Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1239 - Strange Lightning Rune

Chapter 1239 - Strange Lightning Rune

Chapter 1239: Strange Lightning Rune

“What was going on?”

The lightning eagle should be much stronger than they were. The pressure could very much crush the rest, but even then, they received minor injuries only.

Well regardless, this was good for them.

Lu Ze would help that pitiful bird move on to the next life!

He threw a fireball at the eagle.


A huge fire wave spread in all directions.

After the fire wave dissipated, Lu Ze and the girls saw the eagle turn to dust. They still didn’t feel this was real.

After all, they were very worried before.

They might not be able to beat this eagle even though it was heavily injured.

However, before they could even fight, it was near death.

Lu Ze said, “Let’s see what it dropped.”

Hearing this, the girls were very excited.

There were 20 drops of golden red and purple liquid, as well as that milky-white spiritual liquid that only the lord would drop.

Other than this, there was a golden lightning G.o.d art orb, a lightning ball divine art rune, and a flas.h.i.+ng golden lightning crystal.

There was also a strange rune made of dim lightning.

“This is probably what it got from that pillar.” Qiuyue Hesha said.

Lu Ze and the girls nodded.

They saw this rune appear on the eagle’s head when it was fighting.

This was probably the treasure that made the eagle turn super strong.

Lu Ze smiled. “There’s quite a lot of stuff. Pack it up.”

When his hand touched that lightning rune, terrifying lightning power surged and instantly entered his body.

Lu Ze yelled in pain and dropped heavily to the ground.

He could feel that lightning power damaging his body. If he didn’t have Lightning G.o.d Art Domain, he would’ve been charred to death.

Despite this, he was feeling immense pain.

What was this thing?!

At this moment, that lightning power suddenly disappeared from his body as if it never appeared.

Then, the lightning rune disappeared from his hand and appeared in his mental force dimension.

The girls’ faces changed. “Ze, what’s wrong?” Nangong Jing asked worriedly.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “I’m fine.”

Just what was that?

Lu Ze felt that he could only find out after he went out.

They picked up the rest of the things.

Then, Alice looked around. “Are there no other treasures in the overlord’s hive?”

On the previous map, Lu Ze and the girls found treasures in the overlord hive.

This time, they saw nothing.

Several people turned their heads and looked around. Lu Ze said, “Let’s search the surroundings.”

After searching for a while, they came back to the ditch.

“Did you find it?”

“No.” Everyone shook their heads.

Lu Ze said, “Perhaps, it’s because this eagle wasn’t originally an overlord beast. Therefore, it doesn’t have that treasure.”

The girls nodded.

That was the only plausible explanation.

At this moment, they found that the terrifying lightning sea was starting to dissipate.

The group raised their brows.

“Because the golden eagle overlord is dead, this lightning sea is dissipating.”

“Let’s go too.” Lu Li smiled.

Lu Ze took the girls away. Outside the lightning sea, they looked back.

That vast golden sea of lightning was visibly shrinking.

Soon, it would completely disappear.

Lu Ze grinned. “Let’s go find the icebird overlord.”

The golden eagle overlord was killed way too quickly.

They had time to go find the ice bird and fight it.

Outside the glacier, Lu Ze and the girls appeared again.

This glacier seemed normal.

The previous overlord battle didn’t reach the place.

The group started heading inside the glacier.

They encountered quite some beasts with Ice G.o.d Art on the way, and the group killed them casually.

Soon, they reached the very depth.

That ice-blue crystal was still floating in the sky. Profound Ice G.o.d Art knowledge was emanating from that crystal. Even Lu Ze and the girls started to learn things.

At this moment, a sharp shriek sounded.


A terrifying chi rose from the depth of the glacier. A blue beam appeared before them.

It was the icebird overlord.

At this moment, its right wing was still covered in cracks and terrifying golden lightning.

With every flash of lightning, the icebird would tremble.

It was looking at Lu Ze and the girls with vigilance.

Lu Ze and the girls grinned.

It hadn’t recovered at all!

It was very weak.

Without hesitation, a bronze rune flashed, and terrifying chi rose from Lu Ze.

He said, “You guys support me, I’m going in!”

He flashed before the icebird as a scorching chi rose.

A sea of fire expanded from Lu Ze’s body and covered the sky.

Frost flow seeped out from the ice bird too and clashed with Lu Ze’s sea of fire.


Mist rose.

But this time, the ice bird’s domain didn’t suppress Lu Ze’s domain.

One could see just how heavily injured it was.

At this moment, Lu Ze grinned as golden lightning surged.

Golden lightning flashed in the sea of fire and instantly suppressed the ice bird’s domain.

The ice bird shrieked in disbelief and shot beams of ice at Lu Ze.

Ice Sealing Art.

Lu Ze instantly disappeared from the spot and appeared above the ice bird’s head.

Lightning and fire entwined in his right hand, forming a golden-red fireball.

Lightning Fireball.

Fusion Divine Art!

A far stronger chi than the fireball alone appeared.

Lu Ze wasn’t done with just one.

He threw out tens of them.