Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1279: Ask For Reinforcements

Chapter 1279: Ask For Reinforcements

Chapter 1279: Ask For Reinforcements

Yorick and Aurora looked at Lu Ze in shock. Lu Ze grinned and flashed with all sorts of G.o.d art light.

Lightning and fire intertwined on the surface of his body as he disappeared from the spot. He charged at the two who hadn't completely recovered yet.

Yorick's voice was a bit hoa.r.s.e, and he let out a low growl. "d.a.m.n it!"

He moved his right hand that just recovered. The pain made him frown.

He placed the broken sword from his left hand to his right hand and burned with black smoke.

Aurora clutched her hammer tightly. Black runes emitted from her body as her power erupted like a volcano.

However, this caused more blood to seep out of her wounds.

The two charged towards Lu Ze again.


The two sides fought together, and their terrifying shockwaves rattled s.p.a.ce and warp dimension.

This time, Lu Ze was in his prime while the two were slightly weaker.

A few minutes later, Aurora fell back into the real s.p.a.ce.

She coughed. There was lightning and fire in her stomach.

Immediately, another painful growl could be heard.

Yorick also fell back.

Blood splashed along his trail.

Aurora's eyes flashed as she caught Yorick, wanting to stop him.

However, there was a powerful force on him. She fell back with him.

She spent quite some effort to stop the two.

Yorick's left hand was slinking softly. "I can still fight!"

Suddenly, two purple red green lights shot out from the warp dimension towards the two.

This extremely terrifying force made everything crumble in its path.

Aurora roared. "Run!"

The two dodged the attack, but Lu Ze appeared behind Aurora.

He swept a kick towards her back.

Aurora spat a mouthful of blood and was sent flying.

Yorick charged and wanted to stop Lu Ze who was chasing her.

The two fought together again.

The others watching this were dumbfounded.

"How is this possible?! Lord Yorick and Aurora are at a disadvantage!"

"What should we do?! Should we go and help??"

The four beings of the Abyssal Race were scared.

"Even Lord Yorick and Aurora are no match for him. What is the use of us going up?" another one said.

At this moment, a female from the Abyssal Race said, "Ask for reinforcements!"

A male from the Abyssal Race responded excitedly, "Yes! Return to the Demon Realm. They have communication devices. We can contact our race!"

At this moment, he looked at that skinny figure from the Demon Race.

His face was filled with a horrified expression and confusion.

Even a cosmic monarch state was no match?

The Human Race was that strong?!

The opponent from the Abyssal Race frowned and released his chi.

The skinny demon immediately shuddered. "Lords, what requests do you have?"

The man from the Abyssal Race said, "Take us back! You still have the communication device in your race, right? We need to ask for reinforcements!"

The skinny demon quickly nodded. "Yes, Lord, let's go back now!"

Only a more powerful cosmic monarch state could protect their race!

Meanwhile, Alice looked at Lu Ze in admiration. "Senior is the best! Even two cosmic monarch states are no match for him!"

Nangong Jing curled her lips and shook her fist, feeling unconvinced. She said, "If I'm a level-8 cosmic realm state, I can fight a cosmic monarch state too!"

Qiuyue Hesha curled her lips and glanced at Nangong Jing. "But you'll get beaten up."

At this moment, they looked at the people of the Abyssal and Demon Race who were leaving.

Nangong Jing frowned. "They're going to run?"

"We can't let them run!"

Lin Ling's body flashed with silver light. "Let's go over."

Just when the Abyssal Race and Demon Race headed off a little, Nangong Jing and the others appeared.

"Careful! That monster who is beating Lord Aurora and Yorick only started as a level-2 cosmic realm state!"

"Yes! Perhaps, they suppressed their cultivation level too!"

"They wouldn't all be cosmic monarch states, right?"

The Abyssal Race shuddered.

If these girls were cosmic monarch states, they wouldn't even have a chance to ask for reinforcements.

The girls were confused when they saw the Abyssal Race being this nervous.

"Why are they so nervous?"

"I don't know, are they very noob?"

"Whatever, beat them first!"

The group flashed with bronze light. Their chi all rose a level to level-3 cosmic realm state.

Lu Ze had taught them Undying Battle Intent during this time. They had reached beginner mastery.

" Their chi doesn't seem to be as strong as we imagined?"

"Is there only one of those monsters?"

An male abyssal snarled. "Kill!"

They charged at the girls.

Lu Li grinned.

Dark mist flowed and wrapped around everyone.

Immediately, they realized that they couldn't use their Darkness G.o.d Art and Divine Art.

"Darkness Domain?"

"Another Darkness Domain??"

Their chi weakened quite a bit.

A female abyssal said, "It's fine, I still have Ice G.o.d Art!"

The moment she used that, Nangong Jing grinned, and her Ice Domain covered everyone.

The female abyssal was confused.