Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1248 - Revived Silver Wolf Overlord

Chapter 1248 - Revived Silver Wolf Overlord

Chapter 1248: Revived Silver Wolf Overlord

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Lu Ze and the girls appeared in the desert.

Lu Ze took a deep breath. “Let’s go find the hives of the giant tree overlord and silver wolf overlord. Also, keep a lookout for hidden overlords.”

Nangong Jing and the girls nodded.

“Let’s split up.”

A few days later, Lu Ze was flying in the sky when he suddenly saw a flash of green light. He quickly shot in that direction.

Soon, Lu Ze came before a vast boundless forest. The forest was surging with green light. A vast life force emanated and nourished the land.

Lu Ze glanced across the forest. There were quite some emerald warhorses and other beasts. As they pa.s.sed the giant trees, they would digest the life force emanated by the trees. It looked very peaceful.

Lu Ze grinned. It seemed to be here.

He flew over the top towards the central region.

At this moment, all the beasts roared and soared up when they sensed Lu Ze’s chi.

Lu Ze grinned.

Did they consider him an intruder?

Purple golden lightning flashed in his eyes.


Terrifying lightning exploded as the lightning sea expanded from Lu Ze’s body.

Destructive lightning struck on these beasts.

These beasts are all cosmic cloud states, and there are even a few peak cosmic cloud state super beasts.

If it was before, Lu Ze could only run.

But now, every lightning bolt was enough to kill a super beast.

Almost instantly, a large region of the sky was cleared out.

Seeing this, the other beasts fled in terror.

Lu Ze didn’t chase them.

The girls also sensed Lu Ze’s chi and looked over. Then, they flew in his direction.

Lu Ze soon came to the central region of the forest. It was a region made up of tens of kilometers tall trees.

In the center, there was a region of land that was tens of kilometers squared.

Lu Ze came to this piece of land and saw a few flas.h.i.+ng green lights.

One was emanating an intense life force. It was a crystal. It was probably the giant tree set. There was a life G.o.d art orb.

There were also drops of dew.

There was golden and blue dew, but their chi was much more intense than the ones they found in the oasis.

There was also a crisp green dew.

There were 20 each of blue and golden dew. There were only 10 crisp green drops.

Lu Ze grinned. It seemed they were the giant tree overlord’s treasure.

He happily put these things away.


Just when Lu Ze was planning to leave, two terrifying chi soared up in the world.

Lu Ze gasped in disbelief. He was very familiar with both of these chis. One of them was Nangong Jing, and the other was the silver wolf overlord?!

Lu Ze was really confused.

Wasn’t it dead?

He saw it with his own eyes.

How did it come back to life?

Lu Ze didn’t have time to think and disappeared from the spot in a flash of silver light.

Nangong Jing learned the Life G.o.d Art Domain and had the giant tree overlord set, but there was still some power difference with the silver wolf overlord.

He used s.p.a.ce transmission at full speed. In just a few minutes, Lu Ze came to the battle.

In the sky, crisp green light, ice blue light, and silver light intertwined. Rumbling sounds filled the world. The nearby beasts were scurrying away.

This scene felt familiar. The original overlord battles were like this.


Nangong Jing fell back to the ground, splas.h.i.+ng some blood on the way.

Lu Ze immediately appeared behind her and carried her.

Her armor was cracking, and her right hand was gone. However, her golden eyes still burned with intense battle intent.

After sensing Lu Ze’s chi, she turned around. “Ze, you’re here?”

Lu Ze looked at the silver wolf overlord. It was planning to chase up on Nangong Jing, but after seeing Lu Ze, its eyes flashed with fear.

It stared straight at Lu Ze while retreating slowly.

Lu Ze wiped away the blood on Nangong Jing’s face and then treated her.

In an instant, her right arm grew back.

Lu Ze rolled his eyes and rubbed her head. “You’re getting beaten up quite badly.”

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes. “Its cultivation level is higher than mine! When I reach the cosmic realm state, I can blow it up with one hand!”

Lu Ze grinned. “Watch me blow it up, now.”

“On the side.”

Lu Ze appeared before the silver wolf overlord.

The silver wolf growled in a threatening tone. Then, it disappeared from the spot with a flash of silver.

Lu Ze flashed in silver too.

The next moment, the silver wolf overlord turned around and saw Lu Ze not far from it after it teleported a few hundred kilometers away.

Lu Ze surged in lightning and instantly appeared before the wolf. Terrifying lightning power expanded and wrapped it inside.

The s.p.a.ce Domain around the silver wolf overlord was instantly suppressed and even began to crumble.

It had just been two days, but after Lu Ze digested more white spirit liquid, his cultivation level was even higher.

Lu Ze’s hand flashed with destructive lightning as he punched the wolf’s head.


Purple golden lightning penetrated its head.


Its life force was instantly wiped away.

Lu Ze put away his domain and grinned at Nangong Jing.

Nangong Jing was quite annoyed.

Afterwards, Lu Ze said, “By the way, why is the silver wolf overlord here? Why were you two fighting?”

At this moment, a few more powerful chi came close. It was Qiuyue Hesha and the other girls.

“Silver wolf overlord?” Lin Ling exclaimed.

Qiuyue Hesha raised her brows and looked at Nangong Jing with a puzzled look. “What happened?”

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes. “How would I know? I sensed Ze’s chi before and was going to have a look, but this guy suddenly ambushed me. I would’ve died if I didn’t learn the Life Domain.”

Lu Ze watched the body slowly turn to ash and frowned. “But didn’t this guy die last time? How did it survive?”