Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1259 - Injured Single

Chapter 1259 - Injured Single

Chapter 1259: Injured Single

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The elders gasped.

They had lived for two thousand years and had been out of the Milky Way for several years in the past.

They weren’t strong, but they had seen some things.

Naturally, they had heard about the domain.

That was something a super powerful being could only awaken after achieving an extremely deep mastery of G.o.d art.

Yet, this thing could allow them to learn a domain?

That was too shocking?!

Augustus, who already had Ice G.o.d Art, was immersed in learning this vast Ice G.o.d Art.

Elder Nangong thought of something and said, “By the way, Ze, since this is so good, you guys can use it first. Place it here later.”

Lu Ze waved his hand. “We’ve already learned the Ice Domain. There’s no use for it now.”

The elders were dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say.

Lu Ze looked around and frowned. “There’s another fire crystal, but it can’t fit in there anymore.”

This thing was more powerful than Lu Ze had imagined. This small dimension could only contain one crystal.

Even though Lu Ze and Lin Ling had a s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art Domain, they wouldn’t be able to stabilize this alternate dimension.

“There’s another one?”

Lu Ze nodded.

He smiled. “How about we place it on Planet Shenwu? Elders, what do you think? That way, the Shenwu Army can learn it straight away instead of returning to Planet Jinyao.”

Elder Nangong nodded. “You can make that decision.”

“Then, let’s go to Planet Shenwu.” Lu Ze smiled.

Lu Ze brought everyone to Planet Shenwu.

As soon as they appeared, a few beams flew over.

It was Nangong Lin, Zuoqiu Xunshuang, and Liu Zhiyun.

Nangong Lin and Zuoqiu Xunshuang were holding hands and smiling sweetly. Liu Zhiyun had a lifeless look.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang grinned. “Jing Jing, Ze, why are you guys here?”

Nangong Jing smiled. “Did I disturb your time together?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang glanced at Nangong Jing. “Why did you come then?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched awkwardly. He then said, “Aunty Xunshuang, we’re planning to build a cultivation dimension here.”

The three of them were stunned.

Lu Ze smiled and said, “You will soon know.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling chose to open a dimension underground under the Shenwu Army Head Command.

They spent just over a day building an alternate dimension that resembled the one on Planet Jinyao.

Liu Zhiyun couldn’t help but ask, “Elders, what is Ze doing?”

Red Flame Saint smiled. “Just watch.”

He patted Liu Zhiyun’s shoulder. “You have Fire G.o.d Art, right? You’re in luck.”

Lu Ze mentioned it was a fire crystal before.

Liu Zhiyun couldn’t react properly.

Once the dimension was created, Lu Ze went to the very depth and took out that fire crystal.


A terrifying fire wave immediately surged out. It didn’t destroy the s.p.a.ce like the frost flow last time. It spread to the border of the dimension.

The elders stopped talking when they sensed this fire wave.

Red Flame Saint looked excited. “This vast Fire G.o.d Art. It’s powerful indeed!”

Liu Zhiyun was dazed, and then, the flames burned around his body.

“This… is such a dense Fire G.o.d Art knowledge! What is this??”

Despite being at the very border, the power of the sea of fire had reached the planetary state.

At this moment, Lu Ze appeared. “Okay, it’s done.”

Seeing Lu Ze appear, Zuoqiu Xunshuang glared at him. “Kid, what is this?”

Lu Ze smiled and answered, “I said it before, didn’t I? Cultivation dimension. You can learn Fire G.o.d Art here. The closer you get to the core, the stronger it is. At the very depth, you can learn the domain.”

Liu Zhiyun exclaimed, “Domain?!”

He had Fire G.o.d Art already.

Lu Ze smiled and nodded.

Liu Zhiyun suddenly shouted, “Okay, starting from now on, I’m going into solitary cultivation here!”

These two were just showing affection publicly all the time.

Red Flame Saint also smiled. “Me too.”

He was all too excited when the other elders told him his essence could be repaired.

Now that there was such a powerful cultivation ground, he felt that he would be able to catch up to his pals very soon.

Elder Nangong smiled. “This is a sacred ground for learning Fire G.o.d Art. Shenwu Army soldiers who have great military contributions can come in here and learn.”

“By the way, there’s an Ice G.o.d Art ground like this on Planet Jinyao. It can be another option too.”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang nodded. “Elder, I understand!”

With such a powerful cultivation realm, the beings with powerful G.o.d arts in the Shenwu Army would be greatly empowered.

This place was a sacred cultivation ground.

Even the Elf Race didn’t have such a place, right?

Lu Ze and the girls then returned to Planet Jinyao.

Lu Ze placed that revival gray pillar into Elder Nangong’s shack.

This was the safest place in the Federation.

Hearing that the pillar could allow Lu Ze and the girls to revive, the elders nodded seriously as they promised to guard this pillar.

Then, Lu Ze gave out some of the red and purple liquids they had gathered during this time to the elders. With those, they would have enough cultivation resources.

Now, they were planning to break through to the cosmic realm state.

However, they planned to visit the Elf Cosmic Realm to bring Luo Bingqing and the others back first.