Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1249 - Nine Lives

Chapter 1249 - Nine Lives

Chapter 1249: Nine Lives

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After Lu Ze spoke, the girls could not help but frown.

It was too eerie.

It was plain and clear that the beast died last time. How come it is alive right now?

The group could not prevent the crawling feeling in their heads.

This was simply spooky.

Moments later, the silver wolf’s body turned to dust, and yet again, there were still no drops.

No words dropped as everyone remained speechless.

Nangong Jing asked in disbelief, “Will it be revived again later?”

Alice blinked as her face scrunched up.

Following the long silence, Qiuyue Hesha said, “Perhaps this isn’t the real silver wolf overlord.”

When her words fell, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed.

True enough, if the body was not the actual one, then a permanent death wouldn’t be possible. This should be the case, isn’t it?

Well, they couldn’t discount the possibility of resurrection as well.

Lu Ze frowned at the thought. “Whether it’s a clone or not, we just need to keep searching.”

When he made the remark, he paused for a brief while before continuing, “We shouldn’t separately look for it this time. That might only leave us with an opening and give it a chance to ambush us.”

Upon deliberation, Nangong Jing nodded.

Even if it was Nangong Jing, she was lucky to not have been killed in one go.

If she failed to be cautious in the next encounter, she can’t tell how long she would last.

At this moment, Qiuyue Hesha said, “By the way, Ze, did you find the hive of the giant tree?”

Lu Ze nodded and flashed a smile. “Mhm, there are some valuable resources. We’ll see later when we get out.”

After hearing his reply, the girls felt delighted by the knowledge and responded with a nod.

Thereafter, they began to search for the hive of the silver wolf overlord.

This time, they weren’t far apart. If anything happened, Lu Ze was around and could handle it immediately.

Dozens of days gradually pa.s.sed. Lu Ze was in the middle of searching for the silver wolf overlord’s hive. In the next second, Lu Ze saw an enormous cliff rising into the air at an extremely high distance.

It soon reached the level of the clouds and showed no signs of stopping.

Lu Ze couldn’t help but feel taken aback upon witnessing the scene.

Could this be the border of the sand desert?

Tall mountains were extending from the fourth map into the desert. It just wasn’t this absurd.

There seemed to be a continent above.

Clearly, this couldn’t be the path to the fourth map.

Just as Lu Ze felt puzzled by the scenery, the girls had already flown closer to his position.

Obviously, they saw the same spectacle.

The group began to discuss with each other. Lu Li said, “Lu Ze, that’s the sixth map, right?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “I don’t know yet. Let’s go over and see.”

They nodded, and a hint of hope manifested in their eyes.

When they neared the cliff, they saw it completely.

It was black and looked very st.u.r.dy. It was tens of thousands of kilometers high.

To them, this was like flat ground.

They didn’t know the width as it extended to the edge of the horizon.

When they neared the cliff, they felt tens of terrifying chi.


All of this chi belonged to cosmic realm states.

The group glanced at each other. “This seems to be the sixth map.”

Only that map would have this substantial number of cosmic realm states.

They could sense quite a few stronger than the silver wolf overlord already.

The corners of Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He sported a speechless expression. “Did we find the silver wolf overlord’s lair?”

Everyone shook their heads.

Lu Li frowned. “How come we cannot find it?”

After being silent for a while, Lu Ze looked at the cliff and said, “Let’s search around this cliff.”

They had spent this long time and almost flipped out the entire desert.

The only area they hadn’t searched was around here.

There were various powerful beasts gathered on the cliff. They sensed several beasts that could slap them to death on the spot.

They wondered if they could even go up to the sixth map alive from here.

If they found the silver wolf, the sixth map’s portal would automatically open.

A few hours later, Lu Ze and Lin Ling both stopped and suddenly looked at the cliff.

“What’s wrong?” Nangong Jing asked.

“We found it.” Lu Ze smiled.

Lu Ze finally sensed s.p.a.ce fluctuations.

Everyone grinned. “Then, let’s go over.”

When they went closer, even the girls could sense the abnormality in s.p.a.ce.

Silver light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and immediately, the s.p.a.ce before it formed a portal.

They went inside, and the scene changed.

It was a small dimension that was a few hundred kilometers wide.

It was very s.p.a.cious and at the center, there was a human-sized gray crystal pillar.

It was glimmering with seven golden spots.

Suddenly, a huge silver claw slapped towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze grinned.

Found it!

He punched towards the claw with purple golden lightning.



A pitiful howl sounded, and the silver wolf overlord fell out of the void.

The girls used all their means and attacked the silver wolf overlord.

It was buried by all sorts of spirit force.

The wolf’s voice grew weaker and weaker.

When the spirit force was gone, the silver wolf’s overlord looked pitiful.

However, it wasn’t dead.

At this moment, a lightning ball penetrated the silver wolf overlord.


The lightning instantly wiped away its life force.

At this moment, the golden pillar in the center lit up.

A silver wolf’s figure was drawn out.

Lu Ze and the girls were stunned.

“Did it really resurrect?”

“So, is it that simple to be revived?”

Lu Ze appeared before the gray crystal pillar.

He wanted to take it into his mental force dimension, but he couldn’t.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “You can’t take it, Little Brother Lu Ze?”

He nodded. “It seems that this guy needs to die a few more times.”

Lu Ze noticed the golden dot starting to disappear when the silver wolf overlord was revived.

He saw there were six golden dots left.

Did this guy have nine lives?