Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1246 - Where Did The Drop Go?

Chapter 1246 - Where Did The Drop Go?

Chapter 1246: Where Did The Drop Go?

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After the two overlords were dead, the group put away their domain.

Lu Ze’s face was a little pale. The Lightning G.o.d Art Domain was powerful, but it cost more energy.

Luckily, his cultivation level reached peak cosmic cloud state, and he used two white liquids before to increase his spirit force quality to a higher level.

Otherwise, he really might not be able to last that long.

The girls also used up a lot of power. However, they just had one domain. Only Lu Li and Alice used up their power. The rest were fine.

They looked at each other excitedly. Lu Li smiled. “I didn’t expect that we would be able to kill all the overlords this quickly.

The girls nodded.

Alice opened her mouth and said, “This is our first time killing all the overlords this quickly.”

“Let’s see what dropped.”

The giant tree overlord had turned to dust and revealed its drops.

This included 20 drops of overlord red and purple liquid each. There was also a milky white liquid and a life G.o.d art orb.

This G.o.d art orb can probably allow people to learn Life Domain.

There was another crisp green crystal surging with life and one ordinary one.

There was also a life-healing divine art rune.

Then, they came to the body of the silver wolf overlord.

However, they were dumbfounded. There was just dust on its body. There were no drops.

They were in disbelief.

“What’s going on?”

“Did some other beast steal it?”

Lin Ling looked around. Then, she frowned. “There are no other beasts nearby.”

Their battle was so intense before. The other beasts wouldn’t even be able to handle the shockwave. How could there be other beasts there?

“Then where did the drops go?” The group was even more confused.

After some silence, Lu Li hesitated. “What about the silver wolf overlord? Did it drop anything?”

Everyone was dumbfounded. They worked so hard for this, and yet, there was no drop. However, there was nothing they could do.

They searched nearby for a long time and weren’t able to find anything. Therefore, they could only give up helplessly.

Then, they came to the fire bird body. At least, there were drops there.

The silver wolf overlord was indeed a sucker!

The fire bird dropped the usual liquids, and there was a fire G.o.d art orb. It could probably help one learn Fire G.o.d Art.

There was a burning red crystal and a red crystal.

There was a fireball divine art rune.

The overlord drops were pretty much all this sort of stuff.

Lu Ze and the girls picked the things up, and then Lu Ze thought of something. “By the way, it’s the fire bird’s hive here. Let’s see if there are other treasures here.”

The girls nodded.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze was searching through the lava when he felt a powerful fire power surge in the distance.

Lu Ze immediately came to the source.

At the depth of the lava, there was a dark blue flame burning. That terrifying temperature even heated the lava.

At this moment, the girls also flew over.

They looked at that blue flame. Nangong Jing quietly said, “You found it?”

Lu Ze raised a brow. “This fire… It’s Alice’s source flame?”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded. “Alice is probably inside.”

Lu Li smiled. “It feels much stronger than the Fire G.o.d Art.”

Lin Ling said, “This is Alice’s source flame completely awakening, right?”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded. They thought the same too.

However, they just waited for Alice.

A few hours later, the flames receded, and Alice flew over. There was a red crystal in her hand. It was about the size of a human head, and there were flames burning inside.

The terrifying flames emanated inside.

Alice giggled excitedly. “Senior, my G.o.d art has completely awakened!”

A deep blue fire rune appeared between Alice’s eyebrows.

Deep chi came from Alice.

This feeling was similar to the dao rune shard Lu Ze got before.

They could feel Alice’s Fire G.o.d Art receive a huge upgrade.

Nangong Jing patted Alice’s shoulder and grinned. “Congratulations Alice, your source flame is the pinnacle G.o.d art. It’s finally fully awakened.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and asked, “How does it feel?”

Alice laughed and said, “It feels great. I feel my Fire G.o.d Art has reached domain level. There’s also this indescribable feeling. It seems to be deeper than the domain. But this feeling is rather weak.”

Lu Ze smiled. “You’ve probably reached the entry for dao rune.”

The girls were stunned. “Dao rune?”

Lu Li said, “No wonder the elders said that the source flame is the pinnacle G.o.d art. If you fully awaken it, you have hopes of becoming a cosmic lord.”

Nangong Jing yelled even more. “I’m so envious. Alice’s Fire G.o.d Art must be really strong now. It’s at dao rune level.”

Alice smiled happily.

Lu Ze looked at Alice curiously. “Yeah Alice, test how strong it is if you use Fire G.o.d Art at full power.”

Alice nodded. Then, the flame rune on her forehead lit up as a terrifying power awakened in Alice’s body.

Then… there was nothing.

Alice’s body was burned by the flames, and she disappeared.

Lu Ze and the girls and the people around were bewildered.

“She… died?”

“Seems so…”

She used her body, and she died?!

Luckily, Alice used it in the Pocket Hunting Dimension. Otherwise, she would be completely dead in the real world.

Lu Ze picked up the fire crystal and said, “We’ll go ask Alice after we get out.”

This fire crystal seems to be the same type of thing as the frost crystal.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s leave this here. We’ll take it out after you learn Fire G.o.d Art Domain.”

The girls nodded.

Lu Ze grinned. “Let’s go search for the giant tree overlord hive and silver wolf overlord hive. There should be treasures there too.”

Lin Ling giggled. “Yeah, perhaps the silver wolf’s drop is in its hive.”

The group split up searching.

Three hours later, Lu Ze was flying in the sky when the sky suddenly darkened. He just felt an extremely powerful suppression, and he died.

When they recovered, Lu Ze looked at Alice. “How do you feel?”

Alice’s face was a little pale. “Not too good. If I use Fire G.o.d Art at full power, I will die.”

Lu Ze and the girls were speechless.

Nangong Jing said solemnly, “That’s right, Alice, we all saw it.. You died indeed.”