Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1253 - Treat You

Chapter 1253 - Treat You

Chapter 1253: Treat You

The group flew near the cliff for quite a while and finally found a location without many powerful chi.

They stealthed their chi and went up carefully.

Soon, they came to the upper part.

It was a grey plain.

It was boundless and drifted with the smell of erosion.

Lu Ze and them frowned “We seem to have seen this area at the portal.”

Lu Ze “There seems to be a lot of bones in this region.”

In the Pocket Hunting Dimension, the beasts dying would turn into ashes. However, there were white bones here.

“Lets’ go in and see.”

The group flew inside.

Soon, they found three beasts.

They were like wild boars. They were dark grey and shrouded in death chi. Their chi was very powerful.

One of them was cosmic realm state level 2 and the other two were cosmic realm state level 1.

“Can we beat them?” Qiuyue Hesha asked gently.

Lu Ze looked at the boar and said “Let’s try. I’ll take on the cosmic realm state level 2 and you guys deal with the cosmic realm state level 1.”

As long as these beasts hadn’t formed domain, Lu Ze felt he could beat them.

If they did have domains, Lu Ze and them could still run away.


Spirit force suddenly shot up around Lu Ze as purple golden lightning surged out of his body.

He used his lightning G.o.d art domain instantly.

The three boars suddenly looked up.

They roared as they charged over.

Their bodies were over ten meters tall and every step they took created a ditch on the ground.

At the same time, there were eerie death chi surrounding them.

Lu Ze “Attack!”

He stomped the ground but only a small ditch appeared.

Lu Ze’s full power could only create such a dent on the ground. One could see that the ground here was much st.u.r.dier than the desert.

The girls also charged up wearing their overlord sets and using their domains.

When Lu Ze got close to the boar, that eerie grey mist reached towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze could hear eerie wails in his mind but they disappeared in a second. The grey chi melted in the air after touching Lu Ze’s lightning G.o.d art domain.

Lu Ze grinned.

Their G.o.d art power wasn’t very high. It hadn’t reached domain level yet.

In that case, Lu Ze wasn’t worried.

Lu Ze didn’t have this type of eerie G.o.d art domain so he couldn’t completely suppress it but the difference between their G.o.d art mastery was too great.

He formed a little lightning ball and slapped it towards the boar.


The lightning ball clashed with the grey mist.

The clash only lasted an instant and the grey mist was blasted apart. The remaining power of the lightning ball struck the wild boar’s head.

The wild boar fell back.


In the air, the grey chi around the boar surged and it stopped falling back. Then, it landed heavily on the ground and created a small ditch.

There were entwined woudns on its head as blood seeped out.

The boar’s body was clearly not weak. It wasn’t even heavily injured yet.

seeing this, Lu Ze had a grasp.

This guy’s cultivation level was cosmic realm state level 2 but its combat power was about cosmic realm state level 4. It was about the same as the overlord beasts on the desert map.

However, its body was stronger than the overlords.

It posed no threat to Lu Ze.

At this moment, the boar suddenly got up and whined.

Grey mist surged and soon entered the ground.

With this, a black boned boar crawled out of the earth.

Seeing this, Lu Ze dazed.

Lich boar?

That grey mist must be death G.o.d art?


Lu Ze suddenly saw all the giant bones here. Were they all the undead?

This map wasn’t too safe.


The two boars charged over. both of them surged with the power of death.

Their power was the same.

Lu Ze frowned.

This was annoying.

Suddenly, he thought of something.

Death G.o.d art…?

He seemed to have life G.o.d art?

Life healing divine art.

Lu Ze’s hand surged with green light and he used it on that black boned pig.

Then, that black boned pig seemed to be covered in extremely high temperature. It’s body rattled vigorously as those st.u.r.dy black bones turned into black smoke.

Soon, the entire pig disappeared.

Lu Ze grinned.

This was more effective than he had imagined!

At this moment, the other pig gasped and wanted to run.

Lu Ze grinned. I’ll heal you too!

Lu Ze did the same.

A hideous howl came from the pig as blood surged out.

The grey pig fell to the ground and died.

As for the girls, Nangong Jing was the first to use life G.o.d art domain as she had the giant tree set.

As soon as her domain touched the two boars, they seemed to have been dealt a heavy blow and quickly retreat.


“What’s going on?”

“Could it be…”

Nangong Jing used the healing divine art on one pig.

Her life G.o.d art was even stronger than Lu Ze due to the buff of the giant tree set. The pig instantly turned to dust.