Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1235 - Build A Sacred Cultivation Ground

Chapter 1235 - Build A Sacred Cultivation Ground

Chapter 1235: Build A Sacred Cultivation Ground

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Soon, the ice bear’s body completely turned to dust. It would leave a drop in the ground.

Lu Ze picked up everything.

There was super red and purple liquid, ice G.o.d art orb, divine art rune shard, and ice blue crystal.

Lastly, there was a diamond crystal.

This loot was decent, but Lu Ze was a little disappointed. After all, there was nothing new.

They were on the s.h.i.+p, and there was probably no opportunity to fight again later.

When he returns to the Federation, he will be a peak cosmic cloud state, for sure.

He would no longer need the summoning crystal and diamond crystal. However, these things could still be given to the elders.

He packed everything together and kept going forward.

On the way, Lu Ze encountered more and more super beasts. They were all ice super beasts. Lu Ze killed all of them and even completed two divine art runes.

As he went deeper and deeper, the glacier’s temperature became lower and lower.

At this moment, Lu Ze felt a powerful chi. He instinctively stiffened up and stopped breathing.

So strong!

That ice bird overlord appeared in his mind.

This chi wasn’t something that a peak cosmic cloud state beast could possess. It was an overlord beast.

Lu Ze grinned as he moved towards that chi using Chi Concealing G.o.d Art at full power.

As he went deeper, Lu Ze could clearly sense the power of that chi.

Although it was released unintentionally, Lu Ze still felt heavy-hearted.

One could imagine just how powerful the overlord beast is.


Lu Ze hoped that the overlord beasts could start fighting again.

With his current power, if an overlord was heavily injured, he might be able to kill it with the girls.

However, the overlords seemed to have calmed down during this period and didn’t fight at all.

How can they not fight?

At this moment, Lu Ze seemed to see a blue light flashed in the sky.

There was this invisible wave that spread.

Lu Ze instinctively felt knowledge appear in his head.

It was Ice G.o.d Art?!

Lu Ze gasped.

Other than G.o.d art orbs, that was such a thing that could help one learn Ice G.o.d Art?


He could use this thing in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

One had to know that the time inside the Pocket Hunting Dimension was paused relative to the outside world.

If he could learn here, he would save a lot of time in the outside world.

However, this Ice G.o.d Art knowledge was being pa.s.sed much slower than the orbs.

If he were to learn it here, it would take quite some time.

With that time, Lu Ze felt he might as well learn something else, such as divine art fusion.

At this moment, Lu Ze had a bold idea.

This thing…

Could he take it out?

It was much less effective than the G.o.d art orbs, but it would be an extremely useful Ice G.o.d Art learning spot for ordinary people!

By then, it wouldn’t be so hard for the Human Race to learn Ice G.o.d Art, right?

Lu Ze was excited.

This idea could work?

At this moment, he suddenly felt cold. He instinctively used Chi Concealing G.o.d Art Domain and wrapped himself. He disappeared from the spot.


A sharp shriek sounded almost instantly as a huge figure appeared where Lu Ze was before.

Lu Ze almost sweated cold.

This was a five-hundred-meter-tall bird. Its body was completely iced blue. Its feathers seemed to have been sculpted by ice. It even reflected the sunlight and looked glorious.


However, the powerful chi it emitted made Lu Ze hold his breath. He didn’t dare to move at all.

It was too overwhelming.

The ice bird looked around in confusion.

He sensed a chi that didn’t belong here.

Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d snuck over?

Is it those four b.a.s.t.a.r.ds?

The ice bird was very annoyed and shrieked.

Cracks appeared on the glacier as the entire glacier rattled.

Lu Ze felt this terrifying chi, and his face went pale. Blood seeped out of his mouth.

At this moment, the ice bird charged into the air.

With this, four more powerful chi rose.

Their roars filled the entire desert.


Lu Ze was wondering. He was confused.

Why did the ice bird overlord suddenly want to fight?

But soon, Lu Ze grinned.


When they were heavily injured, he would find the girls and see if they could kill an overlord.

This idea was great, but Lu Ze felt that their chi disappeared almost at the same time.

Lu Ze was speechless. His smile froze.

They wouldn’t be that unlucky, right?

He really wasn’t confident in beating an overlord if he was alone even if the overlord was heavily injured.

Lu Ze felt bad.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of something. He looked at that blue light in the glacier.

While the overlord wasn’t here, he would go see what that is.

Lu Ze flew closer and closer. He started to feel that it was difficult to move. His body seemed to have been frozen.

His eyes flashed with shock.

So powerful!

This thing was almost like an ice G.o.d art domain.

Unlike the domain, this place was very suitable for G.o.d art learning.

When Lu Ze was just a few thousand kilometers from that blue spot, he couldn’t get closer anymore.

Even though he used the Water G.o.d Art Domain, he could only stay here.

He could see what that light spot was.

It was an ice-blue crystal that was about ten meters in diameter.

The Ice G.o.d Art knowledge came from it.

Lu Ze was certain that if he could get close to it, he would be able to learn domain-level Ice G.o.d Art.

If he brought this outside, it could definitely become an extremely terrifying Ice G.o.d Art Domain cultivation sacred ground.

Everyone would have a chance of learning Ice G.o.d Art!

Pity… he probably wouldn’t be able to take it, unless he killed the ice bird overlord.

At this moment, a furious roar sounded. A blue beam shot at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze wanted to dodge, but he was greatly slowed in this region.

The light froze him completely, including his consciousness.