Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1260 - Pride Of The Elf Race

Chapter 1260 - Pride Of The Elf Race

Chapter 1260: Pride Of The Elf Race

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With more resources in the race now, there was no need for humans to stay in the Elf Race.

Plus, they were consuming the resources of the Elf Race there.

And, Lu Ze and the girls were about to break through. The phenomenon was a very valuable experience.

Elf Divine Realm Palace.

Lily, Louisa, and a few other cosmic realm state elders, as well as Alicia, were sitting there.

Alicia looked at Lily and Louisa. “Lily, Louisa, I didn’t expect you two to bring back this many resources this time.”

The elders nodded. “Yes, Princess. There are so many cosmic cloud state spirit fruits. If used well, our race would have a few more cosmic realm states.”

Afterwards, Lily spoke. “This is all thanks to Ze and the girls. Otherwise, we can’t get this many resources.”

“Lu Ze?”

Alicia and others were taken aback when they heard Lily’s words. “What happened?”

They thought Lily was just very lucky this time.

Lily recounted what had happened at the Xavier Ancient Ruins.

“What? He killed a blood stone being?! It seems to be a cosmic monarch state?!”

“They entered the war leaderboard? Lu Ze even took first place?!”

“There might be a cosmic monarch state behind Lu Ze or even a cosmic lord? They destroyed a peak cosmic realm state civilization?!”

They completely didn’t dare to believe that Lu Ze was this powerful!

Even if a cosmic monarch state was suppressed into a peak cosmic cloud state, he wasn’t someone like an ordinary cosmic realm state could beat?

Lu Ze still killed them?!

They also knew of the war leaderboard, of course.

Yet, Lu Ze and the girls all went up there and were in the top 1000.

Lu Ze was number one!

This was too absurd.

Alicia couldn’t help but say, “Lily… is what you said, true?”

Lily smiled bitterly. “I wouldn’t dare to lie about such a thing.”

Alicia and the girls fell into silence.

An elder asked, “Lu Ze… he really reached first, and then, his name disappeared?”

Lily nodded.

After being silent, Alicia looked at Louisa and Lily solemnly. “Don’t spread the incident about the war leaderboard! The matter is too important. If we’re not careful, the entire Elf Race might be destroyed!”

After all, the war leaderboard concerned cosmic lord civilization and potential future cosmic lord prodigies.

Moreover, that Gus Race was annihilated by the boss behind Lu Ze and the girls.

A peak cosmic realm state civilization was so easily destroyed…

They were shaking.

The hidden power of the Human Race was too terrifying!

Alicia nodded.

Of course, she wouldn’t spread this. Everyone here was an Elf Race leader.

After the atmosphere fell silent, Alicia slowly said, “It seems, we need to strengthen our ties with the Human Race again.”

The elders’ eyes flashed. “Perhaps, we’re witnessing the rise of a cosmic lord civilization…”

“If we can grab this opportunity, the Elf Race can also become stronger because of this, right?”

Such opportunities were too rare in the universe.

The Elf Queen and elders looked at each other and seemed to be contemplating.

The atmosphere fell silent, and the Elf Queen slowly spoke. “What do you think of the Human Race?”

The elders said, “They take care of their allies very well.”

They knew that although the Human Race has risen, they had never stopped helping the Barbarian, Winged, and Round Race.

Their powers were also rising rapidly.

However, they still needed some time to build up before reaching the cosmic cloud state.

After the atmosphere fell silent, the Elf Queen slowly said, “I think… I want the Elf Race to become a subordinate race of the Human Race. What do you all think?”

Hearing this, the palace went silent.

Everyone was shocked.

The Elf Race was a cosmic realm state civilization after all, and the Human Race was just a cosmic cloud state civilization right now.

Even Lu Ze and the girls hadn’t become a cosmic realm state yet.

A cosmic realm state civilization becoming the subordinate race of a cosmic cloud state civilization…

They had never even heard of such a thing before.

The elders didn’t know what to say.

“I know, we’re a cosmic realm state civilization, and if we become the subordinate race of a cosmic cloud state civilization, we would feel bad. But let’s not talk about the power behind Lu Ze yet. Let’s just talk about Lu Ze and the girls.”

“According to Lily and Louisa, Lu Ze and the girls are peak cosmic cloud states now. Just think about how long they had been cosmic cloud states. In a few years, they would be able to break through to the cosmic realm state, right? By then, their combat power would be on par with the Elf Race.”

“Lu Ze and the girls had all reached the war leaderboard. Their ranking is far ahead. If they don’t die in the future, they will definitely become cosmic lords. They wouldn’t be weak amongst cosmic lords too.”

“As long as Lu Ze and the girls exist, the Human Race would rise as fast as possible. If the Elf Race can join this s.h.i.+p…”

The elders were speechless.

They were at a loss for words. They couldn’t even argue back.

The Elf Race had their pride. If they did that, wouldn’t they be too humble?

Lily and Louisa were speechless too, but after being with Lu Ze and the girls for so long, they even began to admire Lu Ze a little.

He was too strong!

With his personality, he would definitely not mistreat the Elf Race if they became a subordinate race.

However, they didn’t dare to speak this in such an atmosphere.

At this moment, a green beam flew into the palace.

The female elf kneeled and said, “Your Majesty, Lu Ze and the girls are here.”