Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1218 - You… Behind You…

Chapter 1218 - You… Behind You…

Chapter 1218: You… Behind You…

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Lu Ze smiled. “Speak, tell us about your Gus Race’s power. How many cosmic realm states do you have? Who is the strongest?”

Sapel opened his mouth and answered, “The strongest is our grand elder. Before he went into solitary cultivation, he was a peak cosmic realm state. He has been in solitary cultivation for 6000 years. His power might have reached the cosmic monarch state. We also have three peak cosmic realm state elders, fourteen level-8 cosmic realm state higher-ups. I’m one of them. As for cosmic realm states, we have nearly 200.”

Lu Ze and the girls gasped.

“The Gus Race is this strong!”

Lily nodded. “They are so much stronger than the Elf Race!”

The Gus Race would be able to annihilate them easily.

Luckily, the two races were very far away.

They didn’t even know about the Chaos Star Realm, but their Queen probably would.

Lu Ze looked at Ying Ying. “Let’s go over.”

They had Ying Ying who was a cosmic monarch state boss.

The girls nodded.

Sabrina, Lily, and Louisa looked at each other.

Lily said, “Ze, there’s a peak cosmic realm state and maybe even cosmic monarch state. Are you really going to go over? Although you guys are very strong, you’re not a match for a peak cosmic realm state or even cosmic monarch state.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, we have our trump cards.”

Lily and Louisa then realized. The being behind Lu Ze would probably be intervening.

Seeing this, they felt secure.

Lily nodded. “In that case, okay.”

Sabrina didn’t know about Lu Ze’s background. Seeing Lily and Louisa agree like that, she was dazed.

Did they have so many trump cards to allow them to ignore the threat posed by cosmic monarch state?

She was truly shocked.

Who were these humans?

Lu Ze said to Sapel, “And, we don’t necessarily have to face them head-on. Sapel is a high-level Gus Race. It should be fine for him to save a few people.”

“Let’s pack up and go,” Lu Ze said.

Then, everyone collected the crystals in the mine. They filled up four large storage rings and acquired a huge loot.

They had killed all the other Gus Race soldiers in the base and collected their belongings. This was another fortune.

As for this mine, they didn’t have the means to excavate it now, so they could only come back later on.

Lu Ze released all those miners.

They were all from weak civilizations. The Human Race was one too. He knew their hards.h.i.+p.

When they saw the dead Gus Race beings, their eyes almost couldn’t believe it.

Moments later, they looked at Lu Ze and the girls like they were G.o.ds.

In their knowledge, the Gus Race was super-powerful. They had so many cosmic realm states.

But now, their base was destroyed by these beings.

Lu Ze didn’t bother asking for their resources as they were too weak.

The strongest was only the cosmic system state, and there were only a few of them.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s go find Eric and the others. Then we’ll head off to the Chaos Star Realm.”

Nangong Jing ordered the tiger, and the tiger shot a lightning ball at the base.


When the lightning dissipated, the base was completely gone. Only a huge basin remained.

Lu Ze and the girls didn’t stop Nangong Jing from releasing her anger.

Lu Ze patted her back. “Let’s go.”

Outside the mountain ranges, Eric and the rest were sitting on a mountain with a ruby scorpion.

They were quite worried.

Eric paused and said, “Are they okay? Should I not have told them about this?”

Zheng Shuiyue and the three other people at the side were worried. She said, “That predecessor is very strong. He should be fine. We’ll find out soon.”

Eric nodded.

He sighed, “I really didn’t expect Alice to become this strong. Even Saint Jinyao’s granddaughter is this terrifyingly strong. Unimaginable!”

Zheng Shuiyue asked, “Did something happen in the race that we don’t know about?”

Shang Qizhi said, “Impossible, we only left for a few decades. Even if something happened, the change can’t be this big!”

It hadn’t even been twenty years for them, yet.

At this moment, Lu Ze and the girls appeared in a flash of silver light. There were two cosmic peak cloud states with them.

Just the chi from the beasts made it hard for them to breathe.

Lu Ze blocked the pressure from these two beasts. Only then did Eric and the rest feel better.

Eric nervously asked, “Are you guys okay? Did you find them?”

Nangong Jing shook her head. “No, we’re planning to go to Chaos Star Realm, their territory.”

Eric and the rest were dazed.

Eric pointed at Sapel behind Nangong Jing with a pale face. “You… behind you…”

Zheng Shuiyue and the rest were also terrified.

Qiuyue Hesha waved her hand. “Don’t worry, he’s been controlled by us.. We’ve destroyed that base.”