Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1236 - Battle Ice Bird Overlord

Chapter 1236 - Battle Ice Bird Overlord

Chapter 1236: Battle Ice Bird Overlord

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In the room, Lu Ze and the girls woke up at the same time.

Nangong Jing wiped the sweat from her forehead and screamed excitedly. “I just killed a level-8 cosmic cloud state super beast. I didn’t even get to pick up the things, and those overlords suddenly started fighting.”

Qiuyue Hesha and the people on the side also looked helpless. “The battlefield was right above my head. I couldn’t even run away.”

At this time, Lu Li smiled and said, “I found a good place.”

The girls looked over curiously.

Alice blinked and said, “What did you find, Li?”

Lu Li smiled. “I might’ve found the ice bird overlord’s base.”

Lu Li recounted what she saw there.

“You can learn Ice G.o.d Art just by being in that region? There is some treasure there, right?”

Lu Li sighed. “However, after going in, I encountered two peak cosmic cloud state super beasts, so I couldn’t go deeper and see what was there.”

The girls looked disappointed.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled slightly. “We can go there tomorrow.”

They nodded.

At this moment, Lu Ze smiled. “About that glacier, I do know something.”

The girls’ eyes lit up.

Qiuyue Hesha came over and kissed Lu Ze. “Little Brother Lu Ze, you went there too?”

Lu Ze silently stretched out his hand to hug Qiuyue Hesha’s slender waist and said, “Mhm, when Li died, I went over to have a look too.”

Lu Li was also curious when she heard the words. “What’s it like there?”

She knew that Lu Ze was stronger and could see much more.

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s the base of that ice bird overlord. In the depth of the glacier, there’s a crystal that emits Ice G.o.d Art knowledge…”

Lu Ze told them what he saw. The girls’ eyes flashed. “You can learn domain level Ice G.o.d Art there?”

“If we can get this crystal…” Lin Ling’s eyes flashed with excitement.

They thought the same as Lu Ze.

If they could get this crystal, the Human Race would have a sacred ground for cultivating Ice G.o.d Art.

They were very excited thinking about this.

Nangong Jing grinned. “After we get back, we’ll get the elders to find a place. We have to kill that ice bird overlord.”

The group nodded and went to cultivate.

Two months later, Lu Ze and the girls flew towards the glacier region.

On the way, Alice blinked her eyes. “Senior, are we really going to find the ice overlord now? It’s really strong.”

Nangong Jing grinned. “Don’t worry, Alice. Fox Demon, Ze, and I are all level-8 cosmic cloud states. With you guys, we should be able to beat a level-3 cosmic realm state. Even if the overlord is stronger, we should be able to get away.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded. “It’s been two months and those overlords haven’t fought a battle. Who knows if they would keep fighting? We should try first.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Yeah, with our current power, we might not lose.”

After all, Lu Ze had Undying Battle Will. If he used that, his cultivation level would reach the cosmic peak cloud state.

Seeing how confident Lu Ze was, the girls believed he was right.

They were indeed very strong now.

Soon, they arrived at the glacier.

With their current power, the peak cosmic cloud state super beast was just the matter of a slap. They didn’t need to be careful.

They pushed their way into the depths.

The ice blue crystal was still hanging high in the air radiating ice G.o.d art knowledge.

Just as they went deeper and deeper, a terrifying chi suddenly rose.


The glacier was shaking as a beam of ice blue instantly appeared before them.

The ice bird overlord stopped there gazing at them emotionlessly.

Lu Ze and the girls had tense faces.

They had progressed a lot, but they still needed to take it seriously.

Lu Ze yelled and used Undying Battle Will.

His chi almost instantly reached cosmic peak cloud state.

Lu Ze said, “I’ll attack first. You guys support me!”

The girls nodded.

The other beasts of the glacier started fleeing away.

This was too strong!

Lu Ze and the girl’s power was at the peak of the desert map. It was completely different from when they could barely beat sand beetles.

Fire waves spread in all directions.

Fire G.o.d Art Domain!

Lu Ze shot towards the ice overlord.

The ice bird roared.

Blue light surged. The entire s.p.a.ce seemed to have been frozen. Only Lu Ze’s Fire G.o.d Art Domain could barely hold on.

Terrifying chi erupted from the ice bird.

Lu Ze and the girls were stunned.


It was that strong?!

Only now did they realize how strong the ice bird overlord was.

This chi was at least… at level-4 cosmic realm state!

Or maybe even at level-5 cosmic realm state!

Lu Ze was about to use s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art to take them away.

They couldn’t fight this at all.

Just when they were about to run, a vibrant blue rune flashed and the frosty streams instantly covered Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Ze felt his spirit force being used up in an instant. The sea of fire went out, and his body and soul were frozen.

So cold!

His soul was shuddering.

Ice Divine Art, Ice Sealing Technique.

It could probably seal an entire galaxy in ice with one breath.

The super beasts of the glacier would drop a divine art.

Lu Ze and the girls learned it, but they didn’t go deep into it.

There was too little time.

When they woke up, Lu Ze sighed. “Mhm… let’s not look for trouble with overlords yet?”

“Completely agree.”

Everyone nodded.

By the looks of it, he would have to be at peak cosmic cloud state or near cosmic realm state at least and use Undying Battle Intent to kill the ice bird.

Lu Ze had a headache.. “I wonder when they will fight again.”