Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1276: That Wasn't What You Said

Chapter 1276: That Wasn't What You Said

Chapter 1276: That Wasnt What You Said

Lu Ze felt his punch strike an indestructible metal. His fist was hurting.

After taking that punch, Yorick's face changed. His body fell back rapidly and pa.s.sed through a few layers of warp dimension before stopping at the blue one.

In that instant, a black light flashed around him as he shook off Lu Ze's fist and swept a kick at Lu Ze's waist.

That power made the blue warp dimension shatter like gla.s.s. The two penetrated this layer of the warp dimension and came to the purple-red layer.

Lu Ze lifted his leg and blocked the kick.


The warp dimension shattered once again, making them fall further in the layers of s.p.a.ce.


Lu Ze was burning with white spirit liquid while Yorick surged with black spirit force. The two clashed. Every instant, they clashed countless times. Time has lost meaning to them.

With every clash, multiple layers of warp dimension were broken. They flashed in the vibrant levels of warp dimension.

Their battle would sometimes return to normal s.p.a.ce.

Each time they clashed in s.p.a.ce, the surrounding tens of thousands of light-years would be destroyed.

Both s.p.a.ce and warp dimensions became extremely chaotic.

Their combat power chi was extremely terrifying. The beings in both cosmic realms were shaking with terror.

They watched that shattered s.p.a.ce in the distance and all the stars that were destroyed.

If their power spilledeven a mere dropit would be annihilation for them.

The battle lasted a few minutes.


The two clashed again and tore apart the yellow warp dimension. They appeared back in s.p.a.ce.

This time, they stood facing each other.

Lu Ze had some wounds. His eyes were swollen, and his lips were bleeding.

Meanwhile, Yoric was just sweating a little. There were no injuries on his body at all.

Yorick sneered. "Well! Well! You're just level-8 cosmic realm state, and you can fight with me to this level. The Abyssal Race does not have such a prodigy!"

Lu Ze grinned when he heard the words. "I don't need you to compliment me. I know I'm very strong."

Okay, he was quite surprised too.

If he could get level-7, level-8, or even peak cosmic realm state diamond crystal, would he be invincible?

Yorick sneered. "But this ends here. Now, I will show you what true power is!"

That dark rune on his forehead flashed as black mist surged in all directions.

He took a deep look at Lu Ze. "Although you have a s.p.a.ce Domain, you can't escape from my Darkness Domain suppression."

Lu Ze's expression was a little strange. "This is the real power that you are going to show me?"

As he spoke, he also surged with dark mist, and his Darkness Domain expanded, clas.h.i.+ng with Yorick's Darkness Domain.

Lu Ze's domain was being suppressed a little, but the difference wasn't huge.

Lu Ze smiled. "Look, I have true power too."

Everyone was stunned.

"Darkness Domain?!"

A cosmic realm state from the Abyssal Race stared at Lu Ze with envy. "How can you have Darkness Domain?!"

Even though they were prodigies of the Abyssal Race, it would be one in a few hundred million years to be able to learn the Darkness Domain in the cosmic realm state!

This was a greater shock to them than Lu Ze having a s.p.a.ce Domain.

They were the children of darkness!

Aurora's beautiful face was a little bit taken aback. "Impossible! Who are you?!"

Lu Ze grinned. "I'm just a local!"

"How can a local have such a power of Darkness G.o.d Art?!"

Yorick thought of something and said, "It's you! You must've created that phenomenon!"

The crowd soon realized.

Yorick and Aurora remembered Barret mentioning the cosmic monarch state chi.

It must be this guy, right?

Yorick continued to speak. "Such a prodigy is extremely rare even in the entire universe. It's no wonder you created such a powerful phenomenon."

Lu Ze nodded. "Oh, and then?"

"Naturally, we will take you back and sacrifice you to our Lord!"

Black armor and a sword appeared on him.

With this, Yorick's chi became even stronger, and his Darkness Domain was suppressing Lu Ze's domain.

Lu Ze glowed with green light, and his injuries instantly recovered.

"Life G.o.d Art?!"

They were stunned.

This local had Life G.o.d Art too? How did he cultivate?

At this moment, purple lightning flashed around him, and a vibrant purple armor appeared on him.

It crackled with lightning sparks.

Each bolt of lightning seemed to contain destructive chi, shattering the s.p.a.ce around him.

Lu Ze grinned. "So, we're going serious now, huh?"

He couldn't wait to test how strong he was at full power.

Lu Ze's chi soared again.

He looked at Lu Ze's armor in shock.

Even his Heart of Black Demon wasn't as strong as this armor!

His face sank.

He could feel that Lu Ze posed some threat to him.

"You think you can fight me using armor?"

He appeared before Lu Ze's head. His black sword was shrouded in black mist that turned into black flames.


The sword sliced at Lu Ze. Everywhere it pa.s.sed, s.p.a.ce crumbled. This sword proceeded to slice apart the surrounding few thousand light-years of s.p.a.ce.

The girls quickly retreated. Lin Ling brought them tens of thousands of light-years away.

Alice was a little worried. "Senior, will he be fine?"