Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1273 - Will Of The Lord Of Darkness

Chapter 1273 - Will Of The Lord Of Darkness

Chapter 1273: Will Of The Lord Of Darkness

Yorick and Aurora walked through the deep dark corridors and reached a room.

Inside the room, the withered Abyssal Race opened his eyes.

I didnt expect to see you guys here again.

Yorick and Aurora saw the other lifeless Abyssal Races, and their faces changed slightly.

Yorick said slowly, Long time no see, Barret.

Barrets voice was hoa.r.s.e. Its been such a long time. I didnt expect that prodigy with some reputation to grow and reach the cosmic monarch state.

Yorick smiled. A hundred million years have pa.s.sed. The times are always changing. No one can resist the power of time forever.

Just like you He looked at Barret. Youre old, and your power is far from that of before.

Barret smiled calmly. Thats unavoidable.

Aurora on the side also blinked. She moved and glanced at the corpse nearby. Thats right, this is the will of the Lord of Darkness after all.

Barrets smile stiffened. Dont mention this useless stuff. You guys came because of the phenomena before, right?

Yorick nodded. Thats right, according to the description of your descendants, this is either a pinnacle universal prodigy or the emergence of an extremely rare treasure. We have to come to see.

This is also the will of the Lord of Darkness.

Aurora added, If we really do get something, you and the others get to return early.

Barrets mouth twitched. You two might be cosmic monarch states, but you still need to be careful. The chi that scared me before has probably reached the cosmic monarch state too.

Yorick was a little bit taken a back. In such a distant place, theres still a cosmic monarch state?

What? You dont believe me? Although my power is dissipating, my consciousness hasnt completely deteriorated, Barret said.

Aurora smiled.Being one of the dark monarchs under the Lord of Darkness, how can we not believe what you say?

Aurora grinned. Even though were all cosmic monarch states, are we weaker than this rat hiding in this distant region?

Barrets mouth twitched. Im just reminding you. What exactly happens is no longer my concern.

Aurora smiled and said, In that case, just wait here. Well deliver this gift to the Lord of Darkness. The two left the room.

Barrets thoughts went back a hundred million years ago. In the eternal dark shattered valley, that hideous roar

Licking his own wound alone

The tyranny and punishment of the Lord of Darkness.

The four high-level cosmic realm state beings from Abyssal Race stood outside chatting. Meanwhile, the Demon King stood on the side awkwardly and didnt talk.

He could sense the contempt from their eyes.

These Abyssal Races were extremely proud. The Demon King might be stronger than them by a little, but their bloodline was higher.

The Demon King knew what they were thinking. He wanted to ask them about Lucias situation, but by the looks of it, he wouldnt get a reply.

Instead, he would be laughed at.

At this moment, Yorick and Aurora came out.

Yorick glanced at the four high-level cosmic realm state beings from the Abyssal Race. Then, he looked at the Demon King and said, Lets go.

One cosmic realm state being from the Abyssal Race asked, Do we go over straight away?

Yorick nodded.

Hearing the words, the Demon King pulled out a smile, and said, In that case, Ill let the person who went to scout them last time lead the way.

Yorick nodded.

Planet Qiming.

Lu Ze and the girls were sitting on the couch. Ying Ying and Lu Li were playing combat games.

Ying Ying was very interested in seeing Nangong Jing, Lily, and Louisa play. Therefore, they played with her while they were resting.

Nangong Jing watched the two fight, and couldnt help but yell, Ying Ying, use combos! Up, up, down, down, left, left, right, right, BABA!

Lu Li complained, Sister Jing! You cant give reminders!

Ying Ying expressionlessly did so and cut Lu Lis role.

Ying Ying smiled a little.

Another one, she offered.

At this moment, her eyes widened. She looked in a direction.

Seeing Ying Yings movements, Lu Ze was taken aback and inquired, Ying Ying, what happened?

Ying Ying softly said, Someone is flying over. They seem to be coming towards the Milky Way.

Nangong Jing asked, Who?

Ying Ying shook her head. I dont know. Two cosmic monarch states and five cosmic realm states.


Hearing this, Lu Ze and the others were all dumbfounded and a little dazed. The atmosphere fell silent for a moment. After a while, Lu Zes mouth twitched. Two cosmic monarch states?!

Ying Ying nodded.

Lu Ze and the girls stared at each other. She would definitely not lie to them. However, they never expected that the monarch states would come over. Are they coming towards us? We dont seem to have offended the cosmic monarch states? Nangong Jing frowned.

At this moment, Ying Ying said, Their chi is very similar to those of a few Abyssal Race at the Xavier Ancient Ruins.

Did we leave behind any traces and they came to get revenge? Lin Ling frowned.

That was the only possibility.

At this moment, they also felt the powerful chi coming close.


The Elf Queen and the other elf cosmic realm states all looked in one direction.

The Elf Queen said, Such powerful chi, who is it? why are they so strong??

Zauns was shocked. Cosmic monarch state Two? Theyre heading to the Milky Way Galaxy?!

Theyre releasing their chi with control like that. They dont seem to have good intentions

A green-robed woman looked at Alicia. Your Majesty, what do we do?

This is beyond our capability. They are two cosmic monarch states!