Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1254 - One Month Later, Pitiful Life

Chapter 1254 - One Month Later, Pitiful Life

Chapter 1254: One Month Later, Pitiful Life

Just when Nangong Jing was being proud of herself, the other gray pig was planning to sneak away.

At this moment, another Life Healing Divine Art formed on her hand and instantly wrapped the gray pig.

This gray pig also turned to dust.

The other girls realized that the gray pig was countered by Life G.o.d Art.

“These two pigs have Death G.o.d Art?” Qiuyue Hesha asked.

“Probably.” Lu Ze flew over.

Lu Li grinned too.

She and Nangong Jing both had a Life G.o.d Art Domain.

This map was friendly to her as well.

Although the other girls had Life G.o.d Art too, it hadn’t reached domain level yet.

“Let’s check out the drops,” Lu Ze said.

There was the most basic red liquid, but the cosmic realm state red liquid was very dense.

Each pig dropped five red and five purple liquids.

There was also a G.o.d art orb. There was gray mist inside.

This was probably a death G.o.d art orb.

However, not all of them dropped it. Only that level-2 cosmic realm state did.

There was nothing else.

Lu Ze picked up the things, and Nangong Jing curled her lips, somewhat dissatisfied. “There are a few drops that fell.”

Alice grinned. “They’re weak after all.”

Cosmic realm state beasts were rather strong, but they were at the bottom of the pyramid on this map.

Lu Ze smiled. “This map is quite suitable for us. Let’s keep searching for prey. Perhaps, we can find a stronger death beast to kill.”

The girls nodded.

They didn’t expect that domain-level Life G.o.d Art had such a powerful counter effect to death G.o.d art.

In that case, hunting would be too convenient.

They concealed their chi and continued to move.

In the barren region, all the beasts seemed to have death G.o.d art. They were tightly cl.u.s.tered too.

Some beasts were alive, and some were rotten undead. Some only had bones left.

The rotten ones looked too ugly.

However, their powers were the same.

Lu Ze and the girls tested level-1, level-2, and level-3 cosmic realm state beasts. Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, and Lu Li could use Domain Life G.o.d Art and Divine Art to kill them.

They couldn’t do that for level-4 cosmic realm states as their bodies and spirit force power reached an absurd level. It was level-6 and near level-7 cosmic realm states.

They could only run facing such bosses.

If they didn’t have Domain Life G.o.d Art, they wouldn’t even be able to beat level-3 cosmic realm state beasts.

They were very lucky and just the first day, they had acquired a lot of loot.

They had killed nearly ten beasts!

However, the undead summoned by the death beasts didn’t count as beasts, so they had no drops.

A few hours later, Lu Ze and the girls were secretly looking at four black goat-like beasts. They had sharp claws. Two of them were level-2 cosmic realm states and two were level-1 cosmic realm states. They were perfect for them.

However, level-5 and below cosmic realm state beasts could be seen everywhere on this map. Most beasts were too strong, so there weren’t many beasts suitable for them to hunt.

“Let’s go.”

Just as they were about to go up, the sky suddenly dimmed.

“Why is the sky dark?”

They looked up and saw a huge white bone claw rapidly descending.


It smashed into the ground, and terrifying cracks appeared.

It was a bone tiger that was tens of thousands of meters long. It lifted its claw and felt the life of those disgusting insects disappear.

It roared.

How dare the beasts with Life G.o.d Art slaughter his subordinates in his domain. This was unforgivable!

Lu Ze and the girls woke up.

Lu Li took a deep breath. “… I didn’t expect to encounter such a powerful beast!”

Alice wrinkled her small face in pain. “Yeah, it should be a death beast, right?”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded.

That huge bone claw looks like a death beast.”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded.

Lu Ze couldn’t figure it out. “We’re clearly so weak. Why did such a powerful boss attack us?”

“Who knows? Perhaps, we are annoying?”

The group felt very innocent.

Soon, the pain dissipated and Lu Ze said, “Okay, divide things, cultivate.”

Right now, the primary goal of Lu Li, Lin Ling, and Alice was to bring up their cultivation level.

Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha didn’t dare to cultivate.

They could learn the Death G.o.d Art.

A month later, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes.

His Battle Intent G.o.d Art was about to reach domain level.

That should be enough to help him bring Undying Battle Intent to familiar mastery.

During the past month, they went into the Pocket Hunting Dimension whenever they could.

They used the portal to enter other than the first time.

Therefore, they had been to different places.

They had been to that lava place. Flames covered everywhere, and the ground spewed lava.

Even they couldn’t handle that terrifying temperature.

They had been there twice, and once, they died because of being spewed by lava.

They had been to the endless sea region. They were eaten by a largemouth as soon as they appeared.

They had been to the rocky mountain region. There were Earth G.o.d Art beasts everywhere.

When they appeared, two bosses were fighting, and they were swept away by the shockwave.

They had been to the forest region.

The beasts either had Poison G.o.d Art, Wood G.o.d Art, or Life G.o.d Art.

This forest was at the border of the gray barren wilderness. They happened to appear on the battlefield between life and death beasts.

They had been to the Pocket Hunting Dimension 24 times. Fifteen times, they died on the spot.

This was the worst luck they had since reaching a new map.

There were cosmic realm state beasts everywhere. They had seen quite a lot of cosmic monarch states. Lu Ze and the girls suspected that there were even cosmic lord bosses.

But, they were about to reach home, right?