Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1258 - : Build A Cultivation Sacred Ground

Chapter 1258 - : Build A Cultivation Sacred Ground

Chapter 1258: Build A Cultivation Sacred Ground

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“Gasp…” Elder Nangong’s mental force swept over the first storage ring, and his expression immediately changed.





The other four elders were also shocked.

“Cosmic realm state armor!”

“Is this… a spirit gathering stone? There’s that many? There’s even a medium-grade spirit gathering stone?!”

“Medium-grade dao enlightenment stone?! There’s that many of these here?”

“Cosmic cloud state spirit fruit, that many?!”

The elders soon glanced across all the things in the storage ring.

The more they looked, the more shocked they were.

There were too many things!

They were all extremely precious too!

Most of them were cosmic cloud states, but there were quite some cosmic realm state things. There were only a few cosmic system state resources.

If the Human Race could digest all these treasures, what level would they reach?

They had only seen a small portion, and they were this shocked.

“I wonder if these things can be compared with all the resources of the Elf Race?”

They didn’t know how many resources a cosmic realm state civilization would have, but a cosmic cloud state civilization definitely wouldn’t have this much.

Red Flame Saint smiled bitterly.

“We had been out searching for treasures all these years, but we didn’t even seem to find a small percentage of this stuff…”

Red Flame almost cried.

Xu Bingbai patted Red Flame Saint’s shoulder. “Old Yu, be more confident. Forget that likelihood.”


Lu Ze reminded, “Elders, there are still so much more here. Aren’t you going to take a look?”

Lu Ze took back many things. He had to show off.

Elder Nangong and the rest were speechless.

This little kid was very bad.

Elder Nangong rolled his eyes. “The things we have looked at alone are more than enough. We can talk about the rest in the future.”

Elder Nangong had decided not to give Lu Ze a chance to keep acting cool!


Lu Ze felt disappointed, but at this moment, he thought of something.

“Elders, by the way, I have something I forgot to take out.”

Elder Nangong looked at Lu Ze vigilantly. “What are you planning to take out this time? You can keep it for now. Just the things here are more than enough.”

“Yeah!” The other elders nodded.

Nangong Jing smiled. “Grandpa, Ze is going to take out something very important. You guys should take it. It will be very meaningful to the Human Race.”

Alice nodded too.

Elder Nangong said, “Okay, what is it?”

Lu Ze said, “Elder, haven’t you guys been opening that alternate dimension? Should I take it out there?”

Lu Ze wanted to take out that ice crystal and fire crystal from the overlord hives.

If these two things were taken out in normal s.p.a.ce, it would affect the environment too much.

The elders became even more suspicious.

The things he took out before were already terrifying enough.

Was there even more?

Afterwards, Elder Nangong spoke. “Come then.”

He led them to the entrance of that alternate dimension.

They came inside and found that the dimension was rather vast.

It was even much larger than the Milky Way.

The elders had been using the energy liquid Lu Ze gave them, and their cultivation level was at high-level cosmic cloud state now. They would soon be able to break through to the cosmic realm state.

The elders smiled. “During this period, we have been working on this alternate dimension. There are finally some results.”

Lu Ze nodded and said with a smile, “The elders are impressive indeed.”

Xu Bingbai grinned and said, “Okay, no need to flatter us. Take out what you wanted to show us!”

Lu Ze nodded. “Then, I’ll go inside. Elders, you can stay in here and look.”

The ice and fire crystals were domain-level G.o.d art. If the elders were too close, they would die on the spot.

At this moment, Lu Ze went to the depth of this alternate dimension.

Then, he took out a fist-sized blue crystal.

Immediately, an immense frost flow surged.

Everything the flow pa.s.sed by was frozen. Even s.p.a.ce was cracking.

The s.p.a.ce barrier of the alternate dimension was cracking!

Looking at this, Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

This was absurd!

Luckily, he didn’t take it out before.

Otherwise, the Milky Way would have been destroyed.

Far away, the elders felt a chilling cold.

Their faces went pale.

“What is going on?!”

They were shaking.

They were cosmic cloud states, but they were shaking from the cold?!

The source of the frost flow was that far away from them.

Elder Lin exclaimed, “Look at the s.p.a.ce barrier!”

“Is Ze trying to destroy it?!” Even the cold Augustus exclaimed.

“What thing did that kid take out?!”

They finally realized why Lu Ze didn’t take it out now and went to the very depth.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s voice sounded. “Lin Ling, enforce the s.p.a.ce!”

Lin Ling quickly did so and repaired the crumbling s.p.a.ce barrier with her s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art.

Lu Ze was also doing the same in the depth of the dimension.

Lu Ze was shocked too. He thought this s.p.a.ce was large enough.

Ordinary cosmic system states would be frozen to ice as soon as they reached the area.

He had to expand this by at least ten times, and only then could the cosmic system state handle the very outskirts of frost flow.

By then, planetary state prodigies could come in to learn Ice G.o.d Art.

Therefore, Lu Ze and the girls worked on expanding this dimension.

After a day, they finally expanded this dimension by ten times.

Seeing Lu Ze and the girls do this in a day, the elders didn’t want to talk.

Lu Ze placed the ice crystal at the very depth and nodded happily.

He moved to the gate.

Elder Nangong looked inside and asked, “Ze, what is that thing?”

Lu Ze heard the words and smiled at Old Nangong. “That thing can release Ice G.o.d Art. This place can be considered a cultivation sacred ground now.. We can let the prodigies of the Federation come to learn the Ice G.o.d Art here. If they can enter the very depth, they can even learn the Ice G.o.d Art Domain!”