Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1252 - You Are That Sort Of Person

Chapter 1252 - You Are That Sort Of Person

Chapter 1252: You Are That Sort Of Person

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“…But, the scene inside the portal…”

Qiuyue Hesha frowned.

On the other maps, there was just one region, but on the sixth one, there were so many.

Lu Ze and the girls noticed this too.

“This is like a fusion of many maps,” Lu Li said.

“The beasts inside are probably very strong.”

In the view, there was a huge beast. It was standing on the ground, and its sharp claws pressed on the top of an extremely tall mountain.

That mountain cracked under its power and crumbled.

Some enormous beasts were fighting, depicting a scene that seemed like doomsday. There were also two clans of beasts clas.h.i.+ng with each other.

There was a problem with this map.

Alice blinked and said, “Senior, are we going inside now?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “Let’s learn the Fire G.o.d Art Domain first.”

The girls nodded and went into the desert map portal.

Lu Ze and the girls were sitting around the fire crystal.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes.

He finally mastered the Fire G.o.d Art Domain in this crystal.

He stretched his back.

This time, Lu Ze had no sense of how long he had been sitting down learning, but it was probably very strong.

After all, without the purple liquid, blue crystal, and blue dew, Lu Ze’s learning capability was still powerful but not too much.

He still needed some time to learn domain-level Fire G.o.d Art.

This was also because Lu Ze had Fire G.o.d Art that wasn’t too weak. His learning capability was constantly getting empowered by the purple liquid and orbs.

Otherwise, he would take even longer.

Lu Ze looked at the girls and flew out of the fire sea.

At this moment, a deep blue beam shot over and stopped before Lu Ze. It was Alice.

Alice didn’t learn the Fire G.o.d Art with them as she awakened her source flame.

She giggled and looked at Lu Ze. “Senior, you finished learning?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Yeah, what have you been doing in the desert?”

When Alice heard the words, she smiled brightly and said, “I’ve been hunting alone and collecting spirit liquids.”

Lu Ze thought of something and grinned. “Let’s go. I’ll take you around the previous few maps. There are many good scenes.”

Alice’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

Lu Ze nodded.

Lu Ze took her hand, and the two disappeared from the spot.

The two went around for a long time and went through all the other beautiful sceneries.

Alice felt very great.

Although she was happy with the sisters, it was good to spend time alone with Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was also very happy seeing Alice happy. She had her bright angelic smile again.

At this moment, they were at the gra.s.s plains. Alice grabbed the ear of a super rabbit and brought it up.


The super rabbit didn’t even dare to move.


Alice said regretfully, “Too bad, we can’t eat here. This rabbit is so fat. It can definitely be used to cook great spirit food.”

Lu Ze nodded.

At this moment, they sensed the other girls waking up.

Alice looked at Lu Ze. “Senior, what’s wrong?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Your Sister Jing and the others had finished learning.”

Alice dropped the super rabbit on the ground gently and smiled. “Let’s go back.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Lu Ze and Alice returned to the flame sea.

Qiuyue Hesha narrowed her eyes and smiled at the embarra.s.sed Alice. “Little Brother Lu Ze, what did you do to Alice? Look at how shy she is.”

Lu Ze coughed and rolled his eyes. “We just went out for a walk. Next time, I’ll take you guys too.”

Qiuyue Hesha licked her lips and smiled. “Sure.”

Lu Ze was speechless.

She was really a seductive fox demon!

Nangong Jing said with a grin, “We’ve all finished learning Fire G.o.d Art. Let’s hurry and go to the sixth map then?”

She was the keenest to face the new powerful beasts.

Lu Ze and the girls were speechless.

If they went into the new map, they would be dying in new ways.

Lu Ze took the fire crystal. “Let’s go.”

They were going to die sooner, or later.

On the way, Lu Li peeked at Lu Ze’s back and asked Alice. “Did you two do anything strange?”

Alice was dazed. “What strange thing?”

Lu Li blushed. “That type, that very special thing.”

Alice thought about it and said, “We went to scare the golden giant ape? We took their golden fruit wine in front of their faces, and they cried.”

Usually, Nangong Jing did this, but she got to try it too.

Now, she realized how fun it was to bully the golden apes!

Lu Li was speechless. “Not that, something more special!”

“There’s something more special?”

Alice’s eyes lit up. “Senior and I caught a giant rabbit at the gra.s.sy plains, but we couldn’t eat it. What a pity.”

Lu Li didn’t feel too good.

The others heard this too and threw her deep glances.

At this moment, Lu Li saw the cunningness in Alice’s eyes and said, “Oh wow, Alice! You were playing with me!”

“Hahaha… I’m sorry Li. Stop, Li…”

The group reached the cliff as they played.

Lu Ze said, “Let’s find a region with weaker chi and go up.”