise, his bones would have been decimated.

He glowed with green, white, and gray lights. Accordingly, his left hand quickly healed.

It took less than a second.

Aurora's face didn't look too good.

Her hands were trembling. There was lightning crackling around her. That destructive chi made her feel intense pain.

She panted as the power of darkness surged around her like crazy. They formed runes and gradually wiped away the lightning around her.

When she saw Lu Ze's left hand, she was shocked.

Why is this local strong like a monster!

At this moment, Yorick also came back to her.