Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1238 - Passing By Black Dragon Boss

Chapter 1238 - Passing By Black Dragon Boss

Chapter 1238: Pa.s.sing By Black Dragon Boss

After the five overlord beasts left, the desert became calm again.

The other beasts wailed and didn’t dare to move.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze and the girls were excited. The overlords were all injured, and their injuries seemed serious!

Was it finally their time now?

Nangong Jing said with excitement, “Which one should we go after?”

Lu Ze thought about it and said, “Let’s go find the golden eagle overlord!”

The girls were dazed.

Lin Ling was hesitant. “Isn’t that a bit too risky?”

Although it was alone, it could stand its ground against four!

Even though it ran first, who knew if it was heavily injured.

If its condition was fine, they would be doomed.

Lu Ze smiled bitterly. “I don’t want to do that either, but if you think about it, that guy progressed that much in such a short time. It can already fight against four by itself. If we kill the other overlords, then they wouldn’t be able to stop it. If it continues to grow stronger, the other overlords won’t be able to even heavily injure it. By then, they would be killed too. It would become stronger and stronger. When would we be able to kill it then?”

The girls realized this problem too. However, if they couldn’t kill it this time, then it would only be harder in the future.

Next time, even if Lu Ze and the girls break through to the cosmic realm state, they might not be able to kill that beast.

The girls nodded. “Okay, let’s go there then.”

Lu Ze took the girls towards the direction of the golden eagle overlord.

In an extremely far away region, they saw a sea of golden lightning.

The golden lightning flashed, releasing terrifying lightning power, resulting in only beasts with Lightning G.o.d Art beasts nearby.

Lu Ze and several people looked at the desert from a distance, and there was a dignified look in their eyes.

Lu Ze opened his mouth and said, “Let’s conceal our chi and go over.”

The girls nodded. They were quite worried actually after they were killed by the icebird overlord.

As they moved along, they encountered quite some Lightning G.o.d Art beasts. However, Lu Ze and the girls didn’t even fight them, fearing that the overlord would notice something.

Soon, they reached the golden lightning sea.

The desert was crystallized by lightning. Even Lu Ze was shocked by the chi of the golden lightning.

Lu Li was a bit shocked and said, “This lightning power is so strong!”

Lu Ze nodded. “It’s stronger than my Lightning G.o.d Art domain and stronger than the icebird’s domain.”

The power here wasn’t too strong, but its essence was much stronger than Lu Ze’s domain.

Lu Ze and the girls looked at each other. “No wonder the golden eagle overlord is this strong.”

A trace of worry flashed on Lin Ling’s eyes. “Since it has such powerful Lightning G.o.d Art. Even if he is injured, we can’t pose much of a threat to him, right?”

Lu Ze grinned. “Quite the opposite. I’m actually more confident than before now.”

Nangong Jing and the others looked at Lu Ze in a daze. “Why?”

Lu Ze grinned. “Did you forget? The stronger the domain, the more consuming it is.”

The girls’ eyes lit up.

The golden lightning eagle showed such absurd power. The energy consumption must be absurd too.

They finally realized why it would suddenly run.

It couldn’t support the domain used.

Thinking about this, Nangong Jing and the others were excited.

There was a chance!

Nangong Jing grinned. “Then let’s hurry and go in! After a while, perhaps its spirit force would recover.”

Lu Ze nodded.

They quickly charged into the lightning sea.

However, the deeper they went, the stronger the lightning was.

Soon, they were at the very depth.

There was a ditch made of golden crystals, and the golden lightning eagle was resting there.

Countless lightning entwined around its body.

“Should we go up?” Nangong Jing’s mouth twitched.

Lu Ze looked at this eagle. It didn’t seem heavily injured at all.

However, if it wasn’t heavily injured, why would it run?!

This was a rare opportunity. If they just gave up, it would be too cowardly, right?

Just when Lu Ze was hesitant, a terrifying power came from the distance.


Lu Ze and the girls spat blood and fell to the ground heavily.

They looked up in shock.

What was going on?

What thing was that strong??

At this moment, a huge being flew across the sky.

It was a black dragon with three pairs of wings.

Lu Ze gasped. “It’s that guy?!”

Lu Ze had a very deep impression of this.

When he first entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension, he encountered this super beast.

Now, he saw it again.

This dragon’s chi was much stronger than the cosmic monarch states they encountered before.

It was either a high-level cosmic monarch state or cosmic lord.

The girls looked at him.

“Ze, you know this beast?”

Lu Ze nodded and told them the story.

The girls had strange faces. Lu Ze was only a body refinement cultivator, and he had seen a cosmic monarch state or cosmic lord.

This boss was different from the other bosses and didn’t destroy this region of the desert.

It just pa.s.sed by, and soon they could move again.

When they turned to look at the golden eagle, they were dazed.

It was covered in cracks and bleeding. It was barely alive.

They were shocked.

What happened?