Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1219 - Five Bad Asses On The War Leaderboard!

Chapter 1219 - Five Bad Asses On The War Leaderboard!

Chapter 1219: Five Bad a.s.ses On The War Leaderboard!

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The four humans were dazed. Then, they saw the pale-faced being from the Gus Race.

He seemed injured, but even a trickle of his chi gave them a huge pressure.

This being from the Gus Race was a peak cosmic cloud state and not an ordinary one?

Yet, he was still controlled?!

Eric and the rest looked at each other and were stunned.

Killing was different from controlling. It was much harder.

Lu Ze opened his mouth and said, “Let’s go to the Night Demon City first.”

The exit out of Night Demon City was not far from Chaos Star Realm. It was their fastest route now.


Lu Ze took everyone away.

In a pitch-black forest, there was a huge city.

The entire city was pitch black and looked hideous. Strands of demonic chi danced around in the air like demons.

At this moment, Lu Ze and the girls appeared.

Sabrina glanced at the vast city filled with black magic and smiled. She said, “That’s the Night Demon City.”

When Lu Ze and the girls saw this vast city, they were stunned for a moment.

Lu Li was a little surprised and said, “This is a city in the Xavier Ancient Ruins? It’s so big. It’s probably the size of a small star, right?”

Sabrina smiled and said, “After all, it’s built by the Night Demon Race and a few other cosmic monarch state races together.”

Lu Ze raised an eyebrow. “Let’s go in first and leave.”

Usually, he would be interested in going around, but they had people to save now.

Soon, they were at the walls. They were amazed by the towering walls.

“This is grander than our race border defense,” Lin Ling said.

The human void border defense line was formed by joining huge planets together, but it still wasn’t as great as this wall.

After all, the Human Race was the only cosmic system state when they built that border.

Sabrina smiled slightly upon seeing Lu Ze’s amazement. “We need to pay a fee to enter. Let’s go over it.”

Sabrina led them to the city gates.

There was a team of guards with black wings and white skin. They had strange runes on their bodies.

Countless people were lining up to go to the city.

Sabrina looked at the strangely-looking team and whispered, “That’s the Night Demon Race. They are said to be a powerful race even among cosmic monarch state races.”

Lu Ze glanced at the city gates. There were so many beings going in and out.

No wonder they built a city here. They would be earning so much just from collecting entrance fees.

Lu Ze was envious. The girls thought the same.

Nangong Jing said quietly, “Later on, let’s see if we can get elders to build a city here too.”

Qiuyue Hesha and the girls nodded.

However, they had to wait until their power was at cosmic monarch state and could handle most of the problems.

It was best if they had a pack of peak cosmic cloud state humans.

Lily and Louisa admired this. They didn’t have that much ambition.

If the Elf Race built a city here, others wouldn’t even be bothered with them.

Lily smiled and said, “By then, the Elf Race can work for you.”

Hearing this, the other people lining up looked at them in contempt.

These people were really ignorant.

If they had the power to build a city, did they need to line up like that?

However, some of the crowd were discussing.

“By the way, there seems to be a huge change on the war leaderboard. Did you guys hear about it?”

“What changed?”

Quite some people looked over.

A peak cosmic cloud state said, “I heard that five bada.s.ses appeared on the war leaderboard!”

“How bad?”

“The first time they got on there, they reached top 1000. Is that bad?”

Everyone took in a cold breath.

“This person’s talent should be unparalleled!”

“And there’s five of them?! Another new cosmic lord civilization joined the ruins?”

“And this race is very terrifying.”

Sabrina was shocked too. “I wonder which cosmic lord race they are from?”

Lu Ze and the girls felt strange.

What were they being talked about?

The five girls went on the leaderboard and got into the top 1000.

Someone asked, “Which race are they from? They will probably arouse attention from other cosmic lord races.”

“This is very strange. None of them showed their races. They only showed their names.”

People were stunned.

“Then, what are their names?”

Another peak cosmic cloud state answered, “They are Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice. They are very strange names.”

The crowd was confused.

Eric and the rest who were also listening were dumbfounded.

They turned around and looked at Lu Ze and the girls.

Weren’t they the ones who went up there?

Eric and the rest looked at the girls like they were G.o.ds.

They were all humans, but how did the girls get on the war leaderboard?

Wasn’t this something only the prodigies from cosmic lord races could get on?

It’s said that everyone who went on the leaderboard had a great chance of becoming a cosmic lord.

This meant the five of them had cosmic lord potential?

Lu Ze spoke telepathically to the group. “Don’t make noises about the leaderboard.”

Sabrina and the girls nodded.

They understood why, but they were confused.

Why wasn’t Lu Ze up there? He should be the strongest, right?

A few hours later, they were finally able to enter.

The night demon guard said, “Pay the fee. Each person needs to hand in a spirit item or fruit equivalent to their cultivation level.”

Lu Ze’s and the girls’ mouths twitched. This was so expensive.

Many people probably wouldn’t even be able to afford this.

However, Lu Ze and the girls still paid.

They couldn’t fight their way in after all.

The night demon waved them in.

The city gate was connected to a huge street. There were shops on both sides. Many people were coming and going.

Lu Ze took a glance, then retracted their gazes. “Predecessor Sabrina, take us to the exit.”