Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1275: Cosmic Monarch? Just That?

Chapter 1275: Cosmic Monarch? Just That?

Chapter 1275: Cosmic Monarch? Just That?

Yorick grinned. "Since we found locals, then it would be easier."

He said coldly, "Speak, what was that phenomenon in your galaxy before?"

Lu Ze and the girls were stunned.

They weren't here for revenge?


They looked at the Demon Race on the side and realized.

So that's it!

The Advanced Demon Race contacted the Abyssal Race about the phenomenon?

They thought about how the Demon Prince was following behind the Abyssal Race at the Xavier Ancient Ruins.

They must have some contact.

They miscalculated.

Lu Ze and the girls felt more a.s.sured though.

As long as the incident at the war domain wasn't discovered, it would be fine. After all, reaching the battle list would catch the attention of cosmic lord civilizations.

This was too early for Lu Ze and the girls.

However, if it was just the Abyssal Race, they don't need to be scared.

Lu Ze and the girls grinned, and he hooked his fingers. "Come, catch me if you can. I'll tell you if you catch me."

The girls covered their faces speechlessly. They didn't know this guy.

Yorick's smile froze. Aurora and the others were dumbfounded.

Yorick's chi surged. "You're asking to die!"

He moved his right hand to grab at Lu Ze and the girls.

He didn't use much power, but as a cosmic monarch state, the vast spirit force formed a huge black hand reaching towards Lu Ze and the girls.

Terrifying spirit force surged, and the nearby stars were quaking.

The planets that were just a light-year away crumbled on the spot.

Lu Ze and the girls felt the huge pressure, being the center of the attack.

It was just a casual strike from a cosmic monarch state, and they felt a little powerless.

Their cultivation level was too low.

Lu Ze's eyes flashed.

In that case

Lu Ze's mental force reached into that level-6 cosmic realm state diamond crystal in his mental force dimension.

A vast spirit force erupted from Lu Ze's body. He felt that his cultivation level was rapidly climbing.

The terrifying power rattled s.p.a.ce. Even the giant black hand reached towards them slower.

Lu Ze clenched his fist, and white spirit flames circulated. Terrifying power surged.

He punched towards the giant black hand.


The milky-white spirit force swiped across s.p.a.ce and struck the giant black hand.

Spirit force waves ravaged the nearby few light years.

All cosmic bodies within this range turned to dust.

Countless powerful beings in the Elf and Demon Cosmic Realm looked up at the battle.

They could feel the spirit force shocks.

Zauns and the other elves who were on the way gasped. "It has begun"

"What?!" Seeing his giant hand being crushed, Yorick gasped.

Aurora was stunned. "How is that possible?!"

"Lord Yorick's attack was stopped??"

"It was just his casual attack, but this was the attack of a cosmic monarch state How was that possible?!"

The cosmic realm state beings from the Abyssal Race were dazed.

Even they couldn't stop this casual strike.

However, those locals stopped it?!

They thought about what Yorick said before, and their faces burned.

They looked at Lu Ze and the girls with envy, disbelief, and shock.

Lu Ze sighed.

This level-6 cosmic realm state power was indeed powerful.

But, he felt it wasn't enough.

After all, this was just a casual attack from a cosmic monarch state.

Let's test it again.

He looked at Yorick. "Cosmic monarch state? That's it? I can beat you with one hand. Do you believe me?"

Yorick's face was confused.

Then, his lips slowly rose as he snarled. "It seems that my casual attack gave you some sort of misunderstanding? Although I don't know how you hid your level-6 cosmic realm state power from me, you don't know at all how strong a cosmic monarch state is"

The extremely terrifying force was released with him being the center. Even the stars in the cosmos seemed to have dimmed.

The other cosmic realm states next to Yorick quickly retreated.

The demon was only a level-2 cosmic realm state, and he even coughed some blood.

He looked at Yorick with fear and then at Lu Ze and the girls with confusion. He didn't expect that the Human Race had people who could fight with a cosmic monarch state!

If the Human Race had such power, what business did the Advanced Demon Race have left?

Lu Ze felt the power of Yorick getting serious and raised a brow.

He said to the girls, "Retreat a little, I'll play with him."

The girls nodded.

They were strong, but they didn't have the diamond crystal to raise their cultivation level.

A bronze light rose around Lu Ze as a powerful battle intent soared. It formed a bronze light pillar and charged into the unknown.

A dim rune fused into Lu Ze's body.

A huge bronze figure above Lu Ze's head roared.

Lu Ze's chi instantly soared two more levels and reached level-8 cosmic realm state.

Lu Ze felt the spirit force in his body boil. The vast power seemed to have been stuck in his body, and he wanted to release it.

"Stronger again?" Yorick was in awe of Lu Ze's powerful chi.

"What monster is this?"

He increased his cultivation level twice, and both times, it was a huge increase.

"And his chi is on a completely different level from level-8 cosmic realm state"

Yorick and Aurora frowned. Aurora couldn't help but say, "Yorick, there's something not right about this local."

Yorick nodded. "He's too strong. Strong beyond reason."

Lu Ze instantly appeared before Yorick and punched towards his chest.

Even Yorick's face changed when he sensed the power from Lu Ze's fist.

He blocked Lu Ze's fist.


s.p.a.ce seemed to have shattered like gla.s.s as the distorted warp dimension appeared.

The power created from their battle was too terrifying.

Different layers of the warp dimension appeared at the same time, making the dark s.p.a.ce seem vibrant.

However, there was extreme danger contained in this vibrance.

Even Aurora frowned and retreated a little.

With that punch, the surrounding few light-years were enveloped in a black and white light ball. Everything inside was distorted.

Outside the orb, terrifying shockwaves spread. Everywhere it pa.s.sed, stars and planets shattered. The surrounding thousand light-years were destroyed. The shockwave charged over nearly 10,000 light-years.

Luckily, this was the border of the Demon and Elf Cosmic Realm. It was very barren.

Otherwise, a strike that could affect light-years was enough to kill countless lives.