Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1210 - Chaos Star Realm

Chapter 1210 - Chaos Star Realm

Chapter 1210: Chaos Star Realm

Eric and the rest were startled by the sudden outburst of Nangong Jing’s chi.

Nangong Jing laid out the question again, “Where is my father?!”

Eric’s face turned a little sad. “… Little Jing, your father might be…”

His words trailed as he remained silent.

Nangong Jing’s face went pale. She looked coldly at Eric. “Impossible! My father will be fine! You’re lying!”

Sensing Nangong Jing’s murderous intent, Eric’s face also lost its color.

Lu Ze hugged Nangong Jing and patted her back. “Jing Jing, don’t worry. Eric only said ‘might be’. Don’t fret, you have me. I won’t let anything happen to your dad.”

Nangong Jing shuddered and burrowed her head into Lu Ze’s chest. Tears soon flowed out.

She knew her father’s power was relatively weak within the Xavier Ancient Ruins. It was highly likely that something unfortunate occurred to him. She didn’t have the strength to face the possibility, so she didn’t even dare to believe it.

Lu Ze’s heart ached. The rest of his girls had the same sentiments. They moved closer to Nangong Jing and comforted her.

“Don’t feel bad, Sister Jing. Perhaps your dad is doing good,” Alice said.

“Yes, T-Rex, we’re not weak anymore. Even if your dad is in some trouble, we can save him for sure.”

Lu Ze looked at Eric, and his face tensed up. “What’s going on?”

Lily and Louisa shrugged when they saw Lu Ze’s gaze. During the time they had been together, Lu Ze always had the image of a casual and comical person. This was their first time to see him act like this.

They felt a little scared too.

Eric said, “After leaving the Federation, we have been searching for high-level spirit fruit and resources…”

“We have been to various places and even encountered the Red Flame Saint. We then headed to the Xavier Ancient Ruins together. The resources here are greatly abundant. There are a lot of cosmic cloud state spirit items. As long as we can find it, then…”

He looked at everyone. “I believe you guys know there’s a prodigy in our race…”

Lu Ze felt dumbfounded and moved his gaze to Alice. Thereafter, Alice wore a complicated expression on her face.

Everyone ventured out to look for a high-level energy resource, with the hope that her source flame would awaken.

Lu Ze nodded. “Continue.”

Eric acquiesced, “But with our power, even if we find an advanced-level spirit item, we can’t beat the guardian beasts. We have attempted some ways and even paid the price of sacrificing a few lives, but we weren’t able to acquire any high-level spirit item in the end. Even the Red Flame Saint was on the verge of death a few times.”

He explained further, “Later on, we finally thought of a way. Since we can’t acquire a high-level spirit item, we would gather large amounts of low-level spirit item and trade it for a high-level spirit item.”

The man then continued, “But, a few months ago, things changed. The Gus Race of the Chaos Star Realm found a star ore mine. The star ores can be used in cultivation. It’s a cosmic cloud state spirit item. The Gus Race didn’t have enough people, so they hired someone else to excavate it. If we excavate enough, we will get a corresponding reward and even have a chance of acquiring star ore! Therefore, we all signed up to mine.”

He elaborated, “However, that mine is tainted with a blood-curdling demonic chi. If you mined in the area, you would be afflicted with demonic chi. Ordinary cosmic cloud state beings can’t defend against at all. All the hired miners were from foreign races. Not a single individual from the Gus Race came! We wanted to leave, but Gus Race didn’t allow us to go.”

The eyes of Lu Ze and the rest went cold. From what Eric described, those humans were probably in grave danger, right?

Lu Ze didn’t expect that other than Nangong Lin, even Alice’s grandfather was there.

The color on Alice’s face was deeply drained. All these humans were in danger because of her. Feelings of guilt overwhelmed her heart.

Lu Ze could tell what she was thinking. He said, “Regardless, we can go to the Gus Mine Region and have a look. Perhaps they are not dead yet. They might just be held in captivity. After all, the Gus Race wouldn’t want their race members to mine by themselves, right?”

Alice looked at Lu Ze with some hope. “Really, Senior?”

Lu Ze smiled bitterly. He wasn’t absolutely certain too, but now, they had to see it through regardless.

If something really happened to them… Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

He would annihilate the entire race.

But as of this moment, he had to comfort Nangong Jing and Alice first.

He nodded. “For sure!”

Sabrina chimed in, “Perhaps your race members are fine for now.”

Nangong Jing questioned, “Predecessor, do you know something?”

Sabrina nodded. “The Gus Race is a race from the Chaos Star Realm. That is a very chaotic region. There are countless races and lone survivors there. There are no established rules. But they regard strength as the law. Slave trade is normalized there. Gus Race is a civilization that is about to reach the cosmic monarch state. If they captured your race members, they would either sell them or force them to mine. They would extract all the possible value out of them. So, they probably wouldn’t be dead.”

Lu Ze and the girls’ eyes lit up.

There was still hope!

“However…” Sabrina continued, “The Chaos Star Realm is a swamp. There are many cosmic monarch state civilizations behind it. The interests there are great. If you really start trouble there…”

This meant that there might be cosmic monarch states there?

How could they save their fellow race if they were up for slave trade?

Well, they still had Ying Ying though. As long as they don’t annihilate the place, it shouldn’t be too hard to save someone.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with killing intent. “Let’s go, we should check that mining cave first.”