Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1221 - How Weak

Chapter 1221 - How Weak

Chapter 1221: How Weak

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Five days later, they arrived at a wide-ranging cosmic realm. This realm had countless star clouds and astral bodies.

A wormhole appeared, and a brick-shaped s.h.i.+p came out.

Lu Ze and his girls were cultivating on their beds.

Lu Ze rubbed his forehead. The Undying Battle Intent was worth being called a cosmic lord divine art. It was much more difficult than he imagined.

Even though his War G.o.d Art was nearing the domain level, he still took nearly two months to attain beginner mastery. Still, he didn’t make any progress for a few days. It seemed as though his battle intent had to be stronger while his cultivation level should be higher before he could reach familiar mastery.

Lu Ze shook his head and didn’t dwell on it anymore. The girls were still cultivating, so he went out.

During this time, Ying Ying was watching cartoons. She turned her head for a bit and looked at Lu Ze. In the next second, she returned her focus to the show.

Lu Ze moved next to her and accompanied her watching. Suddenly, he asked, “Ying Ying, can you feel how many cosmic monarch states or above are in this solar system?”

Ying Ying blinked and answered, “There are six cosmic monarch states.”

Lu Ze frowned. That number of cosmic monarch states exist in this cosmic realm. He then asked, “How are they compared to you?”

Ying Ying replied, “The five are quite weak, but the remaining one is very strong.” She blinked once more. “But that one is still weaker than me.”

Lu Ze felt relieved. There was no issue then. After all, they can’t beat Ying Ying.

He smiled and rubbed her face. “Ying Ying, we are infiltrating the Gus Race soon. If there is no special circ.u.mstance that requires your intervention, do not make any move. And if we are caught by cosmic monarch states, then we could only rely on you.”

He explained, “This time, we are saving Sister Jing’s and Alice’s families. If you save them, Sister Alice would be happy and cook a delicious feast!”

Ying Ying nodded and patted her chest. “Leave it to me!”

At this time, she naturally knew that Nangong Jing and Alice weren’t in a good mood.

If possible though, Lu Ze didn’t want any encounters with the cosmic monarch states in the Chaos Star Realm.

Earlier, Sabrina had pointed out the few numbers of cosmic monarch state civilizations behind the Chaos Star Realm.

Given Ying Ying’s current power, Lu Ze felt they probably couldn’t fight with a few cosmic monarch state civilizations. If they forced it, the Human Race would be put in a precarious situation.

It was in their best interest to avoid a fight right now. After all, Ying Ying was from the Star Spirit Race. The Star Spirit Race was an emperor race. If they appeared here, they would catch the attention of various factions.

If the Human Race entered the line of sight of cosmic lord civilizations and Star Spirit Race, they would be too pa.s.sive.

At this moment, the girls came out. Nangong Jing and Alice still didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

Lu Ze flashed a smile at them. “We’re in the Chaos Star Realm.”

The group was surprised and looked outside. Their eyes lit up.

Right then, someone knocked on their door. Lu Ze went to open it and saw Sapel standing on the other side.

During this time, his injuries had recovered a little, but Lu Ze didn’t dare to let him heal completely.

Sapel said, “Master, we have arrived at the Chaos Star Realm. We can enter the Gus System in about six hours.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze raised a brow. “In that case, you can contact your race.”

Sapel nodded eagerly. “Yes, Master!”

Then, the man turned to leave.

Nangong Jing asked, “Ze, what do we do now?”

Lu Ze responded, “We can go with Sapel to the Gus System first. If Uncle Nangong and the rest are there, that would be great, but if they are not, we’ll see what we can do.”


The girls nodded.

Six hours later, they were near the Gus System.

They went to the foyer of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. The rest of the people were already waiting there.

Sabrina had a rather serious expression, but Lily and Louisa were calmer.

Meanwhile, Eric’s group was extremely nervous.

They were about to enter the base of the Gus Race. There were a few peak cosmic realm state bosses here!

Sapel looked at Lu Ze and the group. He said, “Master, I have contacted my race. I relayed that I’m bringing along prodigies whom I found in the Xavier Ancient Ruins.”

Lu Ze and the rest nodded.

Sapel asked, “Masters, should we go down?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Don’t be so respectful outside.”

This guy looked like a dog right now. It might arouse someone’s suspicion

The group went off. As soon as they alighted, there were already numerous soldiers from the Gus Race waiting outside.

This was the Gus Race defense force, and the leader was a cosmic realm state. His cultivation level seemed to have reached the cosmic realm state recently. The pack behind him consisted of cosmic cloud states. They all made strange hand signs to Sapel.

The leader greeted respectfully, “Welcome back, Lord Sapel.”

He asked in confusion, “Why didn’t Lord Gugu and the rest return with you?”

Sapel frowned. “They are still in the Xavier Ancient Ruins. That beast isn’t weak. Although we have heavily injured it and caused it to flee, they still plan to guard there for a while.”

The Gus leader answered, “So that’s it.” Then, he said, “Lord Sapel, Grand Elder heard that you have returned. He wants you to see him.”

Sapel nodded. “I know.”

Sapel suddenly said, “By the way, a group of miners suddenly ran away last time. How many did we catch?”

The soldier responded, “Lord, most of them have been caught.”

“How dare those low lives try to steal from our race?! They’re asking to die!”

“Lord Sapel, what do you want to do with them?”

‘Why would Sapel ask about these lowly miners?’

Sapel glanced at him coldly. “What? Do I need to explain to you what I am doing?”

The man from the Gus Race shuddered. “I don’t dare!”

Sapel nodded. “Where are they now?”

The man answered, “Probably on a prison planet…” He continued, “But a portion of them were taken to the Chaos Star Realm. You know that the Heaven Star Auction is about to begin. Some of them can be sold for a price.”


The soldier advised, “I don’t know the specifics too well.. If you’re interested, you can go to the prison planet and ask.”