Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1245 - Double Kill

Chapter 1245 - Double Kill

Chapter 1245: Double Kill



At this moment, two roars sounded. Terrifying chi was closing in on them.

Soon, two beams arrived in front of the group. It was the silver wolf and giant tree overlord.

When they saw the body of the fire bird and that huge crater, they were dazed.

At this moment, the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

At this moment, Lu Ze grinned.

They came at the perfect time!

Originally, he was a bit scared about fighting an overlord boss. But now, he was fearless after knowing his power.

With his current power, he could beat the two overlords, one against two.

Plus, there were the girls on the side.

“Fight them!”


Lu Ze surged with purple gold lightning. Terrifying lightning power ravaged.

His eyes flashed with sharpness, and he disappeared from the spot.

In the next moment, Lu Ze appeared next to the giant tree overlord.

The giant tree overlord was a few thousand meters tall. Leaves expanded from all over its body. It felt like a tree man.

The giant tree surged with crisp green light. The life force around it was dominant.

However, its vast Life G.o.d Art Domain was violently torn apart by Lu Ze. A violent lightning bolt instantly neared its body.

Lightning also surged on his right hand.


A small purple gold lightning ball formed on Lu Ze’s hand.

The ball was small, but the power it contained was enough to rattle s.p.a.ce. Even the Life Domain around it was shaken off.

Lu Ze waved with his right hand at the giant tree overlord, and the purple gold lightning ball turned into a beam and shot at its main trunk.

The giant tree waved its leaves, creating a huge sound.

A crisp green s.h.i.+eld formed before it, blocking the lightning ball.


The s.h.i.+eld was only blocked for an instant and was pulverized by the lightning ball. Then, the ball continued to shoot towards the giant tree.

However, it still gave the tree some time to react. It struggled to move its body. The ball just brushed past its trunk and took away some branches. It left burnt scars too.


Lightning power gathered on the giant tree’s wounds and ravaged. The giant tree howled pitifully. Then, it used its vast life force, wanting to remove the lightning power and heal its wound.

Lu Ze grinned upon seeing this. He formed another lightning ball.

At this moment, a lethal threat came from behind Lu Ze.

He quickly turned into lightning and dodged to the side. An invisible void blade sliced past where he was, leaving a b.l.o.o.d.y gash on his body.

Before he could move, there was more.

Lu Ze formed a lightning ball and slapped it behind him.


The lightning ball clashed with a silver claw. s.p.a.ce was torn apart. The entire sea of fire was almost torn apart.


A pitiful howl sounded from the void. The lightning ball’s power tore apart the sharp claw. The sharp claw cracked up as blood seeped out.

And then, a silver wolf was smashed out of the void. Silver flash around its body.

It was the silver wolf overlord.

Seeing this, lightning surged around Lu Ze’s body. He was going to kill the silver wolf overlord while it was injured.

At this moment, a crisp green light sliced across the void and landed on the wolf’s body.

Immediately, its broken claw healed, and the lightning on it was cast away.

Lu Ze: “…”

Soon, its injuries were completely healed.

At this point, a terrifying ice blue fist force struck towards the giant tree overlord.


It could barely form a green barrier in time to defend against the attack. After the barrier was shattered, the fist force struck the giant tree overlord and blasted it away.

However, it only left a layer of ice on its body. It didn’t heavily injure the tree.

Nangong Jing appeared before the tree and said sharply, “Ze, we will stop this giant tree overlord. You deal with the silver wolf overlord!”

At this moment, tens of golden lightning b.a.l.l.s struck towards the giant tree overlord.

A golden lighting sea appeared around Qiuyue Hesha. Lightning b.a.l.l.s formed and kept striking towards the giant tree overlord.

After digesting the lightning G.o.d art orb of the golden eagle, Qiuyue Hesha finally learned the Lightning G.o.d Art Domain.

She had two domains now. However, her spirit force quality couldn’t compare with Lu Ze. She was a peak cosmic cloud state, but she could only use the two domains for a few minutes.

Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice all showed off their Ice G.o.d Art Domain.

The five of them all have domains, and they were all just cosmic cloud states.

If someone else saw this, they would be scared to death.

According to Makin Thor’s description, the girls also had emperor potential.

With their current power, they couldn’t kill the overlord, but they would be able to barely fight on par with them.

The giant tree overlord roared in pain.

Seeing this, Lu Ze rested his mind and looked at the silver wolf overlord.

Others might not be able to kill the wolf and could only defeat it as it had a s.p.a.ce Domain.

But Lu Ze had a s.p.a.ce Domain too.

He expanded his domain, and the s.p.a.ce around him gradually distorted.

He used Lightning G.o.d Art and s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art Domain at the same time. The two domains instantly suppressed the wolf’s s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art Domain.

The wolf’s fur stood up. It bared its fangs towards Lu Ze, but it was slowly retreating.

Lu Ze didn’t mind this.

The power of lightning around him entwined as he instantly appeared before the silver wolf overlord.


He shot another lightning ball.

The wolf roared and barely formed a few thousand meter long s.p.a.ce blade and sliced at the ball.


The terrifying power in the lightning ball crushed the s.p.a.ce blade and kept attacking towards the silver wolf overlord.

It was struggling to evade. At this moment, Lu Ze appeared next to it.

He pressed on the back of the silver wolf overlord mercilessly.


Lightning power exploded, and a beam penetrated the wolf’s body instantly wiping away its life force.

Lu Ze then looked at the distant battlefield.

The giant tree overlord was being suppressed a little. Its body was moving very slowly.

Despite this, the girls’ power could only injure it. Its healing ability was amazing. Even though it was injured, it could rapidly recover. The girls didn’t have the means to kill it in one shot.

Lu Ze appeared before the tree and formed another lightning ball.

The giant tree overlord couldn’t even dodge as the ball penetrated its body.

Double kill!