Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1227 - We Have Lot's Of Money!

Chapter 1227 - We Have Lot's Of Money!

Chapter 1227: We Have Lot’s Of Money!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The restaurant Sabrina mentioned wasn’t far from where they were now. It was all part of the wealthy region of Chaos Planet.

Soon, they entered a tall building made of white alloy.

The doors alone were ten meters tall. Customers from all sorts of races came in and out. Some races were less than a meter tall while some were over ten meters tall.

Most races were about 2-3 meters tall, so Lu Ze and the girls were on the shorter side.

There was a large foyer, and there were all sorts of shops on the side.

This shopping mall looked much larger on the inside than outside.

They probably used s.p.a.ce expansion technology.

Sabrina said pretty much all buildings here used that technology.

Yet, not many buildings in the Divine Realm of the Elf Cosmic Realm used this technology.

There were people bargaining and haggling.

Lu Ze felt that he had returned to a shopping mall in the federation.

Lu Ze sighed.

Sabrina smiled and said, “The restaurants are usually at the top few floors. The ones below are shops like this.”

Lu Ze said, “Then, let’s go to the most exotic restaurant here. Money is not a problem.”

The girls glared at him.

Qiuyue Hesha said unhappily, “Is Alice’s cooking not tasty enough? Why are we eating so expensive outside? It’s so wasteful!”

The girls nodded.

“Let’s just try something we haven’t had before.”

Lu Ze didn’t dare to speak.

Red Flame Saint and the others were confused.

They still didn’t know who this man was and what his relations.h.i.+p with Alice and the others was.

It didn’t seem to be simple.

Red Flame Saint hesitated whether he should say something or not.

Sabrina nodded. “The restaurant where we are going to is exceptional. The price isn’t expensive. It’s quite worth it.”

The girls nodded happily.

They weren’t poor, but they weren’t too wealthy. They were just cosmic cloud states after all and they had a race to feed.

Sabrina and the others went upstairs.

There were three hundred levels in this shopping mall. This restaurant was on the 288th floor.

They found that this restaurant was decorated in a way that was pleasing to the human eye.

The walls were black and white alloy. There were sculptures and paintings of cosmic beasts, vibrant galaxies, utopia, and wars.

Lu Ze and the girls sighed.

The longer a civilization existed, the deeper their artistic heritage was.

They could tell the heritage of this race just by looking at the paintings.

Even Lily and Louisa, who were proud of their heritage, were amazed.

While they were looking, a waiter wearing a strange uniform walked over.

It had purple-red skin and a dark ring on its head. It looked quite similar to the Human Race. It smiled rather amicably, too.


Sabrina said, “Take us to the first-grade room.”

The waiter nodded. “Please follow me.”

Lu Ze and the girls walked around and came before a room.

The waiter opened it and smiled. “Please come in.”

This room was larger than they had expected. It was about 200 square me.

However, there was no furniture at all. There weren’t even tables and chairs.

Lu Ze and the girls were dazed.

However, they acted calm and said nothing.

The waiter went onto a device on the wall and soon, the group opened up, metallic parts flew out and formed tables and chairs in the air.

At the same time, other furniture appeared.

So that was it.

The waiter smiled. “Please have a seat and order. Our chef will cook it as fast as possible.”

Sabrina nodded.

The waiter bowed. “I’ll be leaving first. You can call me whenever you need.”

Everyone sat down and the chairs started to ripple and adjust into the shape that suited them the most.

Zheng Shuiyue smiled. “This is really comfortable. We should get some of these too.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s order.”

Ying Ying nodded.

Sabrina explained. “Press the table before you, and a screen will appear. You can look at the menu yourself.

Lu Ze and the girls did so.

“Is this star-winged dragon wings tasty? Haven’t you had it?”

“Order one!”

“What is this molten rock spirit?”

“Order one!”


“Order one!”

Even Sabrina felt awkward.

After a while, Lu Ze sighed. “Let’s just order these for now. We can order more if we don’t have enough.

Red Flame Saint and the others were speechless.

They looked at the 30 million prices, and their hearts ached.

This was called saving money?

Lu Ze saw an environment b.u.t.ton on the screen and asked, “What is this?”

He pressed it and chose a sea picture.

Immediately, light flowed in the room, and they seemed to be immersed in the ocean. Giant sea creatures swam past them.

It was dreamlike and beautiful.

Nangong Jing and the others were stunned.

“So beautiful!”

Sabrina said with a smile, “This is one of the special features of the room. It can holographically project an environment.

“So that’s it, let me try too.” Lin Ling clicked a forest picture.

Immediately, the ocean disappeared and was replaced with a huge forest.

“I want to try too.” Alice giggled.

The environment changed to the vibrant cosmos.

Eventually, they settled on a warm, sunny island.

After that, Red Flame Saint looked at the girls and smiled at Alice. “Alice, why don’t you introduce them to us?”