Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1234 - Solo Kill Cosmic Cloud State Peak Super Beast

Chapter 1234 - Solo Kill Cosmic Cloud State Peak Super Beast

Chapter 1234: Solo Kill Cosmic Cloud State Peak Super Beast

In the air, Lu Ze saw the boundless region of the glacier. He was a little surprised.

This was a region he had never seen before.

This map was too vast, and they had never explored every area.

Is this the territory of the ice bird boss then?

Lu Ze concealed his chi and went inside. Soon, he saw a white bear. It was a level-8 cosmic cloud state. It was merely an ordinary beast.

He patted the white bear on the head with spirit flames. With a thud, the beast dropped to the ground as it breathed its last. Like usual, Lu Ze then collected the drops.

When he saw the ice G.o.d art orb, Lu Ze grinned. Thereafter, he proceeded further.

As he went deeper, the number of beasts Lu Ze encountered grew. They consisted of white apes, foxes, and several other beasts.

All of them were level-5 cosmic cloud states and above.

With Lu Ze’s exceptional strength this time, none of the opponents could withstand any one of his insurmountable attacks.

A few hours later, he moved to a cave that harbored a powerful chi.

Right there and then, a 50-meter-tall white bear walked out.

This white bear had ice armor on its legs and forehead. Its chi was very powerful.

It was a peak cosmic cloud state super beast.

The beast clearly noticed Lu Ze and roared.

The roar shocked the mountain range.

Lu Ze grinned.

Perfect! He hadn’t fought using full power for a long time. He would test it now.

Lu Ze yelled, and a bronze light flowed. An extremely terrifying combat will shoot up like a bronze sun.

Dim and complex runes spun around in this light and fused into Lu Ze’s body.

With this, Lu Ze’s cultivation level shot up. He reached level-7 peak cosmic cloud state and was nearing level-8.

Lu Ze panted.

He almost increased two levels of power with just beginner mastery of Undying Battle Intent.

The ice bear sensed Lu Ze’s rise in power.

It lifted its paw and slammed it heavily on the glacier.

Sharp icicles shot out towards Lu Ze.


The entire glacier rattled, and thin cracks appeared.

There was a ditch that was tens of meters deep where Lu Ze was.

Lu Ze appeared on the side of the bear.

Bronze spirit flames burned as his chi rose again after he used Body G.o.d Art.

Lu Ze clenched his fist as terrifying power shocked the s.p.a.ce.

Earth Shocking Blow.

Lu Ze’s chi rose to an extremely terrifying extent.


Lu Ze stopped in the air and stomped.

Air waves surged.

The ice bear roared. Its right palm was covered in frost and formed a thick layer of ice armor.

Even Lu Ze felt extremely cold from that.


Lu Ze’s hand clashed with the ice bear’s palm. A thunderous sound erupted as the ground cracked. Quite some cracks appeared on the mountain as huge blocks of ice fell.

A ditch tens of kilometers wide formed where they clashed.

The two paused for a moment and then Lu Ze disappeared.

The ice bear roared and disappeared from the spot at a speed that didn’t match its enormous body.


The entire mountain range was quaking, and it turned into a thunderstorm.

Almost instantly, the surrounding few thousand kilometers of glaciers were ravaged to the ground.


Lu Ze and the ice bear appeared again.

The mountain had turned into a basin now.

Lu Ze received some wounds, but the ice bear looked completely fine.

Lu Ze recovered instantly. He grinned.

Although it seemed that he only had the lower hand, he didn’t even use his G.o.d art domain.

He just used Undying Battle Intent and other G.o.d arts and divine arts. The energy consumption was high but still manageable.

He could continue to fight for a while.

This meant that even if Lu Ze didn’t use the domain, he would rarely find a match in cosmic cloud state. He might even be able to fight level-1 cosmic realm states and suppress them!

After all, peak cosmic cloud state super beasts had about level-2 cosmic realm state power.

The ice bear roared as runes formed on its body.

Its chi suddenly rose, and the temperature dropped drastically again.

Divine art?

Lu Ze grinned.

Blue and golden spirit force emanated on this body forming a sea of lightning.

He used Lightning and Water G.o.d Art Domain!

They instantly covered the bear and crippled its divine art.

Even the Ice G.o.d Art around it was greatly weakened. The runes on its body were majorly dimmed.


The ice bear was confused.

At this moment, golden lightning b.a.l.l.s appeared. Each ball contained great power.


Lu Ze clasped his right hand, and all the lightning b.a.l.l.s instantly struck the ice bear.


Golden lightning!

Water waves!

The ice bear howled.

A few seconds later, the howling stopped. Lu Ze put away the domain.

His face was in pain, and he had used a little less than half of his power.


The bear was dead.

Its ma.s.sive body dropped to the ground.

Solo kill!

Now, he had already reached a level where he could kill a peak cosmic cloud state super beast by himself!