Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1247 - Where's The Portal To The Next Map?

Chapter 1247 - Where's The Portal To The Next Map?

Chapter 1247: Where’s The Portal To The Next Map?

Lu Ze coughed. “Alice, next time you enter the Pocket Hunting Dimension, test how much power you can use.”

Alice nodded.

Lu Ze rubbed her head and smiled. “Okay, let’s split the drops.”

The girls smiled. Lu Ze gave the girls the overlord red and purple liquids. He kept the two drops of milky white liquid for himself.

The overlord G.o.d art orbs were Fire G.o.d Art and Life G.o.d Art.

The fire one was most suitable for Alice, but now that she already learned it, there was no point.

The others could also learn the Fire G.o.d Art Domain through that crystal. Therefore, Lu Ze put this G.o.d art orb away. This thing was equivalent to a G.o.d art domain. It was best to give to the elders.

Lu Ze thought about it and gave Nangong Jing the life G.o.d art orb. Her fighting style was aggressive and upfront. If she could heal, she would be safer.

Lu Li, Lin Ling, and Alice’s cultivation level were too low. Just two domains were already quite heavy for them to use, much less the third one.

At the same time, the two overlords also dropped equipment crystals.

The fire bird one was given to Alice as her Fire G.o.d Art was the strongest.

As for the giant tree overlord, Lu Ze originally wanted to give it to Qiuyue Hesha, but she didn’t have Life G.o.d Art. It wouldn’t be very efficient.

Thus, Nangong Jing gave her ice bird set to Qiuyue Hesha, and she wore the giant tree one.

Wearing the ice bird set and using Ice G.o.d Art Domain, Ice Sealing Art, Seduction G.o.d Art, and Stone Transformation Divine Art, Qiuyue Hesha’s interference capability was brought to the max.

If it’s one-on-one, ordinary people wouldn’t even be able to move to face Qiuyue Hesha.

As for Nangong Jing, she was pretty much unkillable now with the Life G.o.d Art Domain, Life Healing Divine Art, Body G.o.d Art, and Super Regeneration Divine Art.

Just the two of them combined could fight level-3 to level-4 cosmic realm states.

As for Alice, after she wore the fire bird set and accompanied with the source flame fully awakened, her offensive capability became absurd. However, her cultivation level was too low, and she couldn’t unleash its full power.

Lu Li and Lin Ling looked at the other three girls and felt envious. Therefore, Lu Ze could only compensate them with his body.

As for the two crystals, it was the summoning crystal for the fire bird and giant tree.

They had three overlord summoning crystals now.

Although these things were useless to them, the elders would be able to have a cosmic realm state trump card, if they had it.

With this, the Human Race would be absolutely safe. After all, they had no conflicts with cosmic realm state races.

The Advanced Demon Race was perhaps one, but there was the Elf Race. They didn’t need to worry.

Then, the group began to cultivate.

There was still a month until they reached the Federation. Lu Ze planned to bring his cultivation level to the absolute limit of the cosmic cloud state.

Then, when he got back and made some setups, he would be able to prepare to break through.

Two days later, Lu Ze had panted. He felt that all the cosmic clouds in his cells were filled. He looked around. Only Nangong Jing was still sitting on the bed, cultivating.

There was a lush green spirit light surging around her as the vast life force expanded.

Was she learning life G.o.d art orb?

By the looks of it, she would soon be able to learn the Life G.o.d Art Domain completely.

After all, she was using an overlord purple liquid right now, with blue dew and blue crystal. The learning ability was insane.

Lu Ze got up and walked out of the room.

The other four girls were relaxing in the living room. Ying Ying was munching on a golden piece of meat.

“Senior, you finished cultivation.” Alice smiled.

Lu Li flicked her hair. “We left food for you. Go, eat.”

Lu Ze looked at the table. There was indeed food left. Clearly, Alice and the girls prepared this just for him.

He felt touched.

At this moment, Lu Ze saw Ying Ying peek at the table from time to time. He was immediately nervous.

Stupid Ying Ying. She already had something and still wanted the food on the table.

Lu Ze hurriedly went to eat.

After the meal, Nangong Jing soon walked out of the room. Her chi was calm, and she didn’t control the intense life power. She seemed very gentle right now.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Yo, the T-Rex doesn’t seem that violent now?”

Nangong Jing’s smile froze. She glared at Qiuyue Hesha. “Fox Demon, what did you say? Am I not gentle before?”

Then, she started to fight with Qiuyue Hesha.


Seeing this, Lin Ling couldn’t help rolling her eyes. “Immature!”

Before she finished, she was dragged in by Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

“What did you say, Lin Ling?!”

Soon, even Lu Li and Alice were dragged in.

Lu Ze didn’t feel happy.

How could they exclude him?

But after he joined, the scene soon became indescribable.

Ying Ying was still on the side!

After a while, they went back to their rooms and entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

He dragged the girls inside that dim portal dimension.

Then, as they looked at the map selection, their faces became strange. There were still only five maps.

“Where is the next map?”

Qiuyue Hesha asked with some doubts, “Yeah, we killed all the overlord beasts, didn’t we? Where is the next map?”

There were clearly more new maps. Otherwise, where did those bosses come from?

After the atmosphere fell silent, Lu Ze said, “Let’s go check out the desert. Perhaps we missed an overlord.”