Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1250 - Usage Criteria Of The Crystal Pillar

Chapter 1250 - Usage Criteria Of The Crystal Pillar

Chapter 1250: Usage Criteria Of The Crystal Pillar

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Soon, a golden coc.o.o.n formed.

In just half a minute, it cracked, and the silver wolf overlord appeared before them.

It just opened its eyes, and before it could move, Lu Ze punched it on its head.


A lightning pillar penetrated its head, and the wolf died on the spot.

Lu Ze grinned. “Kill this guy sooner, and we can go home.”

The girls nodded.

Soon, the silver wolf overlord appeared again.

This time, the silver wolf overlord didn’t even have time to open its eyes, and it was killed.

In a short while, the silver wolf overlord died three times in a row.

Lu Li grinned. “Just four more times, and it’s fine.”

“It’s reviving so slow.”

Moments later, the wolf appeared again.

This time, it planned to use s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art and run.

However, Lu Ze used both Lightning and s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art Domain to suppress it.

Therefore, the wolf died to Lu Ze’s fist again.

Its body turned to ashes, and the ashes were piled up high.

The next time, the wolf tried to struggle. It used all its power trying to escape but was pressed back by Lu Ze.

Then, Lu Ze blasted its head apart.

In the final two times, the silver wolf overlord chose to give up. It didn’t even move after reviving and seemed to wait for its death.

Lu Ze felt embarra.s.sed, but he still killed it.

As the silver wolf overlord died for the ninth time, the golden dots in the gray pillar had completely disappeared. The crystal pillar floated in the air.

This time, the body turned to ashes and left behind drops.

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “It’s finally dead.”

He almost couldn’t handle killing the silver wolf overlord again and again. After all, he was a kind soul.

The silver wolf overlord clearly gave up resistance.

“Let’s see what drops are there,” the girls said curiously.

Lu Ze nodded and picked them up.

Twenty drops of red and purple super liquids each.

One drop of white liquid.

One s.p.a.ce G.o.d art orb. It can probably be used to learn the s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art Domain.

One s.p.a.ce blade divine art rune.

There was a silver crystal that distorted s.p.a.ce and an ordinary silver crystal.

Based on previous experience, one was the silver wolf overlord set and the other was the silver wolf summoning crystal.

Lu Ze picked these things up and then looked at the gray crystal pillar.

They were very excited.

This thing could allow the silver wolf to have nine lives!

It was definitely good.

Lu Ze grabbed it, and this time, he easily took it into his mental force dimension.

Lu Ze felt great.

That way, he didn’t need to fear death in real life.

He smiled. “Okay, the silver wolf is finally dead. The portal to the sixth map should be open.”


Qiuyue Hesha smiled and said, “Little Brother Lu Ze, are we going to check out the sixth map?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “Let’s go learn that Fire G.o.d Art Domain First.”

The girls agreed. Then, they left the silver wolf overlord hive and headed to the fire sea.

A few days later, the group was learning the Fire Domain.

At this moment, Lu Ze felt a huge pain in his body, and he died on the spot.

The group woke up in their bedroom while shaking with pain.

“… I wonder which super beast is it this time?”

“Judging from the feeling of death, it’s a beast with a heavy pressure? Or it might be that s.p.a.ce beast?”

“I wonder if those beasts are cosmic lords or emperors?”

After the discussion, the pain from their bodies dissipated.

The girls looked curiously at Lu Ze. “Ze, let’s see what we got this time.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. He took the things out.

The silver wolf set empowered s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art and s.p.a.ce Divine Art. This was originally the most suitable for Lu Ze, but now, it was different.

After Lu Ze got the lightning dao rune shard, his Lightning G.o.d Art was far superior to his s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art.

The silver wolf set wasn’t as effective as the lightning eagle set on him.

Luckily, the silver wolf also dropped s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art and s.p.a.ce Blade Divine Art.

Lu Ze gave these two to Lin Ling.

Lin Ling had Spirit Eye G.o.d Art and could find weaknesses. If she had the ability to appear in and out of nowhere and the powerful s.p.a.ce Blade G.o.d Art, she could kill enemies without them even seeing her.

Therefore, the silver wolf set was also given to Lin Ling.

Lu Li felt bad.

On this map, there was nothing suitable for her Darkness G.o.d Art.

Lu Ze comforted her as usual.

The Darkness G.o.d Art was a very powerful elemental G.o.d art. There would eventually be something suitable for her.

As for overlord red and purple liquid, it was shared between the girls while Lu Ze used white liquid.

He still had two white liquids left. After using that up, he would pretty much be at the extreme of cosmic cloud state.

Finally, it was the most important thing.

Lu Ze took out the gray crystal pillar.

With the death of the silver wolf, it shrunk to only 20 centimeters long. It looked very small and cute.

There was gray light glowing inside the pillar and runes appeared.

“Senior, how is this used?” Alice asked.

Lu Ze scanned the information inside and laughed at the girls.

Lu Li rolled her eyes. “Why are you laughing like a pervert?”

Lu Ze smiled stiffly and was speechless. “This is perverted. I just feel it’s very useful.”

“What does it do?”

Lu Ze grinned.. “If I put the soul mark of myself and those who have my chi into the pillar, they can acquire nine lives.”