Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1272 - Two Cosmic Monarch States

Chapter 1272 - Two Cosmic Monarch States

Chapter 1272: Two Cosmic Monarch States

The atmosphere at the banquet became a little strange after this announcement.

Quite some other races began to ponder what they should do.

In this eerie atmosphere, the banquet proceeded and ended.

In the following period, several races went to the elders, probably asking for protection.

After all, even the Elf Race had become a subordinate race of the Human Race.

However, Elder Nangong didnt agree.

These races were already relying on the Elf Race. They should keep it that way.

Elder Nangong only agreed to a few close races.

Lu Ze and the girls kept cultivating.

Twenty days later, Lu Ze finally broke through to level-2 cosmic realm state.

The girls broke through two days earlier than him.

After all, they used less energy to break through.

Lu Ze tested his combat power afterwards. Even a level-6 cosmic realm state was no match for him.

Therefore, they could hunt beasts of a higher level.

During this time, Lu Ze and the girls earned quite well from hunting. They got all sorts of domain G.o.d art orbs.

Darkness G.o.d Art, Death G.o.d Art, Life G.o.d Art, and so forth.

This sixth map seemed to have all sorts of beasts with G.o.d art. It was a large map with abundant resources.

They would even occasionally get the diamond crystal that increased their cultivation level.

However, this was rather rare.

As for summoning crystals, Lu Ze had a level-6 cosmic realm state ice bear summoning crystal and a level-5 cosmic realm state fire serpent with Fire Domain.

He had one level-6 cosmic realm state diamond crystal.

If his cultivation level reached level-6 cosmic realm state, how strong would his combat power be?

Lu Ze felt that if he used all his means, he might even be able to fight an ordinary cosmic monarch state?

Lu Ze had also completely learned his lightning dao rune shard. His Lightning G.o.d Art progressed greatly.

He could completely elementalize his right arm.

The girls also wanted to test their power. However, they couldnt spar in virtual reality as it couldnt process their power.

As for sparring in reality, they were worried about accidentally destroying the galaxy.

Another fortnight later, a black s.h.i.+p appeared in s.p.a.ce.

It headed towards the Demon Realm.

There were six Abyssal Race on board.

One handsome Abyssal Race sneered in contempt. Such spa.r.s.e power of darkness.

Another beautiful-looking Abyssal Race smiled. Yorick, its their place of exile. How can it compare with the abyss?

Thats right, Yorick said.

At this moment, one being from the Abyssal Race looked around and asked curiously, Lord Aurora, would there really be such a powerful phenomenon here? There doesnt seem to be a powerful civilization.

Another one nodded. Yeah, theres not even a cosmic monarch state civilization.

The woman named Aurora raised her eyebrows slightly. The descendants of the exiled wouldnt lie to us.

A cold light flashed in Yoricks eyes, and his smile was a bit hideous. If they dare to waste our time

The universe is vast, and there can be anything. Perhaps, its a prodigy without a power faction behind it or some treasure. Regardless, it belongs to the Abyssal Race, now.

The s.h.i.+p soon arrived at the Demon Realm.

The Advanced Demons border guard quickly notified the Demon King.

The Demon King got up from his throne right away. Theyre here?

Yes, Your Majesty!

The Demon King closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down.

Then, he opened his eyes. Notify the elders, lets go greet them!

At the Demon Realm Border, there was a s.p.a.ce fortress.

The Demon King and six elders who could come were standing at the s.p.a.ce station.

They looked at the descending s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p with some nervousness.

At this moment, the door opened, and a few handsome Abyssal Race beings walked out.

Seeing the Abyssal Race with the same origin come out, their hearts beat fast.

They looked at the six beings from the Abyssal Race. The four at the back were extremely strong.

They were a high-level cosmic realm state!

However, they couldnt sense the chi of the male and female at the front.

Thats why they were more shocked.

Cosmic monarch state!

Two cosmic monarch states!

They had just described the phenomenon from before, and two cosmic monarch states came?!

Were there that many cosmic monarch states in the Abyssal Race?!

The Demon King quickly walked up. Welcome, Masters. Youve had a tiring journey. Ive prepared a feast to welcome you.

Yorick shook his head. No need for a feast. This trip doesnt affect us.

He didnt feel that such a weak race could take out anything good to welcome them.

The Demon King saw contempt in the Abyssal Race. He felt awkward and angry.

However, he had to suppress all this.

He said awkwardly, My bad, with your power, this travel is indeed nothing.

Yorick thought of something and said, Take us to see them first.

The Demon King was dumbfounded and realized who they were. He quickly nodded. Please, follow me.

He glanced at the elders signaling them to leave.

Soon, they came to the abyss below the Demon Palace.

When they saw that eroded s.h.i.+p, Yorics and Auroras eyes flashed with complex feelings.

The four Abyssal Race beings behind them were curious.

At this moment, Yorick glanced at the four curious Abyssal Race behind him and said, You guys, stay here.

Then, Aurora and he walked forward.

The Demon King opened his mouth and was about to say something when he heard a hoa.r.s.e voice from inside the s.h.i.+p. Let them come in.

Yorick and Aurora walked in.