Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1274: Milky Way Locals

Chapter 1274: Milky Way Locals

Chapter 1274: Milky Way Locals

Alicia fell silent for a moment before looking at Zauns. "What do you think we should do, Princ.i.p.al Zauns?"

Zauns shook his head. "You guys have underestimated cosmic monarch states. Looking at their chi, if they are really enemies of the Human Race, the entire Elf Cosmic Realm would be destroyed."

Alicia sighed. "Then, we can only hope that the power behind the Human Race can stop them."

The eyes of the other elders lit up.

"That's right, the Human Race has a cosmic monarch state behind them! Perhaps, it's not that bad!"

Lily told them that Lu Ze and the girls annihilated a peak cosmic realm state civilization. That was definitely something only a cosmic monarch state could do.

Hope lit up in everyone's eyes again.

Zauns slowly said, "Let's go over and see."

As those beings came closer to the Elf Cosmic Realm, their chi rattled the cosmos.

More and more people sensed their chi.

Their faces were pale.

Lu Ze and the girls frowned. "They are coming for the Milky Way Galaxy."

Lu Ze looked at Ying Ying. "Ying Ying, can you deal with them?"

Ying Ying nodded. "Yes, they're not strong."

Lu Ze and the girls breathed easy.

Alice smiled and said, "In that case, Ying Ying, you can attack. Don't let them get away"


Lu Ze suddenly had an interesting idea.

"Let's go together."

Nangong Jing and the rest were stunned.

"There are cosmic monarch states."

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. "I know."

"But don't you want to know how strong you are right now? This is a good opportunity. It's rare to get such a powerful opponent."


They were too strong right now, and it was hard to know their real combat power.

The beasts in the Pocket Hunting Dimension were different from beings in the real universe.

"Then, let's go over." Nangong Jing smiled. "My fists are itchy."

Lu Ze took them away.

Soon, Lily and Louisa who were in solitary cultivation felt that terrifying chi and suddenly opened their eyes.

They ran out of their rooms and couldn't find Lu Ze and the girls.

The Abyssal Race people didn't hide their chi at all. They kept releasing their power.

Yorick grinned. "I heard there's a powerful being there? Great! Let me see how powerful he is!"

Aurora was also very confident. Power of darkness surged around her.

Meanwhile, the rest of the people behind them looked at the two with admiration.

One Abyssal Race said, "How could someone else compare with Lord Yorick and Aurora?"

The Advanced Demon Race felt their chi and was trembling.

At this moment, the two cosmic monarch states sneered and looked in a direction.

There was nothing there. Not even planets existed.

At this moment, a silver light flashed. Lu Ze and the girls appeared.

The group stopped and looked at them.

"Who is it!?"

The two cosmic realm state beings from the Abyssal Race were shocked.

They only sensed their chi after they were close.

They were only level-2 cosmic realm states?

Their eyes became hideous.

Only level-2 cosmic realm states and they could get close without them noticing?

This was a huge insult!

Aurora and Yorick studied the two with some confusion.

Lu Ze and the girls were also studying them.

Good-looking features and black runes at the forehead. They were indeed the Abyssal Race.

It seems they were here for revenge.

Yorick grinned. "s.p.a.ce Domain?"

The others were bewildered. "What?"

A cosmic realm state from the Abyssal Race said in disbelief, "Lord Yorick, did you get it wrong? Domain? s.p.a.ce Domain as well?"

"How could there be such a level of G.o.d art in such a small place?"

Yorick smiled. "Oh? Then, you tell me, how did they come over?"

They were speechless for a while.

Seeing the silence of a few people, Yorick cast aside his lips and said, "You don't dare to admit the power of others? Has hubris clouded your eyes and judgment? If this continues, then you will not progress beyond the cosmic realm states."

The four shuddered and woke up.

"Thank you for teaching, Lord Yorick."

Indeed, they were too c.o.c.ky.

Seeing them like this, Aurora and Yorick smiled.

These four were the prodigies of the Abyssal Race. They took them out to train them, of course.

The universe was vast. Even cosmic lord civilization prodigies didn't dare to say they were invincible, much less the Abyssal Race was merely a cosmic monarch state civilization.

Lu Ze and the girls heard this. This man was indeed a cosmic monarch state.

The power of a race was not only shown through outside power but also their wisdom and education.

It was the fortune of a younger one to be taught by an older one like this.

The Abyssal Race looked at Lu Ze and the girls. "Who are you guys?"

Lu Ze slightly smiled. "Locals."

The Demon Race said, "Lord Yorick, these few are probably from the Human Race."

The Abyssal Race people were dazed. "Locals of Milky Way Galaxy?"

"Yes, Lord Aurora."

Were locals this amazing now?

These few looked very young and seemed very strong. That male also learned a domain while only being a level-2 cosmic realm state.