Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1237 - : God Descending Upon Earth, One vs Four

Chapter 1237 - : God Descending Upon Earth, One vs Four

Chapter 1237: G.o.d Descending Upon Earth, One vs Four

They didn’t get anything from hunting this time, but they have a lot of stock.

They rested for a while and began cultivation.

A week later.

As soon as they appeared in the desert, terrifying battle waves came.


Lu Ze and the girls saw a terrifying shockwave come at them.

Countless beasts fled.

Lu Ze wrapped the girls in silver light and left.

Far away, the group appeared again.

“So close, we were almost hit,” Nangong Jing said.

The others nodded.

Then, they looked up at the sky.

“The overlords are finally fighting again.”

They haven’t fought for two months.

As long as one overlord was injured, they would be able to kill it.

Thinking about this, they felt excited.

When they looked at the distant battle, they were dumbfounded.




The icebird, firebird, silver wolf, and that huge tree overlord were attacking that golden lightning overlord.

Its chi was extremely powerful. Golden lightning surged around it into a sea that covered the world.

Outside the Thunder Sea, there were twisted s.p.a.ce blades, green light, fire waves, and frost waves.

What shocked Lu Ze and the girls was that even though the four overlords were fighting together, they couldn’t completely suppress the golden lightning.

The battlefield was like a doomsday scenario.

Lu Ze and the girls shrugged their necks.

Nangong Jing asked in disbelief, “Just what did that golden eagle overlord eat? Why is it that strong?”

When it first appeared, it could fight against the fire and ice overlord.

But now, it was absurdly strong?

It went from fighting one against two to one against four?!

And, this included a powerful overlord like the silver wolf overlord.

Lin Ling couldn’t help but say, “That golden eagle wasn’t even an overlord before. How long has it been, and it’s this strong already?”

Lu Ze and the girls had a guess.

“The treasure this golden lightning eagle got from the pillar must be very terrifying.”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded.

They only got one of the light pillars, but there were another two.

The golden lightning eagle overlord must’ve gotten one of them.

After the atmosphere fell silent, Lu Li said, “Let’s wait for a while and see the situation.”

Everyone nodded.

They concealed their chi and left the battlefield. They carefully looked at the battlefield.

Now, they didn’t need to hide in the sand.

The battle lasted a few hours. Because the golden eagle overlord was too powerful, the other four overlords had to fight together.

However, the four overlords combined were still very powerful.

The silver wolf could appear out of nowhere. The ice overlord could use the ice sealing technique to interfere with the golden eagle’s actions. The huge tree overlord could heal.

As for the fire overlord… mhm, it was being beaten around like a sandbag.

The battle was still very intense.

Blood splashed down from the sky from time to time.

As time went on, the few overlords became weaker and weaker.

After all, their stamina was not infinite.

The firebird overlord was covered in wounds. Golden lightning surged on the surface of its body. Even the Healing Divine Art of the giant tree couldn’t heal it completely.

At this moment, the golden lightning eagle roared. The golden lightning around it expanded and tore apart the domains of the other overlords for a moment.

It flapped its wings and disappeared from the spot.

When it appeared again, it was next to the ice overlord.

Its ice sealing art was quite troublesome and affected its actions.

Although the silver wolf’s ghost-like attacks were more troublesome, and most of the injuries on its body were caused by that, it couldn’t touch the silver wolf due to the ice sealing art.

Therefore, its primary target became the ice bird overlord.

It unleashed terrifying chi as vibrant golden lightning shot out towards the ice bird overlord.

The icebird wanted to dodge, but the lightning was too fast and pierced its right wing.

That terrifying lightning power exploded. The icebird’s right wing cracked immediately.

It howled in pain.

Just when the golden eagle was going to pursue the attack, s.p.a.ce distorted around it as invisible s.p.a.ce blades shot at its neck.

The golden eagle retreated and barely dodged it. Thin wounds appeared on its neck and blood spilled.

And at this moment, the firebird shot out countless fireb.a.l.l.s towards the golden eagle.

The eagle was surrounded by fireb.a.l.l.s.

The eagle soared and weaved lightning before it.

The fireb.a.l.l.s struck the lightning.


Fire waves and lightning shot out in all directions.

At the same time, the huge tree shook its branches. Green light shone on the ice bird and stabilized its wounds.

However, that terrifying golden lightning can’t be completely removed.

The fire bird’s fireball barrage was over.

The instant it stopped, a violent shriek sounded. Lightning erupted from the fire waves.


Almost instantly, the ice bird, firebird, and huge tree overlords were struck back.

Even the silver wolf was kicked out of the void.

One strike and four overlords were heavily injured!

When Lu Ze and the girls saw this, their skin crawled.

Too terrifying!

Is the golden eagle overlord too strong?!

“Can it really kill all four overlords?”

At this moment, a bolt of golden lightning shot into the sky and disappeared.

Lu Ze and the girls were speechless.

Did it run just like that?

The other four overlords were also heavily injured, so they didn’t chase.

They just howled weakly and left as well.