Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1217 - Give Me A Quick Death!

Chapter 1217 - Give Me A Quick Death!

Chapter 1217: Give Me A Quick Death!

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The Gus Race being had a pale face, and his injuries were quite serious, but he still struggled to say “Master, I’ll take you over.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded.

Then, they flew towards a huge black structure.

A few Gus Race soldiers were guarding there. They were s.h.i.+vering.

Before Nangong Jing could do anything, they were slapped by the Gus Race who was controlled.


After a few howls, those guards completely disappeared.

The Gus Race being coughed blood, but he turned around and smiled sycophantically. “Master, this way.”

Sabrina was speechless.

This was her first time seeing Qiuyue Hesha use such a G.o.d art. Her heart felt cold.

These humans were so strong!

Her disciples and friends couldn’t compare with them at all!

And, it was completely different from what her disciple said!

Even she felt quite some threat facing these people, yet the strongest of them was only a level-6 cosmic cloud state!

As they entered the building, they found that the place was very dark. There were many small rooms, and each room was made of special black metal.

Qiuyue Hesha and the others could see what was inside through small windows.

Each of these rooms contained different races, but they all had some injuries.

Some of them were about to die.

These miners looked up at them, but their eyes seemed to be dull.

They already knew they were going to die here.

Nangong Jing and the others started searching but didn’t find a single human.

Nangong Jing frowned slightly and said, “Are these miners always staying here?”

The Gus Race being explained, “These miners are the miners we found before we dug out that lion.”

Nangong Jing raised her brows. “So, are all the miners here?”

The Gus Race being shook his head. “No, because when the lion was dug out, there was a huge commotion. The scene was very chaotic. Some of those miners escaped. Their injuries are due to that.”

“Did you capture those miners who tried to escape?”

Gus nodded. “Some miners ran and took some crystals, so we sent someone after them. Usually, we would take them back to the Chaos Star Realm either for research or slave trade.”

Nangong Jing and the others surged with cold chi.

They looked around the entire building and didn’t find a single human.

Qiuyue Hesha asked, “Are all the miners in this base here?”

The Gus Race nodded.

Everyone’s eyes flashed.

Alice said worriedly, “It seems that my grandfather and the other people were taken back to the Chaos Star Realm.”


Nangong Jing’s eyes were full of murderous intent.

Even Alice’s face was burning with anger.

Qiuyue Hesha patted Nangong Jing’s shoulder. “Calm down a little. Perhaps they will be taking us back to the Gus Race’s planet soon.”

Lu Li nodded. “Let’s decide after Lu Ze comes back?”

The two of them took a cold breath and calmed down.

At this moment, a silver light flashed. Lu Ze and the fire wolf suddenly appeared before the city. The Gus being with the frost axe in his hand was still with him.

Lu Ze landed next to them and asked, “How is it?”

Alice answered dejectedly, “They’re not here. They’re probably taken to the Chaos star Realm?”

The Gus being in Lu Ze’s hands looked around. There was another one of such a beast!

Who was in such a race?!

But, they were at the mining camp…

Were their elders really tricked here to become miners?!

Then, he laughed.

He must have been beaten dumb.

How could the elders of such a prodigy be tricked like that?

“Then, let’s go to the Chaos Star Realm,” Lu Ze said.

He asked, “Where is your Gus Race domain? How strong are you?”

The Gus Race sneered, “Keep dreaming. Even if I die now, I won’t sell my race! Give me a quick death!”

Lu Ze nodded. He looked at Qiuyue Hesha. “Hesha, can you control this guy?”

Qiuyue Hesha looked at Sapel.

Immediately, he grunted.

Qiuyue Hesha took a step back. She frowned. “Probably not, he’s very strong. He’s a high-level cosmic realm state. His current mental force is still quite strong.”

Sapel sneered, “Hahaha… I’m a level-8 cosmic realm state being after all. A mere level-6 cosmic cloud state insect wants to control me?! Keep dreaming!”

Sapel was terrified on the inside though. He was so close to being controlled.

This was because he was too heavily injured.

Luckily, he broke free at the last moment.

Lu Ze raised a brow. “That’s simple.”

He looked at Sapel, and he immediately made a painful howl.


His mental force almost instantly weakened.

Lu Ze didn’t have a divine art for his Mental Force G.o.d Art, so he didn’t really use it. However, his Mental Force G.o.d Art reached domain level due to the source spirit fruit.

If he had a powerful Mental Force Divine Art, it would be more lethal than the Fireball.

If he had a control-type Mental Force Divine Art, its effect might even be stronger than Qiuyue Hesha’s Seduction G.o.d Art!

However, he still hadn’t found one yet.

Despite this, he could still weaken a cosmic realm state’s mental force.

Soon, Lu Ze took back his Mental Force G.o.d Art Domain.

Sapel was drenched in sweat. He almost died from pain.

Lu Ze frowned and used Life G.o.d Art to drag him back from the border of death.

Lu Ze smiled at Qiuyue Hesha. “Try again.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded.

Soon, Sapel smiled at Qiuyue Hesha “Master!”