Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1271 - Announcement

Chapter 1271 - Announcement

Chapter 1271: Announcement

Your Majesty.

Lily and Louisa greeted the Elf Queen.

The Elf Queen nodded and then smiled at Lu Ze. Ze, thank you for taking care of them during this time.

Lu Ze shook his head. It was only right of us.

He looked curiously at everyone. Your Majesty, what are you guys doing?

Alicia spoke again about what they had discussed before.

Lu Ze and the girls were dazed.

Lu Ze was a bit embarra.s.sed. We just broke through to the cosmic realm state. Its no big deal. You dont need to be so troubled.

Everyone felt speechless.

Even Lin Yan and the other people of the Federation were speechless.

At this moment, three beams came to the s.p.a.ce station. It was Elder Nangong, Elder Lin, and Saint Lin Dong.

Elder Nangong smiled. Welcome, Your Majesty and friends. I apologize for not coming earlier to welcome you all.

The group exchanged formalities before Elder Nangong took them into the galaxy and brought them to Planet Earth.

Elder Nangong arranged the stays for the other races, and now, it was the Elf Race.

However, the Queen said that she had something to discuss. Elder Nangong was stunned and then nodded.

They led the Queen to the treehouses arranged for the Elf Race.

Lu Ze and the girls ran away now that they had no business here.

The only people there were the Queen, two elf elders, and the three human elders.

Only then did the elders realize that Lu Ze and the girls had escaped.

Even the Elf Queen was speechless. Lily and Louisa left with them.

Elder Nangong smiled. Your Majesty, what do you have to discuss with us?

Now that Lu Ze and the girls broke through to the cosmic realm state, the Human Race was considered a powerhouse in the Elf Cosmic Realm.

Originally, Elder Nangong didnt feel that they could help much as allies of the Elf Race. But now, it is different.

The Queen said slowly, Elder Nangong, the Elf Race hopes to become a subordinate race of the Human Race.


The three elders were stunned.


They thought they heard it wrong.

Elder Nangongs mouth twitched as he asked again. The Elf Race is going to become a subordinate race of the Human Race?

This relations.h.i.+p was different from protecting the weaker races in the same cosmic realm. It was closer.

The Elf Queen nodded. Yes, Elder Nangong, you didnt hear it wrong.

The three elders were dumbfounded. They wouldve never imagined the queen discussing this with them.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze and the girls went back to sit on the couch. Nangong Jing said, I didnt expect so many beings to come to celebrate for us breaking through to the cosmic realm state.

Lilys eyes flashed. The Queen probably has other matters coming over.

Other matters?

Lu Ze and the girls were taken aback.

Lily smiled. Youll know later.

Nangong Jing was annoyed and kept playing games.

In the next few days, Lu Ze and the girls returned to their normal schedule.

When they were free, they would also go find Mirium, Man Kun, and the others.

They were gathered at a Szechuan Restaurant on Earth.

Yi Lei opened his mouth and said, Its only been a year, and you guys are cosmic realm states now.

Cagel nodded. Yeah, at the start, your cultivation level wasnt even as high as ours. I really dont know how you guys cultivate.

Fred and Mirium nodded too.

Lu Ze giggled. We just cultivated and broke through. What can we do?

Yi Lei looked envious. Break through to the cosmic monarch state next year then. Lets see it!

Cagel nodded. Yes! If you cant even break through to the cosmic monarch state in a year, whats there to show off about?!

Lu Ze was speechless.

He really wondered what they would be like a year later.

However, Lu Ze felt it was better to be more humble now. He sighed. Cosmic monarch state next year? Thats not human. If someone can do that, he must be a handsome and unparalleled prodigy.

The girls tried to hold in their laughter.

This is what Fred thought of and said, By the way, our race leader seems to be discussing something with your elders?

My race leader too.

What happened?

Well, if anything did happen, the elders would tell them.

The Elf Queen and the rest came to celebrate for Lu Ze and the girls. Therefore, a banquet was naturally held.

Like last time, a bunch of visitors came.

They also gave quite some gifts.

Although the Human Race no longer lacked resources after the Xavier Ancient Ruins, they still took it.

After everyone sat down, Lu Ze and Ying Ying already snuck quite some food.

At this moment, Elder Nangong stood up and said slowly, Everyone, I have something to announce here.

Lu Ze and the girls looked at Elder Nangong curiously. They felt he was quite busy during this time.

The Human Race was very powerful now. Everyone fell quiet as soon as Elder Nangong spoke.

Elder Nangong smiled. After these few days of negotiations, the Elf Race, Golden Spear Race, and will become a subordinate race of the Human Race. From now on, they will follow the Human Race, and the Human Race will provide protection for them, ensuring their development.


The scene fell silent.

All the races here were in disbelief.

Lu Ze almost spat his drink out.

The Elf Race was going to become a subordinate race of the Human Race?!

He looked at Alicia. She had a calm face.

Nangong Jing and the rest were also stunned. Only Ying Ying snuck more food while everyone wasnt looking.

Lu Ze looked at Lily and Louisa. They werent surprised either.

Alicia got up. From now on, the Elf Race will become a subordinate race of the Human Race. We will follow the lead of the Human Race and solve their problems

The other races also did the same.