Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1223 - Am I About To Die?

Chapter 1223 - Am I About To Die?

Chapter 1223: Am I About To Die?

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After hearing this, Red Flame Saint’s eyes went red. He wasn’t able to speak for a long time.

They all knew their lives were over.

That sliver of power that the Gus Race showed alone was enough to make them feel despair. A random soldier they sent could annihilate the Human Race.

Who could save them then?

They only hoped that Eric would bring the treasure back.

Old Yu’s pale face had a trace of blackness. His body was getting weaker.

The three of them looked at Old Yu with sadness.

Old Yu smiled. “Why are you guys like this? I’m just leaving first. Soon, you three will be joining me. What’s there to be sad about?”

The silver-haired old man smiled. “Haha, that’s true.”

Old Yu sighed softly. “Too bad, I haven’t drunk wine for a long time. If only I could get a drink before I die…”


At this moment, the door slowly rattled and opened. The three of them looked up.

When they saw it was Sapel, their eyes flashed with intense hatred. They were probably about to die.

If he had an inkling of power left, he would charge up and fight.

At this moment, the being from the Gus Race moved aside and spoke respectfully to the person behind him. “Lord, is it them?”

At this moment, a shaky voice exclaimed. “Old man!”

When Alice saw how pitiful Red Flame Saint was, her eyes went red, and she immediately cried.

She instantly appeared before the saint and sent a wave of green light into his body. With her current power, his injuries were healed rapidly. The saint was stunned at this girl.

The other three were also confused.

Lu Ze and the girls also walked in.

Killing intent burned in their eyes when they saw how pitiful they were.

Red Flame Saint and the others weren’t able to react for a long time.

When Red Flame Saint saw Alice’s blue hair and her familiar little face, he said uncertainly, “… Alice?”

The last time he returned, Alice was still a little girl. Although she has grown up, he still recognizes her. But that made him more uncertain.

This was the Gus Race!

Who knew how many light-years this was from the Milky Way!

Alice was only just 20 years old. How could she be here?

Alice shouldn’t be able to cultivate as well!

And what was that healing speed before?

He knew how injured he was, but Alice cured him in such a short instant.

How was this possible?!

Alice nodded and smiled. “Elder, we’re here to save you!”

Save them?

The group was more dazed.

Lu Ze moved next to Old Yu. He frowned. “His injuries are so heavy. Did someone insert poison into your body?”

He pressed on Old Yu’s body.

Seeing this, Red Flame Saint wanted to stop him. “Wait! Who are you?! What do you want to do?!”

This man seemed to be human, and his chi was very powerful.


Red Flame Saint knew there was no way the Human Race could have such a powerful being. He had no impression of this man.

Alice quickly said, “Grandpa, it’s fine. Let Senior cure him. He’s very amazing.”


Red Flame Saint was more dazed. Alice was only in her twenties. Her senior should be in his twenties as well?

At this moment, a dark green light flashed on Lu Ze’s right hand. He used Poison G.o.d Art and instantly cured old Yu’s poison.

A crisp green light flowed from him, and he used Life G.o.d Art that was far stronger than Alice used.

In an instant, Old Yu’s injuries were cured. If his clothes weren’t bloodied, one wouldn’t be able to tell he was injured.

Old Yu was confused.

He was dumbfounded. “I… I did recover? I’m fine?!”

He could feel his body filled with power.

Wasn’t I about to die? How did I heal?

The other three were also confused.

Lu Ze scanned the other two elders. They were just heavily injured and weren’t poisoned. He cured them in an instant too.


Nangong Jing asked desperately, “Grandpa Yousta, where’s my father?”

Nangong Jing was very worried.

Red Flame Saint was stunned for a moment and said in disbelief, “You… you are Jing Jing?”

The saints were very close, and naturally, he was familiar with Nangong Jing. He was in even more disbelief.

The last time he went back to the Federation, wasn’t Nangong Jing the only aperture opening state?!

In just over a decade, he couldn’t even see what this girl’s cultivation level was?!

The chi coming off from her definitely wasn’t just at cosmic system state.

She was probably a cosmic cloud state!

Aperture opening state to cosmic cloud state in just a decade?!

Red Flame Saint mumbled in disbelief. “Are we dreaming?”

Lu Ze and the girls were speechless.

Eric said, “Red Flame Boss, Old Yu, Fangfang, Old Qian, you’re not dreaming. We’re here to save you.”

Old Yu exclaimed, “Eric? Didn’t you run away? Why are you here as well??”

Eric replied, “I’ll have to explain this to you later. By the way, where are the rest?”

Red Flame Saint looked worriedly at Nangong Jing. “A few old guys weren’t able to hold on and left… Xiao Lin and a few other young people were taken away by them. It’s said that they’re going to be sold off somewhere.”

Lu Ze and the girls breathed easy. At least they didn’t die.

Lu Ze took a deep breath and said, “It isn’t safe here. Let’s leave here first.”

The girls nodded. “Mhm.”

Red Flame Saint nodded. “How do we leave?”