Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1225 - Destroy A Galaxy

Chapter 1225 - Destroy A Galaxy

Chapter 1225: Destroy A Galaxy

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As Ying Ying nodded, a bright starlight flashed in her eyes.

The dim s.p.a.ce around the prison planet suddenly glowed with specks of starlight. A vibrant blue light pillar surged and shot into the central region of the planet.


The entire prison planet quaked.

This huge commotion made Agnes and Sapel stop.

Agnes’ face changed rapidly. “d.a.m.n it! Who is that?!”

Suddenly, a terrifying power rose from the central region.

“Hahaha! I’m free!!”

“Hahaha! Gus Race! I’m back!!”

“Now that I’ve gained freedom, I will make the Gus Race become rivers of blood!!”

Agnes’ face went pale.

This is over!

These enemies were all major enemies of the Gus Race.

They were at least a middle-stage cosmic realm state!

This was an unimaginable disaster!

At this moment, a roar sounded. “I’ve been imprisoned for two billion years! Now, I’m free!”

With this roar, the entire prison planet shook.

Those roaring voices instantly went quiet.

Everyone’s face trembled with despair.

Cosmic monarch state!

Sapel stiffened and frowned. His eyes cleared up a little.

“Where is this?”

He looked around in confusion.

Agnes almost spat blood. He was finally awake.

Just when he was about to speak, a purple beam penetrated his chest.

Agnes looked at his chest in disbelief as he opened his mouth and died on the spot.

Sapel froze on the spot.

This was the prison planet?!

Cosmic monarch state?

Why am I here?

Suddenly, a purple light flashed, and he also died.


Purple light surged around the entire planet.

This powerful chi seemed to know no boundary.

It started to expand until the entire Gus Galaxy felt this powerful chi.

Everyone trembled.

“What’s going on? Did a powerful being descend upon our race?”

“Cosmic monarch state!”

In the central region of the Gus Galaxy, there was a huge, black planet.

Inside a palace on the planet, several beings began to open their eyes.

They looked in the direction of the chi in disbelief.

“That’s from the prison planet?!”

“What happened there??”

“Where is the cosmic monarch state chi?”

At this moment, a cosmic realm state peak’s face changed. He said in terror, “Is it the person being locked up!”

Everyone was in disbelief. “Impossible! Our ancestors personally sealed that being!”

At this moment, a powerful chi rose from the depth of the palace.

Sensing this, everyone rejoiced.

“It’s the Grand Elder!”

“Has he reached the cosmic monarch state?”

Immediately, they heard a desperate voice. “d.a.m.n it, come back! Activate the teleportation formation. Send the ancestral planet out. At least, we’ll be able to preserve some seeds!

Even their Grand Elder was no match?

They did as they were told, and the planet glowed with silver runes before disappearing.

On the prison planet, a six-meter tall bulky purple being roared in fury.

“Argh! Don’t run!”

He disappeared from the spot.

Before he left, he shot out a purple spirit force ball that exploded.

The spirit light surged in all directions. All astral bodies were burned to dust.

The explosion expanded until it devoured the entire Gus Galaxy.

Lu Ze and the girls sensed this chi, and their faces went pale.

Did that being casually destroy a galaxy like that?

He quickly ate some cosmic cloud state spirit force serum and kept jumping with s.p.a.ce transmission.

Soon, he fled a few million light-years away.

Seeing the purple energy that spanned nearly a million light-years, everyone gasped.

Red Flame Saint said, “That’s terrifying! Just what level did that being reach?!”

Sabrina said with terror, “It’s a cosmic monarch state! I didn’t expect that the Gus Race still had a cosmic monarch state.”

“That cosmic monarch state seems to be the prisoner Sapel spoke of? He escaped?”

“And casually destroyed the Gus Galaxy?”

Lu Ze and the girls pitied the Gus Race.

Lu Ze said, “Okay, let’s go to Chaos Star.”

The girls nodded.

Lu Ze looked at Sabrina. “Where is the Chaos Star?”

Sabrina said, “That way, about 200 million light-years.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Let’s head off then.”

In the central region of the Chaos Star Realm, there was an extremely huge celestial body. it also had an equally large planet revolving around it.

This planet looked very prosperous.

Lu Ze and the girls appeared on this planet. “This is the Chaos Planet? There are so many people.”

Sabrina nodded “This is the trade center of the chaos star realm.”

“Let’s go see when that auction starts.”

Soon, they entered Chaos Planet.

Although the Chaos Star Realm was very chaotic, individuals were quite well-behaved here.

After all, this place was protected by the Chaos Realm Lord. He was the strongest being in the entire Chaos Star Realm. There are a few cosmic monarch state civilizations behind him.

No one dared to cause trouble here.