Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1226 - Is There Something Wrong?

Chapter 1226 - Is There Something Wrong?

Chapter 1226: Is There Something Wrong?

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“Where should we go to find out information about the auction?” Red Flame Saint asked.

Sabrina smiled. “We don’t need to look for it. They will promote it.”

She pointed at a tall building. “Look there.”

There was a holographic advert.

It consisted of words written in a universal common language, providing that the auction would be held in five hours. The occupants of the planet could enter the Star Realm Net to check the information of the auction items.

Sabrina opened her mouth and said, “This auction belongs to the Chaos Planet, so they want as many visitors to come as possible. There are also adverts on the Realm Net.”

Nangong Jing relaxed a little now. “We finally made it.”

She was very worried that the auction would already be over by the time they arrived.

Lu Ze nodded. “Can we check the items online? Sabrina, how do we log on there? I want to see if Uncle Nangong and the others are there.”

After hearing Lu Ze’s words, Sabrina smiled and said, “I have a device here.”

Under her operation, they soon entered the auction website.

“You can check it here.”

This website was very simple.

Sabrina clicked the auction items.

There were many items displayed on this page including weapons, armor, serum, spirit fruit, metals, and so forth.

Spirit beasts and slaves were included too.

Sabrina clicked into the slave’s column.

At the very top was a spiky white-boned alien. It looked hideous and had a slender build.

The information was: [Lin Bone Race’s Extreme Beauty. Very talented. Level-4 cosmic realm state. Extreme grade slave.]

Luze, his girls, Lily, Louise, and everyone in the Terran were extremely shocked.

Extreme beauty seemed very eerie for this hideous face.

Was this an extreme monster?!

Lily’s mouth twitched, and she said silently, “I didn’t expect aliens to define extreme beauty like this.”

Sabrina smiled. “Different races have different aesthetic perceptions.”

“But even cosmic realm states can be caught and sold as slaves.”

Lu Li frowned in disbelief.

Sabrina opened her mouth and said, “Wars between races in the Chaos Star Realm are incessant. This Lin Bone Race has probably been annihilated. Those captured alive are sold as slaves.”

Lu Ze and the girls rejoiced that their race wasn’t in the Chaos Star Realm. Otherwise, they would be easily annihilated.

Lu Ze coughed. “Let’s look for Uncle Nangong and the others first.”

Sabrina nodded and began scrolling.

There were a few thousand slaves from all sorts of races.

Their cultivation level ranked from cosmic realm state to planetary state.

Some slaves were sold individually, while some were sold in batches.

At the last few rows, they finally found Nangong Lin and the others.

[Human Race from a distant star realm. Slaves were brought back from the Xavier Ancient Ruins. Medium-low talent, star state cultivation level. Six in total. Sold in batches.]

Nangong Jing’s eyes went red. “My father is fine, that’s great.”

Red Flame Saint said, “As long as they are alive, there is hope.”

Lu Ze nodded. “We’ll just buy them back.”

There were four cosmic monarch states in the Chaos Star Realm. It was best not to attempt a robbery.

Only Ying Ying was a cosmic monarch state on their side.

Just the shockwave from the cosmic monarch state battle would be enough to kill them a few hundred times.

Red Flame Saint looked worriedly. “Do we have enough money?”

Alice smiled. “Don’t worry Elder, we’ve brought back quite some resources from the Xavier Ancient Ruins.”

Red Flame Saint nodded.

After seeing that her father was okay, Nangong Jing’s mood recovered. Nangong Jing smiled and said, “There’s still a few hours before the auction. What should we do during this time?”

Sabrina said, “I’ll buy the tickets to the auction first, and then, we should exchange some resources into the currency here. That’s how we will pay for things in the auction.”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded. “Please lead the way, Sabrina.”

Sabrina nodded and took them to a shop to sell weapons and equipment. Lu Ze sold some of the equipment he got from other beings in the Xavier ancient ruins for money.

A lot of the equipment of foreign races wasn’t suitable for humans, so they might as well be sold.

Star state equipment was usually a few hundred common coins. Cosmic system states were a few thousand to tens of thousands. Cosmic cloud states were hundreds of thousands to a few million. Cosmic realm state equipment ranged from tens of millions to a few billion.

Lu Ze and the girls had acquired way too much equipment.

They had tens of cosmic realm state equipment!

However, Lu Ze didn’t plan to sell them unless they were things that they really couldn’t use.

After all, the strongest in their team was only a level-1 cosmic realm state. Selling too much would raise too much attention.

Lu Ze only sold eight, and that gave him nearly 900 million common coins. The other lower-grade ones sold for a total of 100 million common coins.

They have about 1 billion common coins now.

The attendant at the shop, Red Flame Saint and the others were astounded. They didn’t expect Lu Ze and the girls to be so wealthy.

Just what did they do at the Xavier Ancient Ruins?

“Okay, now we just need to wait for the auction.” Lu Ze smiled.

Afterward, Alice said, “There are still four hours left. What should we do?”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up when he heard Alice’s words. Thinking of something, he said, “We’ve been busy, so let’s find a restaurant with good food.”

Old Yu laughed. “I hope there’s alcohol here. I haven’t drunk for a long time.”

Sabrina smiled and said, “I do know of a nice restaurant.”