Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1233 - How Do They Have No Awareness?

Chapter 1233 - How Do They Have No Awareness?

Chapter 1233: How Do They Have No Awareness?

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At this moment, no one could utter a word. The atmosphere fell silent. Following a brief pause, someone from the Gus Race asked, “What do we do now, Lord?”

This level-8 cosmic realm state from the Gus Race wiped the blood from his mouth.

“The means employed by a cosmic monarch state are mysterious and incomprehensible. I don’t know if that being found us or not. We can’t stay at the Chaos Planet anymore. Leave now!”

The others’ eyes flashed with terror. The mention of the words ‘cosmic monarch state’ alone imposed an insurmountable pressure on them.

They quickly disguised themselves and ran off.

On the Elf Race s.h.i.+p, everyone returned to their rooms to rest. They would be spending the next five months...o...b..ard the transport.

In order to search for resources, their cultivation progress has slowed down lately. Still, they manage to acquire a lot.

Lu Ze especially got the Undying Battle Intent Divine Art. He pa.s.sed along this divine art to the girls. However, their Battle Intent G.o.d Art hadn’t reached the appropriate level of mastery yet.

As a result, the girls couldn’t even reach beginner mastery.

If everyone reached beginner mastery, they would soon be able to consider fighting overlord bosses.

Lu Ze used a golden dew and a level-8 cosmic cloud state super red liquid. Then, he used the spirit gathering room within the s.h.i.+p and pulled spirit force into his body.

At this point, Lu Ze’s body was even stronger than his cultivation level by a huge margin.

As soon as he began cultivating, his chi began to grow stronger at a terrifying speed.

Others would be scared to death if they saw this.

A day of Lu Ze’s cultivation was equivalent to thousands of years for other beings of the same state.

A few hours later, the energy of the red liquid was consumed.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. He was very happy with his progress. He had just broken through to level-6 cosmic cloud state for a week. At this rate, he would be able to reach level-7 cosmic cloud state in, at most, a month.

By the time he gets back to the Federation, he should be able to reach the cosmic realm state.

With his phenomena, the Human Race could be greatly empowered.

Lu Ze looked around. The girls were no longer there.

He walked out of the room and saw the girls sitting before the dinner table.

Alice just came back from outside. She flashed a smile at him. “Senior, you are done with cultivation! I just finished cooking!”

Lu Ze smiled and patted her head. “Where did you go just then?”

Alice rubbed her face against Lu Ze’s palm and answered, “I was delivering spirit food to my grandpa, Uncle Nangong, and the rest. Eating spirit food is better than directly consuming spirit fruits. It’s easier to digest.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “What are you talking about? Hurry and eat. Ying Ying is about to drool.”

Lin Ling giggled and rubbed Ying Ying’s little face.

However, Ying Ying didn’t even move. She just stared at the tablet with her hands holding her bowl and chopsticks.

Lu Ze was stunned. “Ying Ying, were you waiting for me so we could eat together?”

Was this still Ying Ying?

Lu Ze was touched.

Lu Li rolled her eyes. “Wake up, Ying Ying is waiting for Alice.”

The girls looked at him speechlessly.

‘Did he have no awareness?’

Lu Ze was utterly speechless.

After dinner, they played games and watched cartoons with Ying Ying for a while before returning to their room.

They could enter the Pocket Hunting Dimension now, so they grabbed the opportunity.

As soon as they appeared inside the dimension, they saw a cosmic system state fire wolf charging at them.

Halfway, it dropped down and turned to dust.

“We’re going to hunt beasts.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Be careful.”

He still needed to test the divine art fusion.

He could fuse two divine arts now, but fusing three divine arts was too hard.

However, Lu Ze was certain that if he could fuse the three ball divine arts together, their power would be on par with a cosmic realm state divine art.

The girls went off to hunt on their own. During this time, they have always been doing this, and it has been a great practice for them.

With their power, they could acquire more loot if they split off.

A few days later, Lu Li was walking in the desert.

At this juncture, she suddenly looked to the left. She felt the temperature in that direction drop.

She was curious and flew towards there.

The further she went, the lower the temperature was.

Right then, she saw boundless icebergs merging with the desert.

The sunlight was reflected beautifully from the glacier.

It looked surreal.

She even saw a few snow-white bears. They were all 8-9 meters tall.

Lu Li rejoiced. They had never been here before.

Is she the first to find it?

She grinned and went inside while using Chi Concealing G.o.d Art.

The temperature there was getting lower and lower. Even Lu Li was feeling the bite of the cold.

She looked around and didn’t find any other beasts. Hence, she made the darkness fall over those bears.

The bears roared in confusion.

During this time, a ghost-like figure sliced past the level-8 cosmic cloud state white bear.


The bear died. Before it dropped to the ground, the figure was gone.

The first bear turned to dust.

There was a G.o.d art orb that was icy blue.

Lu Li picked it up and grinned.

“Ice element?”

Did the ice bird overlord live here?

Her eyes flashed as she ventured deeper into the glacier.


A thunderous explosion occurred in the desert.

Fire, lightning, and poison spread out.

All the nearby beasts were killed in a hideous manner.

After the explosion calmed down, a charred ‘thing’ was revealed at the bottom of the pit.

It twitched and then cracked, revealing the white skin inside.

Lu Ze crawled out of the charred sh.e.l.l. His chi was extremely weak.

It still didn’t work…

He could only sigh then.

If he tried to fuse three divine arts at full force, they would explode. He almost killed himself earlier.

Suddenly, Lu Ze paused. He felt the death of Lu Li.

What happened?

She was very careful, and yet, she died faster than Nangong Jing?

Should he go and have a look?