Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1228 - Is This Something A Human Does?!

Chapter 1228 - Is This Something A Human Does?!

Chapter 1228: Is This Something A Human Does?!

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Everyone looked curiously at Lu Ze and the girls.

They also wanted to know who Lu Ze was.

Alice blushed.

Seeing this, Red Flame Saint had a bad feeling.

Alice introduced Lu Ze and the girls.

She didn’t mention the Pocket Hunting Dimension and just said they were favored by some powerful being and were given a lot of resources.

When they heard Lu Ze was just one year older than Alice, their faces were strange.

After all, the power Lu Ze showed was too terrifying. They didn’t expect him to only be in his 20’s.

Sabrina began to doubt herself.

She was a prodigy too, but she couldn’t be compared to Lu Ze and the girls at all.

Red Flame Saint’s face went green.

My precious granddaughter is just taken like that?!

Even old Nangong’s and Lin’s granddaughters were taken too. This guy took five in one go?!

He almost exploded on the spot.


Was this something a human did?

Old Nangong and Lin didn’t beat this kid to death?

Merlin and Zhu Honglian agreed too?!

He almost swore. He felt it was difficult to breathe.

However, he was saved by this guy.

Red Flame Saint wondered if he should explode.

Seeing Alice with a blissful and shy face, Red Flame Saint sighed.

They’ve already done the deeds. What could he do?

When Lu Ze saw Red Flame Saint’s glance that looked like he wanted to beat him up, he sweated cold.

He smiled sycophantically.

He was strong, but he couldn’t show his temper.

This was Alice’s grandpa. He wanted his best wishes, of course.

He did take five girls in one go after all.

Seeing Lu Ze smile like that, Eric and the others looked at each other.

Lu Ze was rather dominant at the Xavier Ancient Ruins and destroyed the Gus Race base and killed all of them.

Yet, he had such a timid side?

They didn’t dare to believe it.

Red Flame Saint sighed helplessly and said no more.

Alice poked out her tongue.

Then, the saint said, “I didn’t expect Old Lin to have recovered, too.”

Old Lin’s injuries had been troubling the four saints a lot. He also came out this time to search for a way to cure Old Lin.

Now that both of them were fine, he felt greatly relieved.

Lin Ling smiled. “Elder Yourista, my grandpa, and the other elders have been thinking about you.”

After all, Red Flame Saint was the only one missing out of them now.

If the other elders didn’t need to guard the Human Race, they would want to come out searching for him.

The group had known each other since the Federation was just formed. They had been comrades for two thousand years.

Red Flame Saint smiled. “After we save the others, we’ll go back.”

The other few old people nodded too.

They were tired from venturing out for so long.

People wanted a home to settle.

Nangong Jing smiled. “If Elder Yourista goes back, grandpa and the rest would be very excited.”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded and smiled.

At this moment, their door was suddenly knocked.

Lu Ze and the girls looked over.

Sabrina smiled and said, “Come in.”

That waiter from before came in. He bowed and said, “Guests, the food is ready. Should we bring it up?”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded.

Ying Ying was almost about to drool.

The waiter smiled and came before the table. He took out the spirit dishes from the storage ring and placed them on the table.

Soon, dozens of dishes covered the table.

They were all spirit food and glowed in all sorts of spirit light. Aroma spread out.

The waiter bowed. “The food has all been served. Please, enjoy.”

The waiter closed the door and left.

Lu Ze and the girls smiled. “Mhm! This is tasty!”

“This too!”

“Wow, this is amazing!”


The others also wanted to eat after seeing how much Lu Ze and the girls enjoyed the food.

The spirit foods ranged from planetary state to cosmic cloud state. The other humans were all-star state and cosmic system state. They couldn’t eat much spirit food.

They could only eat planetary state, star state, and cosmic system state spirit food.

Despite this, they only had some and couldn’t eat anymore.

There was too much energy in this.

They could already feel their progress.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze and the girls ate incessantly. It was too easy for them to digest the energy in the food.

Even Lily and Sabrina couldn’t eat them.

Of course, the strongest was Ying Ying.

After the food on the table was devoured, Lu Ze gasped. “Should we have some more?”

Red Flame Saint quickly waved his hand. “Ze, that’s enough… enough! We still need to go to the auction.”

Lu Ze nodded. “In that case, never mind.”

Sabrina looked at the time and said, “There’s an hour left. We can head off now.”

Lu Ze and the girls paid the bill and left.

Soon, they arrived in the central region. The auction house was a signature building of the Chaos Planet. It was rather large.

It was about a few kilometers tall and took over 10 square kilometers. It was almost like a small city.

People were checked before they could go in. They could only enter if they had a certain amount of a.s.sets.

Lu Ze and the girls had nearly 1 billion common coins. It wasn’t too much, but it was fine to enter.

After they entered the front door, it was a foyer.

It was over ten kilometers wide.

There were plenty of people there. They were seated based on their a.s.sets.

Lu Ze and the girls sat in the medium region.

This place was so large that it could seat a few million people.

Each time the auction was held, all seats were filled.

Red Flame Saint and the others felt that almost everyone around them was countless times stronger than them and felt quite nervous.

After a while, a metal stage rose in the air. It was a being with one horn.

Its chi was a peak cosmic realm state.

With this, everyone calmed down.

The auctioneer grinned. “Welcome everyone to Heaven Star Auction! The auction begins now!”