Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1222 - Death Without Regret

Chapter 1222 - Death Without Regret

Chapter 1222: Death Without Regret

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Sapel nodded. “I’ll go to the prison planet first then.”

The soldier was dazed. “But Lord Sapel, Grand Elder…”

Sapel glanced at the strong soldier and said lightly, “I’ll go over in a moment.”


Sapel then led Lu Ze and the girls out of the s.p.a.ce station. The group looked at the Gus Race’s cosmic fortress.

One had to say that the Gus Race was much stronger than the Elf Race. Cosmic cloud states were everywhere.

They also found that their technology was much more advanced than the Elf Race. The Gus Race had teleportation formation.

The Elf Race relied on the Divine Tree while the Gus Race actually built them with a lot of resources. Therefore, they couldn’t place teleportation formations on all major systems. However, they did place formations on important junctions.

The prison planet was where the Gus Race locked up prisoners. It was also a major junction.

The guardian of the teleportation hall was also someone who just reached the cosmic realm state. This made Lu Ze and the girls realize more how strong the Gus Race was.

It was just a s.p.a.ce fortress, and there were two cosmic realm states.

Lu Ze and the girls went into the formation, and in a flash, they arrived at a dark hall.

A surprised voice questioned, “Sapel? Why are you here?”

Everyone turned around. It was someone from the Gus Race wearing black armor. The chi the individual was emitting was distorting the s.p.a.ce. His chi was extremely strong and just slightly weaker than Sapel.

Sapel grinned. “Babery, I didn’t expect you to be guarding the prison planet teleportation formation!”

Clearly, the two of them were quite close.

Barbery smiled and nodded. “Didn’t you go with those few gold guys to the Xavier Ancient Ruins? Are you done with your things?”

Sapel nodded. “Mhm, done, I just came back.”

Barbery looked behind him, “Who are these few…?”

Sapel smiled and said, “A few prodigies I encountered at the Xavier Ancient Ruins. I’m taking them back to treat them at the race.”

Every race would try to connect better with prodigies. The Gus Race was surviving in the Chaos Star Realm, and they knew the importance of forming good alliances.

If not, even a powerful race like the Gus Race would be devoured by the pack of wolves.


Barbery frowned. “Why did you take them to the prison planet?”

Sapel flashed a smile and said, “I’m not going to the central region. They were just curious about the slaves brought back from the Xavier Ancient Ruins.”

“Mining slaves?”

Barbery had a strange expression. “You’re interested in low-level beings?”

Sapel simply raised the corners of his lips. “Well, they’re just there anyways. I’ll take a few back to play.”

Barbery showed a clear smile. “That is alright then. I’ll let someone take you there. But let me say this first, you can’t go to the central region. Don’t make this hard for your brother. Agnes is also there.”

Sapel frowned and nodded.

Barbery took a few soldiers and led Sapel and the others away.

Barbery raised a brow. “Strange, since when did Sapel become interested in these low-level beings?”

He shook his head. His spirit senses were rather accurate. That was Sapel for sure. Then, there should be no problem.

Perhaps, he was just bored and wanted some fun. Barbery didn’t think too much.

There were no astral bodies around the prison planet. The entire body was dark, and the gravity was extremely high. The environment was very bad. However, there were still black cl.u.s.ters of buildings.

Some of it was the defense force barracks, and some were the prisons.

As soon as they left the teleportation hall, they felt the murderous chi in the air. It almost tainted the black s.p.a.ce red.

Qiuyue Hesha asked Sapel, “What’s that region of s.p.a.ce?”

Sapel quickly responded, “Lord, that’s the central region of the prison planet. They locked up all the traitors of the Gus Race or major enemies of our race. They were very strong. The weakest was a cosmic realm state. It’s said that there’s even a cosmic monarch state locked up within.”

Lu Ze and the girls were surprised.

“How could a cosmic monarch state be caught by the Gus Race?”

Sapel smiled. “Our ancestors captured him. Our ancestor was a cosmic monarch state. It’s said that this being was locked up 2 billion years ago. But ever since our ancestor died, the Gus Race hadn’t had a cosmic monarch state for a billion years.”

Lu Ze and the girls didn’t expect that the Gus Race once had a cosmic monarch state.

This was really strong.


Lu Ze suddenly had an interesting idea.

Soon, the Gus Race brought them before a huge black structure. “Lord Sapel, we’re here.”

Lu Ze and the girls looked at the huge black structure. It was a square and similar to Sapel’s s.h.i.+p.

They saw quite some of these structures on the way here. They were probably used to lock up the weakest prisoners.

Sapel nodded. “Okay, I’ll go by myself. You guys can wait outside.”


Sapel took Lu Ze and the girls into the prison.

The prison was very dark. There was a not too bright light every period of distance. Prison cells were on the two sides. The prison cells were tightly shut, and there was no sound.

However, the doors had transparent material, and they could see what was inside.

They started to look for people.

In a dim cell, there were four injured humans on the ground. Their eyes were dim.

One of them was a bulky old man with dark red hair. His injuries were the worst.

At this moment, a white-haired old man spat black blood. The blood quickly sizzled on the ground.

The other three old men looked over, but when they wanted to crawl up, they couldn’t. They just tore their wounds and more blood flowed out.

That dark red-haired man forced himself up and went to the old man. He opened his mouth. “Old Yu, how are you?”

Old Yu coughed. He wanted to lift his hand, but it dropped down. “Lord Red Flame, I probably won’t make it. I’m going with them…”

The Red Flame Saint’s mouth twitched. His eyes were full of sadness.

The Red Flame Saint spoke slowly. “It’s my fault. If it wasn’t for my descendant, you guys wouldn’t be like this. Nangong and the rest are also being sold as slaves..”

Old Yu shook his head. “It’s not your fault. Alice’s talent is too amazing. If she can awaken it, it’s a huge opportunity for the Human Race. We are all doing this on our own accord.”

A silver-haired old woman said, “Yeah, as long as Alice can awaken it, so what if we die? She will take the Human Race to a new height.”

A gray-haired old man grinned. “We’ve profited, actually. Eric wasn’t caught. He has a chance to bring that treasure back to the Human Race.. With that, Alice can at least begin to awaken. Then, we would die with no regrets…”